News & Events

The Gift Master has finally decided to retire with his old age. He has left you guys in capable hands however! A new shop town called Vahalla has been opened up, when you use -shop you will be taken here. If you must goto the old shop area, you can use -oshop to go there, however this new shop zone also supports /shop commands.

To take over the Gift Master's job 7 new NPC's have been given different sets of items to trade for your precious gift coins. From left to right (in the above image) they are as follows:

Callidora the Vanity Mistress
This lovely lady trades items of vanity, appearance or convenience.

Dasha, Supplies & Stuff
This lady trades supply and buff related items.

Damita the Doll Collector
This lady took over the doll merchant's job of trading gift coins for dolls

Nozomi, Chance & Skill
This lady in red trades for items dealing in chance or boxes with random contents, including the skill book containers.

Zenos, Personal Events & Cubics
This mysterious figure trades for event tokens and the cubics that are gift coin related.

Yates the Instance Manager
This former guard has taken it upon himself to go into the field of magic! He deals in instance related items including the codex of time and instance refreshing passes.

Ives, Event Items
This young lad has all temporary event related items for trades of gift coin. Be sure to check his list often.

There are several other features with this new shop town, including a hidden bar to take a load off and enjoy the sights.

Other Changes
New Instance added, details on this instance will be posted tomorrow

Sudarshana Chakras, the Claws of Fate, now has a short 2 cell range aoe similar in nature to the pole arms, but with a much less damage rate.

Bug Fixes
Pandora pass icon missing should be fixed with a client update

When you start an instance with a codex, it will check to see if you are able to escape from that map before it teleports you into the instance. You can still use the codex to check your dailies as well as reset them.

When you use a codex of time to enter an instance, you and your party members will be ported back to where you were when you entered the instance.

The SXP gained from killing monsters in the Thebes instance has been increased to be more than the Orim's Lab Instance.

Pole Arm style aoe's will no longer steal health/mana from each mob hit by the aoe, only the primary target.

Pole Arm style aoe's will no longer poison each mob hit by the aoe, only the primary target.

You've been invited to a wedding! However enemies of cupid have sent Wedding Crashers to interrupt the destination wedding! Make sure you help clear them out! Also you've been given a +1 on your invitation, as we know no one wants to goto a wedding alone!

Event Details
New Daily Event Instance "Destination Wedding" added to the game. This is a special instance that requires 2 people to enter. To enter this event, form a party with one other person who has been level 65 at some point, then use a wedding invitation item or use your Codex of Time to enter the new instance.

The monsters in this instance can drop weak elixirs, shirt enchants, soul enchants, wedding event items and many other items. Find them in the database to see the exact drops.

Event Items
Wedding Invitation - This item allows you to enter the event instance if you have not done the instance today or the instance has been cleared with a pass. It automatically selects the normal difficulty and teleports you and your party member inside. You can buy one for 10 Vit Coins at the vit master or 3 for 1 GC at the gift master. This item is not needed if you or the person you are grouping with has a Codex of Time.

Event Instance Pass - This item clears your daily instance run for the Destination Wedding instance to allow you to run the instance again. It is in the gift master for 5GC.

Instance Changes
Thebes' Alter of Osiris Instance will now allow 1-2 people to do the quest, allowing a party of 2 to do the instance together.

Each daily instance will now allow up to 6 active players/groups doing them. Meaning 6 people can be doing hardin, 6 doing orim, 6-12 people doing thebes. Which means this should effectively end the full instance messages!

Boss Changes
Normal Osiris and Anubis have been updated.

Damage from their spells reduced
Attack and cast speeds reduced
Drop rates on boss item drops Increased
Regen of health greatly decreased
Max HP greatly increased
Magic Resistance increased

Bug Fixes
Birthdays are now updated to be the first log entry that character has ever had. For really old characters this means that the birthday will not be the day it was created but the first day that it created a log entry after the logging system was added to the game.

Fixed a bug with Dolls who lose their master for one reason or another to further break when they should acquire exp.

Fixed a bug that occasionally causes errors when skills are used.

Two new groundbreaking items were released today! One to make doing daily instances easier and the other is a reward for doing dailies!

Codex of Time
Through researching the crack of time and the rift of space, we were able to find a way to quickly enter the instances that are done daily. You can also tell if you have done them today or not through this method as well. There are some other helpful shortcuts with this item. It is self updating and will add instances to the list usually a week or two after a new instance is released.

The biggest connivence of this item is the fact that you don't have to find the npcs or even look around for the door, you can simply just click the link for the instance you want to do and you are instantly teleported into the instance if you have not completed it. If you have completed the instance, you can click "Use Pass" next to the area name to use the associated pass if you have one in your inventory, this saves you the hassle of opening your inventory to refresh your dailies. If you do not have any passes, it will ask you if you want to refresh the instances for 10 GC instead. This will allow you to refresh the Thebes daily, as there are not any passes available yet for this one.

This is also a permanent item, you only need to buy it once per character. It is non tradable. As new instances become available the old codex will update with time. Also the price of the codex may go up as new instances make it more valuable, so be sure to buy it before then.

Dimensional Treasure Chests
If that wasn't exciting enough, there is a new event item that will be made available from time to time. This event allows you to obtain Dimensional Treasure Chests from time to time. These chests take you to a special room where the demon Verdof likes to play a game of chance. When you appear in this room there are flying chests and walking mimic chests wandering the room. Each one has items that drop from a random custom monster in the game. You can't tell which one will drop what until you kill one. Once you kill it, they all blow up and tell you who's drops they had. White chat messages show which monster the drops were from. Shout chat shows you which monster's drops you could have gotten. You can even get drops from old events that will never see the light of day again!

While this may sound very complex, its quite simple. You are teleported inside, you kill one mimic, it gives you drops (or nothing) and all the other mimics die. You are then free to leave the room by talking to Verdof or teleporting out. You can even use another box to instantly hop to the next spawn! If you do not leave the room within 3 minutes Verdof will automatically teleport you out.

So how do you get one of these awesome chests? This is something that will change depending on the event. This first event for them you will gain one for finishing a daily instance, so this means you currently can get 3 free a day. You can also refresh your dailies and get even more of them!

Another way to get them during an event is by buying them with gift coins from the gift master. This isn't always the best option, however if you want to skip doing dailies to get them because you want to do more chests than you have time for dailies, you can pick this option.

Other Bug Fixes/Changes
Restarting in any of the thebes maps will place you at the oasis instead of aden

Fishing Pond will put you in gludio if you restart

Cost of Advanced Jewelry Solvent reduced to 800k + taxes

Alter of Osiris instance has boss moved to the back of the room for hard/extreme difficulties.

Heart Trail should no longer prevent you from walking through it.

New Daily Instance
The mirage in the thebes desert is remembering her past and needs your help investigating it. Can you find the hidden alter of Osiris where she believes she came from?

Instance Details
This instance quest requires you to find the steps to the alter of Osiris and use the key. Upon successfully using the key in the right location, you'll enter The Alter of Osiris and be required to kill the monsters located there. You will have 10 minutes to kill all of the monsters, if you run out of time, or die, you'll be ported out. So choose which difficulty with care as you only have on try at this quest each day.

There are 4 difficulties for this instance that match up with the other daily instances currently released in Ivory Tower.

Event Item
Love Chat Pass
This item allows you to chat via Love chat which is a global chat that is a pink color and has hearts next to your name. The rules for love chat are as follows:

  1. All Love Chat Messages must be positive and non sarcastic
  2. No selling/buying/trading in love chat

Other Changes
Entry into instance "hidden doors" has been expanded from 1 specific tile to within 3 tiles of the entrance.

Yesterday I spent a good amount of time investigating the difficulty of the dungeons designed for the low tier mid-high level zones, the places where a lot of people are struggling recently. Often when newer players are struggling in these areas many including myself just tell them that this game is hard, its how it is, however, after a lot of time looking into why a lot of these players are having a hard time, I have found the underlying problem they are having. Its not the drop rates as some players suggested, nor is it the fault of the players or even their gear!!!

The true problem with these zones lies in the evolution of the server and how advice is passed on from player to player. When these zones were designed the "norm" was that you leveled up and put stats into CON and WIS until they were both 25, then you de-leveled. When you re-leveled you had a lot more hp and mp allowing you to survive the challenges that places like Ivory Tower and Imperial Tombs offer.

This no longer is the "norm" as most players recommend pushing to reaper (or some even level 115) instead of de-leveling, as this saves you the time of having to re-level an extra time. The problem with this is, a lot of the players receiving this advice goto these dungeons that they think they should be able to handle, as they are for their level/gear range, then struggle way more than expected. This leads to them feeling there is no place for them to hunt and makes them feel like they have to donate or "pay2win" to progress further into the game.

To make matters worse, many players discourage these players further by either insulting them or telling them to "just go donate". This is not how I want players to donate... I do not want to make people feel they must donate to make a normal progression like going reaper. While I welcome the donations for players who would rather spend the money to speed up the process, I do not like for players to discourage players who are struggling, by telling them they must spend cash to hunt in places they should be able to hunt in.

Because of these evolutionary changes to the way people progress and level up I'll be making some changes to the hunting zones for this range of maps. The first of these maps that will be hit with changes is the Ivory Tower Basement.

Changes to the Basement
The spawns have been greatly decreased
Map changed to No AOE
Rift Guardian moved to B2
Monsters on this floor are tier W3 -T 1 (W = weak or negative tier higher numbers means weaker)
New item Refined Ore Dropped by souls
Monsters return to their spawn spot if player runs too far
Monsters spawn off screen of player
Demon no longer summons monsters (due to aoe change)

New Ivory Tower B2 Floor
This map was copied from the basement before these changes.
Map allows AOE
Rift Guardian Located here
New item Refined Ore Dropped by souls
Monsters return to their spawn spot if player runs too far
Monsters can spawn ON screen of player
Spawns are high like they were before this release

These changes to the basement make the first floor a lot more hunt-able for players who skipped de-leveling, as they should be able to handle the monsters at the rate they spawn without being over whelmed. It also prevents a high tier mage from coming through and interrupting their spawns or killing all of their mobs. As these higher tier players would prefer the 2nd basement floor which allows aoe and has the spawn rates to support it.

So.. What is this Refined Soul Ore stuff?
To fill in a gap of equipment between the S grade gear and the X grade gear, most people rely on event related items. This works for the most part because of the abundance of events we have and that most people are willing to chip in a few dollars here and there to support the server. I skipped s80 armors a long time ago due to the fact that this class of armor was not something many people seemed interested in. They were mostly levels 100+ and many had these event gears, which by design are better than normal gears, so for me to create armors that nearly everyone would consider junk seemed to be a waste of my time. But now with multiple tiers and reapering and all of this other stuff, players spend a lot more time in this gear gap, using cobbled together event items or even A grade gears, as often S grade is too hard to hunt for those who skip de-leveling. So this means its time to add in S80 armor sets.
The refined soul ore will be used as a primary mat for crafting most of the s80 craft-able sets. These sets will be added when I am able, but I wanted to put in at least one of the main drops for it so players can start preparing for it. This will also be one of the materials used to craft the s80 pole arm trishula.

There will be some changes in place soon for other zones for this level/tier range, so stay hopeful for those who are struggling, I'm working hard to bring the difficulty to where it should be (not TOO hard, but not easy either).

Good Luck,
Have Fun!

As promised the gc acquired from the banned auctions is going to be put toward contests and events. The first of these contests will be a guide creation contest to help encourage and show new players (or old players) a thing or two about the game.

There will be some rules and guidelines for creating these guides, so before you start making your guide make sure to read these rules so you can ensure your guide will be considered for the contest.

I'm making the prizes for this first contest very high stakes!! So bring your guide making A-Game and Wow both me and the rest of the players!

Contest Prizes
1st Prize: 4500 Gift Coins
2nd Prize: 3600 Gift Coins
3rd Prize: 2700 Gift Coins

Contest Rules

  • Guides must be created this month
  • Guides must be posted as a topic in the Guides Category
  • Put the tag "[contest]" in your topic's title so it is clear
  • Guides must contain custom content that is for L1.5
  • Guides must follow in game rules
  • Guides cannot be copied from existing guides
  • Players are allowed to submit multiple guides for consideration
  • Guides created for this contest are being donated to L1.5 and may be used as we see fit around the site (meaning we can use them for the site or other places)
  • Guides must be accurate! If it is slightly off, I(Zajako) may correct it so that it is able to meet this rule.
  • Any breaking of the rules or "Troll" posts for this contest may be subject to banning from participating in any future contests.

Contest Guidelines

  • Videos are allowed, upload them to youtube and embed if needed.
  • Pictures are allowed, you can use the image button when posting to add them. Please do not use a free host however as those images can expire. If you need assistance hosting your images contact me and I can upload them for you.
  • The boards have formatting buttons and support basic html tags, use these to your advantage to make your guide very readable!
  • It is also helpful to post a link as a reply in this topic to your post!

Reason for changes
Many people have had a problem with hunting inside of Thebes temple due to pvp and the fact that the spot has been way too easy to xp and/or sxp for quite some time. This is due to the zone being designed to be hard several years ago, but as people got stronger it became easier to the point where it could be cleared with no risk of damage or death with hundreds of monsters being pulled on you. This became unfair to those who couldn't fight for the spot and allowed the higher level/geared players to quickly get stronger while other players were forced to hunt in other spots. The changes with the system are not made to completely prevent this, however, they do allow the lower tier/level players a better chance to hunt this great zone. While balancing the rate that the higher tiers are able to gain at with that of the lower tiers to some degrees. It also should make the grind in this zone a lot less dull or boring as you'll have to pay attention to your health and how many monsters you are puling.

What is changed
For players that are Tier1 or Tier2 you will be able to go inside the temple with slightly less spawns and non buggy monsters (meaning no more having to do -self often, making the xp safer). Essentially its slightly easier than before and no more T3/T4 players coming and ganking you. At least not on their main characters.

For Tier3 or Tier4 characters, the monsters have a random tier between T1 and T5. This makes them hit for higher damages with reduction to the effectiveness of DR allowing them to actually hit players with even the highest DR. They also have the chance to drop XP shards and some new items used to craft and buy x grade gear. Also the bosses at the end of the map for the higher tier players are Epic Anubis and Epic Osiris, which both have high hp and low regen. They have several new drops as well.

Mirage of the Past
A new npc randomly appears in different places within the Thebes Desert. She trades bones dropped from Inside Hard Thebes for X grade mats. She also manages trades for Pharaoh's Gold.

New Items
Bones from another world
This item drops from tier mobs and is used to buy x grade mats from Mirage from the past.

Fragment of Anubis
This item drops from Epic Anubis and is one half of the whole that represents the box from another world.

Fragment of Osiris
This item drops from Epic Osiris and is one half of the whole that represents the box from another world.

Box from another world
Mirage from the past creates this item when merging the boss fragments. When merging there is a small change the box is glowing instead.

Glowing Box from another world
Mirage from the past creates this item at a small chance when merging the boss fragments.

Blades of Time [X]
These edos/dual swords are rarely dropped from Epic Anubis or can be crafted by Mirage of the Past. The stats on them currently are temporary and the procs for it will come at a later date.

Staff of Ra [X]
This staff is rarely dropped by Osiris or can be crafted by Mirage of the Past. The stats on it are currently temporary and the procs for it will come at a later date.

Bow of Neit [X]
This bow is rarely dropped by Osiris or can be crafted by Mirage of the Past. The stats on it are currently temporary and the procs for it will come at a later date.

Eye of Ra [X]
This ring is rarely dropped by Osiris or can be crafted by Mirage of the Past. The stats on it are currently temporary and the procs for it will come at a later date.

Patches Today
As many know, yesterday's restart brought some changes to the Inside of Thebes Temple. There were a few issues with the difficulty due to the insanely high spawn count and the bugginess of the mobs. Previously Thebes this wasn't too much a problem as the monsters were not Tiered allowing them to do damage. Well today's restart will bring fixes to the way the monsters bug themselves up and the density of them. It will fix it for both Lower and Upper Thebes.

Bidding Rules
The current bid will be announced in Teamspeak in the auction channel. To hear the current bid amount you will need to be in this channel.

To make a bid you will send a pm in game to Zajako of your bid amount or you may use teamspeak's private chat to send a message to zajako that way.

Offline Bids
If you would like to make a bid on one of the top 10 items on even though you are not gonna be able to be online for the auctions. Send a private message of the amount you would like to bid, as well as the name of the item via private message on these boards to zajako (or email today before the auctions begin. Offline bids will be considered in the bidding at the discretion of zajako and if won will be liable to pay via gift coins according to the rules on collecting the winning bids.

Rules for collecting winning bids
If you are found as a winning bid for an item in the auction, you will be required to give the amount of the winning bid to zajako within 7 days of the auction ending.
To give the gift coins simply place them on your character (not warehouse or pouch) and send a pm or email to zajako letting him know you are ready for them to be collected. You will then have the amount taken and your winning item delivered to your character.

Event Details
An event stack of 5000 gift coins has been added to pandora! This is also a special stack that can give you between 5GC and 30GC each time you land on it! When they are gone they are gone! So the sooner you play the better your odds of getting some! On Saturday, January 24th, if there are any gift coins left in the stack they will be deleted from pandora.


  • The event gift coin stack can only be won when using pandora passes (not free grabs)
  • When the stack is gone, they are gone.
  • This stack does not count against the the reset total
  • This stack will not be reset or effected by a pandora reset
  • The amount of gift coins taken from the stack will be at least 5
  • The amount of gift coins taken from the stack will be at most 30
  • The remaining gift coins in the stack if any on 1/24/2015 will be removed before the auction takes place

Time for everyone's favorite auction special! A chance to use gift coins, vitality coins and adena to bid on items legitimately earned by the people who are no longer allowed to play this server for one reason or another. The gift coins earned from this auction will go into a prize pool for future contests and events, meaning it will go back into the server's economy!

This year to make the list of items that will go up for auction I'm gonna let you guys vote on them. I've added items to a reddit clone that will allow you guys to upvote and downvote the different items available.

How to vote:

  1. Goto
  2. Make an account and login
  3. Click the up arrow on the items in the Auctions SubReddit that you want to see auctioned off
  4. Click the down arrow on the items in the Auctions SubReddit that you do not want to see auctioned off

Ultimately the final decision of what goes into the auction will be up to me, but with this method you guys will help me know what items you really want to try to bid on.

Auction Time
The auction will happen around 7PM EST on Saturday, January 24 and will last several hours.

Other notes
The actual auction takes place in teamspeak, so be sure to download that and be ready to connect before the scheduled time.

All Giftcoins contributed from auction bids will be placed into a pool used for upcoming contests and events. The first of which will begin in February!

The wizards of the Ivory Tower managed to work together and generate enough power to teleport the souls and spirits that flooded the top of the Ivory tower. They couldn't destroy them, as the rift is still open. They managed however to relocate them to the basement of the ivory tower. This freed the possessed members of the Ivory Tower's army, allowing them to return to their duty.

Unfortunately when they moved these spirits it awoke the rift guardian who was pulled into the teleportation as well. He is very angry the rift was open on his watch and is determined to make it up by destroying everyone in sight.

If you want to goto the Ivory Tower Basement, talk to Ellione on IT3 who will teleport you down there.

Other Changes
Ivory Tower 4F+ is gated off until the elves have figured out a plan for sending a raid party to close the rift.

All broken or bugged TOI floors are fixed.

Drop rates on shards are all increased on IT B1

As many of you have heard, the new client that has been on the beta server for many weeks is ready for release. The official release date will be Tuesday, January 13th. At 9 AM EST the server will be brought down for updating. The estimated down time for this update will be between 3-4 hours. During this time the server may come up and go down while I'm testing and fixing things. A post will be made to clarify when the server is completely ready.

Originally the plan was to release on Monday, however due to problems with setting up the new installer, I wanted to give you guys more time to download the new installer and prepare your computers to connect with the new client.

You can be sure you are ready to connect by connecting to the test server after installing the new client. The test server's database is based on the database from around November, this means if you have changed your password since then, you will need to login with your old password.

If you are having problems connecting to the test server or the live server after release you can check this guide to assist in trouble shooting your connection problem:

If you are on a mac you will need to install windows on your mac to be able to connect after Tuesday's restart. A guide to installing windows on a mac is posted here:

Here are the download links for the new installers:

Web Installer
Description: This installer is a smaller file that downloads the actual game client from the internet seperate from your browser to provide a more stable connection for those who have issues with downloading large files.

Single File Installer
Description: This installer contains the whole set of files self contained allowing you to download the whole thing through your download client or web browser.

Some Mirrors will be uploaded as soon as I finish uploading the Single File Installer.

Once you have the game installed and tested working on the test server (choose L1.5 Test on the server select) then you are ready for the release on Tuesday.

I'm working hard to make this update as smooth as possible.

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
GM Zajako

So the time has finally come for getting a good set of beta tests for the new client. I've put in a lot of polish and time into translations and tweaks to make things much better. I've also spent a lot of time fixing bugs and tweaking things to be as they should be. Now, I need you guys to connect to the test server and help me find any new bugs before i make the final installer for the new client and convert the live servers to requiring it.

You can download the beta client here:

You can extract the rar file using a free program called WinRar obtainable from

Once WinRar is installed, simply right click on the L15Beta.rar and click Extract Here. Then enter the folder thats created when the extraction is done, then double click Login.exe (some people may need to right click login.exe and run as admin)

When choosing which server to connect to, ensure you are connecting to the L15 Test server and not the main server as the main will not work with this client.

Any Korean text you find throughout the client, bugs or things that don't work that do work on the live server or any other issues, report on the beta boards located at

If things go well, we may upgrade to the new client in as soon as a week. If things are a bit bumpy it may take until closer to the end of the month. The more bugs you guys find now though, the less bumpy it will be when it goes live on the main server.

If you have having connection problems with the test server, follow the guidelines here:

Happy New Years! To celebrate this year we are releasing some new items. Also this year I will be focusing on developing new things for players to do every day as well as adding many new zones for players to hunt every day. Within the next month we should be upgraded to a newer better client, which screens and more information will be provided soon.

The two new event items are as follows:

New Year's Cubic - 2015 - This cubic is like the golden cubic and its contents may change throughout the year. This cubic will expire and no longer work when it is 2016. You can use both this cubic and the golden cubic once a day, however you can only use one New Year's cubic on each character each day, even if you have 2 or 3 new years cubics on your character. This cubic is also non tradeable. The items obtainable from the cubic currently are the same as the golden cubic. Uses for the New Year's Cubic reset at 1am each night rather than the way the golden cubic resets as it uses the new daily system instead.

New Year's Celebration Pin - This brooch gives 4 slots, hp/mp and some stat points. Click the link to see the exact stats gained or search for it in the library.

Rebalancing changes
Mobs in the underworld have had their hp decreased by a lot

If all mobs are cleared from a harvester in process the timer for the next wave will go 5 times faster, decreasing your wait time dramatically.

Bug Fixes
Party members should receive the quest item properly when doing harvest now.

Storing the value of quest triggers to the database is done properly now to fix many other weird bugs that were occurring with the harvester quest.

Other Notes
The daily quests that were in progress were cleared. This means if you have the quest items in your inventory, it doesn't matter, you'll have to talk to the npc to start the quest again. You will maintain the charged stones you have if you do this, so your progress on the quest isn't lost.

New Items/Rewards
Finishing the quest now gives SXP, EXP, Clan EXP item, Clan SP item.

You can now receive the HighDensity Energy Stone from the quest npc

You can use water energy fragments on the HD energy stones to level them up.

Quest Changes
The quest now only requires 5 energy points harvested instead of 7. Quest monsters should do more damage as well.

Misc Changes
Npc that starts quests and such completely re-organized messages.

Bug Fixes
Quests should properly clear daily allowing you to start them the next day

You can now do all 3 quests each day instead of just 1

Monsters should deal damage even if you have high DR.

The underworld has been released with new daily quests and new drops. Some new holiday items have been released as well. Read the details below.

The Daily Quests
You can now do up to 3 daily quests in the underworld. The daily quests are started from the Dwarf that is outside of the underworld, which is below WindaWood castle. Each daily quest is done on the corresponding floors 1-3. To perform the quest you will need to find the different harvesting points and defending them from the monsters Shilen summons to you while your harvester does the dirty work. Read the message the Dwarf gives you when you accept the quest for more details.

The reward for these quests are different levels of Water Energy Fragments that will be usable on a HighDensity Energy Stone that will be released very soon. By using these fragments on the HDES you will begin to charge it up. When it is fully charged you can choose to use it in part of the quest toward becoming Tier5 or trade it in toward getting some Elixir Tokens. So even after you become T5, you'll be able to benefit from doing the dailies.

New Event Items
Christmas Present - 2014: This item gives you a Large Holiday Tree, Small Holiday Tree AND a Gingerbread Cookie - 2014

Holiday Tree: This item spawns a smaller christmas tree for a temporary time.

Large Holiday Tree: This item spawns a larger christmas tree for a temporary time

Gingerbread Cookie - 2014: This item when consumed gives you superbrave buff for 5 minutes.

With the gift coin wheel doing what it usually does, gift coin prices have gotten obscene! The highest I have seen them ever! Nearly 10-11mil each! Something had to be done to both bring gc flow into the server and make the gc price more affordable. I have thought long and hard about what I can do to help the economy of the game. The best thing I could think of to jumpstart the gc flow and make gc more affordable is to increase the gc price per dollar. The new rate is 9 gift coins per dollar donated. To balance this change in the game the npcs that take gc have increased their price by 60-100% to reflect the 80% increase of gc given out. Most of which leaning toward being cheaper in costs. There are a few items that may have their prices lowered as well.

Now because this is such a huge drop in value of the gc themselves it would be unfair to those who have auctions up for the prices to be left alone. So I have boosted all AH prices 80% to match the inflation. It is advised though that you go in and adjust your prices to whatever amount that you think the item will sell for at the current value of gc.

One final note about this change is that the donations that were made after the gift coin wheel ended, ( Sunday and Monday ) have received the increased amount of gc as well, as the change was intended to happen on Sunday.

I hope these changes help bring some balance and harmony to gc prices and that it is enough to help make the economy thrive again!

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
GM Zajako

The winners have been picked, announced and now they are posted. Click the link below to both see the winners and claim your prize.

If you are one of these winners make sure you are logged in on the site with the same account that your winning character is on. Then click the claim button next to your character's name.

Fill out the form and select your prizes if you had a choice of prizes. To forfeit your mailed prize, simply leave your address blank.

For all Promotion Code prizes, your prize will be emailed out at a later date. This prize will be a code that will give you a limited edition item in game.

To see the winners and/or claim your prize, go here:
2014 Fall Donation Event Winners

The much loved/hated wheel is back! Place your gift coins in your warehouse and spin spin spin!

This year free spins were given out to every account with a level 50 character on it. So even if you are taking a break from the game, you might want to use your free spins, you might get lucky!

More than 27,000 free spins were given out, so make yours count!

Last night the server restarted to release a slew of bug fixes, a new spawning system for nightmare land, some changes for the beta zone that is in development and of course the an update for the boat system.

Boat System Update
As many people know, the Captains of the boats that take you around to the islands have been on vacation for a while. Now it wasn't entirely their fault they were lost at sea, as time actually went in reverse for them. Quite literally actually. Their clocks were reading -12:00 when it was 12:00 due to the time variable outgrowing their integer size amount and going negative much like the old adena bug that was fixed a couple weeks ago. But fixing the time bug was not enough, I wanted to make the boat system better while I was at it. A bit more convenient.
Gone are the days of clicking back and forth to get on the boat until it lets you in, you can now simply double click the ticket when you are close to the docks and it will teleport you right into the boat when it is there. Now if you are not near the docks or if the boat is not yet there, it will instead show you the schedule for the boats so you can see when you need to be there. Pretty Handy Huh.

Elite Spawn System
To demonstrate the coming elite system that is being added to the game for some future more challenging zones, I have unleashed it onto the nightmare land map to replace the old elite system that was temporarily done as a test. To show that a mob is modified by the elite system they obtain a title to reflect the difference of their original tier. Meaning a tier 3 that gets 3 bonus tiers is T6 but is titled as Deranged. Here are the current titles (subject to change) and what they mean:

  • Dying (will be changed to sickly): -9 tier difference
  • Crippled: -7 tier difference
  • Injured: -5 tier difference
  • Weakened: -3 tier difference
  • Trained: +1 tier difference
  • Enraged: +2 tier difference
  • Deranged: +3 tier difference
  • Elite: +4 tier difference
  • Insane: +5 tier difference
  • Captain: +6 tier difference
  • General: +7 tier difference
  • Powerful: +8 tier difference
  • Impossible: +9 tier difference

Each mob tier either gives or takes DR and Damage amounts by percentages. These changes are based on the actual tier of the mob and not the difference like the titles. Here is a summary of the effects of the multipliers, it does not show each tier and its change, just a range from tier -10 to tier 10. These are multipliers meaning 100% is no change to damage. 5% means their damage is reduced to 5% of their original damage, not increased by 5%.

Physical Damage: 5% - 350%
Magical Damage: 10% - 200%
Incoming Damage: 140% - 50% (less means less damaged received)
Effective Level (for magic): -50 - +250

I know a lot of this information is a bit mathy and some may have a hard time understanding what it all means. So just know that higher tier monsters are tougher and the titles help let you know to be more careful or that the monster should be a bit easier.

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
[GM] Zajako

Two new sets of items were released with yesterday's restart. One extremely handy, the other makes enchanting S80 and below soul equipment a bit more friendly at the higher enchant amounts.

Pouches and the "belt loop" slot
There is now a new equipment slot called the "belt loop" strangely it does not require you even wear a belt (though maybe in the future it should/could.) This slot allows you to equip a pouch item that acts as a portable, personal warehouse, that is character specific. The items placed in here, are not access-able by your other characters on your account, or anyone else for that matter, only the character who has/placed the items in the pouch. The way it works is as follows.

  1. The player obtains the pouch
  2. The player double clicks and equips the pouch
  3. Upon double clicking the pouch after equipping it pops up a window that allows you to store and retrieve items from/to the pouch similar to how you would with a warehouse.

There are no adena fees for storing and removing items from a pouch.

Now, one might ask, "Zajako, if double clicking the pouch opens a window, how do I un-equip the pouch?", which is a good question. You need to see Frintezza's Seamstress to remove an equipped pouch, you can only do so after you take the items out of the pouch. If for some reason something happens and the pouch is un-equipped due to a bug, dying and dropping it due to chao or any other strange reason. Fear not. You will not lose your items, the person who might pick it up will not gain your items (aside from the pouch), your items are still safely tied to your character. All you must do is simply obtain a new pouch and equip it. Then your items will be available once more.

Finally onto the list of pouch types and their inherent sizes.

  • Low-Grade Pouch - 25 Slots
  • Mid-Grade Pouch - 50 Slots
  • High-Grade Pouch - 75 Slots
  • Top-Grade Pouch - 100 Slots

Currently the only pouch available to obtain is the Low-Grade pouch which is in the gift master and clan stores. Eventually there will be an in game quest to obtain the low-grade pouch and quests/items to upgrade the low-grade into the better pouches.

If you have any other pouch related questions please reply to this topic and I will try my best to answer them as they come.

Greater Soul Enchants

Okay, so a long long time ago (on a server not so far away?) Soul enchants used to only have penalties to the SXP on the weapon when they failed. This caused problem with power growth of weapons due to the fact that soul enchants were dropping a-plenty. When things were this way it allowed weapons to get crazy OP. This was nerfed a long time ago by making it so weapons have a chance of losing an enchant level upon failure. Face it, the way enchants were designed for the original game, +9 was crazy strong. With proc rates and other factors being effected by enchants with L1.5, it only made it worse. Adjustments to the way enchantment damage had to be fixed due to many weapons being upwards of 100+ enchantments. So now that balancing has been done to these soul weapons to make it so +127 (on a non x weapon) isn't crazy OP anymore, why should weapons still be penalized with the chance of -1 on fail? Well, because there are still WAY too many soul enchants on the server. So anyone could spam their enchants and even if it takes time leveling the weapon back up on failure, eventually get the weapon to +200 or even +400. Instead I have a better solution. Introducing.... Greater Soul Enchants (clever name, I know...)

Greater Soul Enchantment: Weapon and Armor scrolls were created. These are crafted by trading in old soul enchantment scrolls for them with the npc Zeld Archos located on Island of Prayer. You can trade 10 Soul Enchantment Scrolls + 25 million for 1 Greater Soul Enchant Scroll or 3 Blessed Soul Enchantment Scrolls + 25 million for 1 Greater Soul Enchant.

Now to explain what these new scrolls do differently. Between +10 - +100 the chance of reducing the enchant value of the weapon is 0 when using this enchant. That is the only difference. So before +10 and after +100, it would be a waste to use a Greater Soul Enchant scroll. You will also lose SXP the same way you would with any other scroll as well. There may, or may not be other scrolls in the future that adjust the other factors, but this scroll does not add any more chance or anything special otherwise.

Well, thats a lot of text and a different style than I usually use to announce new things, but what the hey, I was in the mood to be chatty with this announcement wink

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
Grind on!


Magical turkeys have been rumored to be around aden, you have been tasked to find them! To do so you need to use Turkey Calls, to call out and try to lure them out! Though I've heard the other animals seem to like the noise the call makes as well and may come instead. They got into the food for the feast and pandora's secret stash anyways, so if you obtain any food dishes from these animals they are yours to enjoy!

Event Details
You can obtain Turkey Calls from playing Pandora's Jewelry Box game, obtaining from the gift master (5 calls for 10 gc) and/or trading with other players. When you use the turkey call in game it may spawn one of 4 animals that you can quickly kill. These animals are all weak and can be killed by players of any level. The magical turkeys that can spawn have a bit more hp than the other ones, however they still should go down quickly. Food items that give temporary buffs, jewels, jewel chests, sealed lvl 5 jewels and several other items.

Monsters that can spawn from the turkey call are as follows:

  • Thanksgiving Duck
  • Thanksgiving Chicken
  • Thanksgiving Ham
  • Magical Turkey

Changes to Pandora's Jewelry Box

Pandora now has 3 new types of jewels for you to socket into those brooches! Garnets, Onyx and Glass Eye. These new jewels were added to the game with level 1, level 2 and boxes. The glass eye is also added to the mini game. Turkey calls have been added to the mini game as well to allow you to play in the new event. The new total inventory has been increased to 3000, the reset quantity has been increased to 1000 as well. You can also obtain 3 extra free plays each day via the vitality merchant's Free Play Vouchers which allow you to use 3 per day per account. The voucher uses reset each day at 1AM EST with the other daily resets.

New Items added
Summon Damage Dummy Lv1 - This item summons a damage tester dummy for 1 doll coin. The item is permanent and works very similar to a doll, however it will not take up doll summon counts. It also does not follow your character. It allows you to test your DPS damage. You hit the summoned dummy for 10 seconds and it will shout how much damage per second you did. This is very helpful for testing your builds. It is released in the gift master for 100 GC.

Turkey Call - 2014 - This item summons a random thanksgiving animal including the rare Magical Turkey.

Pandora Voucher - This item gives you a pandora pass (not free play) for use of playing the Pandora Jewelry Box game.

Pandora Free Play Voucher - This item gives you a pandora free play for use of playing the Pandora Jewelry Box game. You are limited to using these 3 times a day, per account and they can be purchased with vitality coins or from other players.

Ancient Glass Eye - This is an equip-able jewel ready for socketing. By equipping it, you are able to use the command -hpbar which allows you to see the health bars above enemy monsters, without the need of using Eye of Enemy Health items.

Ancient Garnet - A new type of jewels that increases max HP

  • Lv1 - Increases max HP by 300
  • Lv2 - Increases max HP by 500
  • Lv3 - Increases max HP by 1000
  • Lv4 - Increases max HP by 1500
  • Lv5 - Increases max HP by 2000

Ancient Onyx - A new type of jewel that has a mysterious effect

  • Lv1 - Minimal mysterious effect
  • Lv2 - Increased mysterious effect
  • Lv3 - Moderate mysterious effect
  • Lv4 - Enhanced mysterious effect
  • Lv5 - Maximum mysterious effect

With the coming of the new Pandora's Jewelry box game, some change had to be made to the donation reward system to allow people to get more plays than the three(3) free plays everyone gets each day.

Change to the old rewards
For the time being Reward Tokens for the bonus spinner are no longer being given out. If you have existing reward tokens you can still use them to win prizes from the bonus spinner, however, it is no longer possible to obtain new reward tokens. At a future date it will be enabled again with a method that lets you choose between Reward Tokens and Pandora's Passes to some degree.

With this change you still get many things as gifts to thank you, for your donation, such as, Gift Coins, Donation Event Tickets and now the new Pandora's Passes.

Pandora's Passes
Pandora's Pass is a new bonus you obtain from donations, it allows you to play her Jewelry Box mini game located here. You get one pass for every 2 dollars your donation entails with a bonus percentage of passes if your donation passes set amounts. The bonus amounts and minimums are as follows:

  • More than 20 dollars
    • 10% bonus to passes
  • More than 50 dollars
    • 15% bonus to passes
  • More than 100 dollars
    • 20% bonus to passes
  • More than 500 dollars
    • 30% bonus to passes

To preview the amount you would get from your donation you can use the new donation calculator:

Donation Gift Result Calculator

Pandora came up with some ideas to help jazz things up and bring in new customization options for your characters! With all these existing character slots what could we possibly add to the list? Pandora made it clear, MORE JEWELRY!!! To be specific, Brooches! These brooches each have sockets for jewels, so you can customize your brooch to suit your needs and hunting ground choice! The mini game and brooch/jewel system is being released, October 9th, and when released you guys can play the new mini game and start winning jewels to equip and collect as well!

What is a Brooch?

Brooches are a new equipment slot that is socket-able. Sockets are not binding and can be added and removed just like other pieces of equipment allowing you to swap out your jewels on the go. Upon release there are 3 new brooches able to be obtained. Ancient Brooch (2 slots) which can be purchased for adena from Pandora. Shiny Brooch (3 slots) which you will be able to obtain from the clan store or gift master for gift coins. Lastly the very rare Autumn Brooch (5 slots) which can be won from Pandora's Jewelry Box mini game.

What is a Jewel?
There are a total of 9 different jewel types that can be equipped in a brooch (or slotted item) Each jewel has 5 different levels. You can only equip one jewel of each type at a time. Of course you are also limited to the number of slots in your brooch (or other slotted items) as to how many jewels you can equip. Jewels are non trade-able, however at level 5 you can seal them and exchange the sealed jewel.

How to get Jewels
You can obtain jewels from Pandora's Jewelry Chest mini game that is on the website (here) . Playing this mini game lets you win different prizes many of which are jewels. There are also jewel boxes that are trade-able/sellable.

What do these jewels do?
These stat boosts are still under testing and are subject to change but the boosts upon release are as follows:

  • Ruby - Increases the effect of soul shots
    • Lv1 - Increase soul shot dmg by 3%
    • Lv2 - Increase soul shot dmg by 5%
    • Lv3 - Increase soul shot dmg by 8%
    • Lv4 - Increase soul shot dmg by 10%
    • Lv5 - Increase soul shot dmg by 20%
  • Sapphire - Increases the effect of spirit shots
    • Lv1 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 3%
    • Lv2 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 5%
    • Lv3 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 8%
    • Lv4 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 10%
    • Lv5 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 20%
  • Diamond - Proc Resistance & Damage Increases
    • Lv1 - Increased Proc Resistance by 1%
    • Lv2 - Increased Proc Resistance by 3%
    • Lv3 - Increased Proc Resistance by 5% & Increase Proc Damage by 1%
    • Lv4 - Increased Proc Resistance by 8% & Increase Proc Damage by 5%
    • Lv5 - Increased Proc Resistance by 10% & Increase Proc Damage by 8%
  • Emerald - Increases base stats
    • Lv1 - +1 Str +1 Int
    • Lv2 - +1 to All Stats
    • Lv3 - +2 to All Stats
    • Lv4 - +3 to All Stats
    • Lv5 - +5 to All Stats
  • Topaz - Vampiric Rage Effect
    • Lv1 - Steals 50 Health per Hit
    • Lv2 - Steals 100 Health per Hit
    • Lv3 - Steals 150 Health per Hit
    • Lv4 - Steals 200 Health per Hit
    • Lv5 - Steals 300 Health per Hit
  • Aquamarine - Mana Steal Effect
    • Lv1 - Steals 10 Mana per Hit
    • Lv2 - Steals 20 Mana per Hit
    • Lv3 - Steals 30 Mana per Hit
    • Lv4 - Steals 40 Mana per Hit
    • Lv5 - Steals 80 Mana per Hit
  • Opal - Reduces the equipment level requirement
    • Lv1 - Reduces level requirement by 5 levels
    • Lv2 - Reduces level requirement by 10 levels
    • Lv3 - Reduces level requirement by 20 levels
    • Lv4 - Reduces level requirement by 30 levels
    • Lv5 - Reduces level requirement by 100 levels
  • Pearl - Decreases chances to be de-buffed, increases chances to land de-buffs
    • Lv1 - Decreases de-buff chance by 1%
    • Lv2 - Decreases de-buff chance by 3%
    • Lv3 - Decreases de-buff chance by 5% & Increases de-buff land rate by 1%
    • Lv4 - Decreases de-buff chance by 8% & Increases de-buff land rate by 5%
    • Lv5 - Decreases de-buff chance by 10% & Increases de-buff land rate by 10%
  • Obsidian - Reduces incoming PvP damage and increases outgoing PvP damage
    • Lv1 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 5%
    • Lv2 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 8%
    • Lv3 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 10% & increases outgoing PvP damage by 3%
    • Lv4 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 15% & increases outgoing PvP damage by 5%
    • Lv5 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 25% & increases outgoing PvP damage by 10%
  • Garnet - Increases Max HP
    • Lv1 - Increases max HP by 300
    • Lv2 - Increases max HP by 500
    • Lv3 - Increases max HP by 1000
    • Lv4 - Increases max HP by 1500
    • Lv5 - Increases max HP by 2000
  • Onyx - A mysterious effect
    • Lv1 - Minimal mysterious effect
    • Lv2 - Increased mysterious effect
    • Lv3 - Moderate mysterious effect
    • Lv4 - Enhanced mysterious effect
    • Lv5 - Maximum mysterious effect
  • Glass Eye - Allows you to see the unseen
    • Lv1 - Enabled the -hpbar command to show monster health

More information is obtainable about this new system by talking to Pandora at -warp 1

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