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With the gift coin wheel doing what it usually does, gift coin prices have gotten obscene! The highest I have seen them ever! Nearly 10-11mil each! Something had to be done to both bring gc flow into the server and make the gc price more affordable. I have thought long and hard about what I can do to help the economy of the game. The best thing I could think of to jumpstart the gc flow and make gc more affordable is to increase the gc price per dollar. The new rate is 9 gift coins per dollar donated. To balance this change in the game the npcs that take gc have increased their price by 60-100% to reflect the 80% increase of gc given out. Most of which leaning toward being cheaper in costs. There are a few items that may have their prices lowered as well.

Now because this is such a huge drop in value of the gc themselves it would be unfair to those who have auctions up for the prices to be left alone. So I have boosted all AH prices 80% to match the inflation. It is advised though that you go in and adjust your prices to whatever amount that you think the item will sell for at the current value of gc.

One final note about this change is that the donations that were made after the gift coin wheel ended, ( Sunday and Monday ) have received the increased amount of gc as well, as the change was intended to happen on Sunday.

I hope these changes help bring some balance and harmony to gc prices and that it is enough to help make the economy thrive again!

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
GM Zajako

The winners have been picked, announced and now they are posted. Click the link below to both see the winners and claim your prize.

If you are one of these winners make sure you are logged in on the site with the same account that your winning character is on. Then click the claim button next to your character's name.

Fill out the form and select your prizes if you had a choice of prizes. To forfeit your mailed prize, simply leave your address blank.

For all Promotion Code prizes, your prize will be emailed out at a later date. This prize will be a code that will give you a limited edition item in game.

To see the winners and/or claim your prize, go here:
2014 Fall Donation Event Winners

The much loved/hated wheel is back! Place your gift coins in your warehouse and spin spin spin!

This year free spins were given out to every account with a level 50 character on it. So even if you are taking a break from the game, you might want to use your free spins, you might get lucky!

More than 27,000 free spins were given out, so make yours count!

Last night the server restarted to release a slew of bug fixes, a new spawning system for nightmare land, some changes for the beta zone that is in development and of course the an update for the boat system.

Boat System Update
As many people know, the Captains of the boats that take you around to the islands have been on vacation for a while. Now it wasn't entirely their fault they were lost at sea, as time actually went in reverse for them. Quite literally actually. Their clocks were reading -12:00 when it was 12:00 due to the time variable outgrowing their integer size amount and going negative much like the old adena bug that was fixed a couple weeks ago. But fixing the time bug was not enough, I wanted to make the boat system better while I was at it. A bit more convenient.
Gone are the days of clicking back and forth to get on the boat until it lets you in, you can now simply double click the ticket when you are close to the docks and it will teleport you right into the boat when it is there. Now if you are not near the docks or if the boat is not yet there, it will instead show you the schedule for the boats so you can see when you need to be there. Pretty Handy Huh.

Elite Spawn System
To demonstrate the coming elite system that is being added to the game for some future more challenging zones, I have unleashed it onto the nightmare land map to replace the old elite system that was temporarily done as a test. To show that a mob is modified by the elite system they obtain a title to reflect the difference of their original tier. Meaning a tier 3 that gets 3 bonus tiers is T6 but is titled as Deranged. Here are the current titles (subject to change) and what they mean:

  • Dying (will be changed to sickly): -9 tier difference
  • Crippled: -7 tier difference
  • Injured: -5 tier difference
  • Weakened: -3 tier difference
  • Trained: +1 tier difference
  • Enraged: +2 tier difference
  • Deranged: +3 tier difference
  • Elite: +4 tier difference
  • Insane: +5 tier difference
  • Captain: +6 tier difference
  • General: +7 tier difference
  • Powerful: +8 tier difference
  • Impossible: +9 tier difference

Each mob tier either gives or takes DR and Damage amounts by percentages. These changes are based on the actual tier of the mob and not the difference like the titles. Here is a summary of the effects of the multipliers, it does not show each tier and its change, just a range from tier -10 to tier 10. These are multipliers meaning 100% is no change to damage. 5% means their damage is reduced to 5% of their original damage, not increased by 5%.

Physical Damage: 5% - 350%
Magical Damage: 10% - 200%
Incoming Damage: 140% - 50% (less means less damaged received)
Effective Level (for magic): -50 - +250

I know a lot of this information is a bit mathy and some may have a hard time understanding what it all means. So just know that higher tier monsters are tougher and the titles help let you know to be more careful or that the monster should be a bit easier.

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
[GM] Zajako

Two new sets of items were released with yesterday's restart. One extremely handy, the other makes enchanting S80 and below soul equipment a bit more friendly at the higher enchant amounts.

Pouches and the "belt loop" slot
There is now a new equipment slot called the "belt loop" strangely it does not require you even wear a belt (though maybe in the future it should/could.) This slot allows you to equip a pouch item that acts as a portable, personal warehouse, that is character specific. The items placed in here, are not access-able by your other characters on your account, or anyone else for that matter, only the character who has/placed the items in the pouch. The way it works is as follows.

  1. The player obtains the pouch
  2. The player double clicks and equips the pouch
  3. Upon double clicking the pouch after equipping it pops up a window that allows you to store and retrieve items from/to the pouch similar to how you would with a warehouse.

There are no adena fees for storing and removing items from a pouch.

Now, one might ask, "Zajako, if double clicking the pouch opens a window, how do I un-equip the pouch?", which is a good question. You need to see Frintezza's Seamstress to remove an equipped pouch, you can only do so after you take the items out of the pouch. If for some reason something happens and the pouch is un-equipped due to a bug, dying and dropping it due to chao or any other strange reason. Fear not. You will not lose your items, the person who might pick it up will not gain your items (aside from the pouch), your items are still safely tied to your character. All you must do is simply obtain a new pouch and equip it. Then your items will be available once more.

Finally onto the list of pouch types and their inherent sizes.

  • Low-Grade Pouch - 25 Slots
  • Mid-Grade Pouch - 50 Slots
  • High-Grade Pouch - 75 Slots
  • Top-Grade Pouch - 100 Slots

Currently the only pouch available to obtain is the Low-Grade pouch which is in the gift master and clan stores. Eventually there will be an in game quest to obtain the low-grade pouch and quests/items to upgrade the low-grade into the better pouches.

If you have any other pouch related questions please reply to this topic and I will try my best to answer them as they come.

Greater Soul Enchants

Okay, so a long long time ago (on a server not so far away?) Soul enchants used to only have penalties to the SXP on the weapon when they failed. This caused problem with power growth of weapons due to the fact that soul enchants were dropping a-plenty. When things were this way it allowed weapons to get crazy OP. This was nerfed a long time ago by making it so weapons have a chance of losing an enchant level upon failure. Face it, the way enchants were designed for the original game, +9 was crazy strong. With proc rates and other factors being effected by enchants with L1.5, it only made it worse. Adjustments to the way enchantment damage had to be fixed due to many weapons being upwards of 100+ enchantments. So now that balancing has been done to these soul weapons to make it so +127 (on a non x weapon) isn't crazy OP anymore, why should weapons still be penalized with the chance of -1 on fail? Well, because there are still WAY too many soul enchants on the server. So anyone could spam their enchants and even if it takes time leveling the weapon back up on failure, eventually get the weapon to +200 or even +400. Instead I have a better solution. Introducing.... Greater Soul Enchants (clever name, I know...)

Greater Soul Enchantment: Weapon and Armor scrolls were created. These are crafted by trading in old soul enchantment scrolls for them with the npc Zeld Archos located on Island of Prayer. You can trade 10 Soul Enchantment Scrolls + 25 million for 1 Greater Soul Enchant Scroll or 3 Blessed Soul Enchantment Scrolls + 25 million for 1 Greater Soul Enchant.

Now to explain what these new scrolls do differently. Between +10 - +100 the chance of reducing the enchant value of the weapon is 0 when using this enchant. That is the only difference. So before +10 and after +100, it would be a waste to use a Greater Soul Enchant scroll. You will also lose SXP the same way you would with any other scroll as well. There may, or may not be other scrolls in the future that adjust the other factors, but this scroll does not add any more chance or anything special otherwise.

Well, thats a lot of text and a different style than I usually use to announce new things, but what the hey, I was in the mood to be chatty with this announcement wink

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
Grind on!


Magical turkeys have been rumored to be around aden, you have been tasked to find them! To do so you need to use Turkey Calls, to call out and try to lure them out! Though I've heard the other animals seem to like the noise the call makes as well and may come instead. They got into the food for the feast and pandora's secret stash anyways, so if you obtain any food dishes from these animals they are yours to enjoy!

Event Details
You can obtain Turkey Calls from playing Pandora's Jewelry Box game, obtaining from the gift master (5 calls for 10 gc) and/or trading with other players. When you use the turkey call in game it may spawn one of 4 animals that you can quickly kill. These animals are all weak and can be killed by players of any level. The magical turkeys that can spawn have a bit more hp than the other ones, however they still should go down quickly. Food items that give temporary buffs, jewels, jewel chests, sealed lvl 5 jewels and several other items.

Monsters that can spawn from the turkey call are as follows:

  • Thanksgiving Duck
  • Thanksgiving Chicken
  • Thanksgiving Ham
  • Magical Turkey

Changes to Pandora's Jewelry Box

Pandora now has 3 new types of jewels for you to socket into those brooches! Garnets, Onyx and Glass Eye. These new jewels were added to the game with level 1, level 2 and boxes. The glass eye is also added to the mini game. Turkey calls have been added to the mini game as well to allow you to play in the new event. The new total inventory has been increased to 3000, the reset quantity has been increased to 1000 as well. You can also obtain 3 extra free plays each day via the vitality merchant's Free Play Vouchers which allow you to use 3 per day per account. The voucher uses reset each day at 1AM EST with the other daily resets.

New Items added
Summon Damage Dummy Lv1 - This item summons a damage tester dummy for 1 doll coin. The item is permanent and works very similar to a doll, however it will not take up doll summon counts. It also does not follow your character. It allows you to test your DPS damage. You hit the summoned dummy for 10 seconds and it will shout how much damage per second you did. This is very helpful for testing your builds. It is released in the gift master for 100 GC.

Turkey Call - 2014 - This item summons a random thanksgiving animal including the rare Magical Turkey.

Pandora Voucher - This item gives you a pandora pass (not free play) for use of playing the Pandora Jewelry Box game.

Pandora Free Play Voucher - This item gives you a pandora free play for use of playing the Pandora Jewelry Box game. You are limited to using these 3 times a day, per account and they can be purchased with vitality coins or from other players.

Ancient Glass Eye - This is an equip-able jewel ready for socketing. By equipping it, you are able to use the command -hpbar which allows you to see the health bars above enemy monsters, without the need of using Eye of Enemy Health items.

Ancient Garnet - A new type of jewels that increases max HP

  • Lv1 - Increases max HP by 300
  • Lv2 - Increases max HP by 500
  • Lv3 - Increases max HP by 1000
  • Lv4 - Increases max HP by 1500
  • Lv5 - Increases max HP by 2000

Ancient Onyx - A new type of jewel that has a mysterious effect

  • Lv1 - Minimal mysterious effect
  • Lv2 - Increased mysterious effect
  • Lv3 - Moderate mysterious effect
  • Lv4 - Enhanced mysterious effect
  • Lv5 - Maximum mysterious effect

With the coming of the new Pandora's Jewelry box game, some change had to be made to the donation reward system to allow people to get more plays than the three(3) free plays everyone gets each day.

Change to the old rewards
For the time being Reward Tokens for the bonus spinner are no longer being given out. If you have existing reward tokens you can still use them to win prizes from the bonus spinner, however, it is no longer possible to obtain new reward tokens. At a future date it will be enabled again with a method that lets you choose between Reward Tokens and Pandora's Passes to some degree.

With this change you still get many things as gifts to thank you, for your donation, such as, Gift Coins, Donation Event Tickets and now the new Pandora's Passes.

Pandora's Passes
Pandora's Pass is a new bonus you obtain from donations, it allows you to play her Jewelry Box mini game located here. You get one pass for every 2 dollars your donation entails with a bonus percentage of passes if your donation passes set amounts. The bonus amounts and minimums are as follows:

  • More than 20 dollars
    • 10% bonus to passes
  • More than 50 dollars
    • 15% bonus to passes
  • More than 100 dollars
    • 20% bonus to passes
  • More than 500 dollars
    • 30% bonus to passes

To preview the amount you would get from your donation you can use the new donation calculator:

Donation Gift Result Calculator

Pandora came up with some ideas to help jazz things up and bring in new customization options for your characters! With all these existing character slots what could we possibly add to the list? Pandora made it clear, MORE JEWELRY!!! To be specific, Brooches! These brooches each have sockets for jewels, so you can customize your brooch to suit your needs and hunting ground choice! The mini game and brooch/jewel system is being released, October 9th, and when released you guys can play the new mini game and start winning jewels to equip and collect as well!

What is a Brooch?

Brooches are a new equipment slot that is socket-able. Sockets are not binding and can be added and removed just like other pieces of equipment allowing you to swap out your jewels on the go. Upon release there are 3 new brooches able to be obtained. Ancient Brooch (2 slots) which can be purchased for adena from Pandora. Shiny Brooch (3 slots) which you will be able to obtain from the clan store or gift master for gift coins. Lastly the very rare Autumn Brooch (5 slots) which can be won from Pandora's Jewelry Box mini game.

What is a Jewel?
There are a total of 9 different jewel types that can be equipped in a brooch (or slotted item) Each jewel has 5 different levels. You can only equip one jewel of each type at a time. Of course you are also limited to the number of slots in your brooch (or other slotted items) as to how many jewels you can equip. Jewels are non trade-able, however at level 5 you can seal them and exchange the sealed jewel.

How to get Jewels
You can obtain jewels from Pandora's Jewelry Chest mini game that is on the website (here) . Playing this mini game lets you win different prizes many of which are jewels. There are also jewel boxes that are trade-able/sellable.

What do these jewels do?
These stat boosts are still under testing and are subject to change but the boosts upon release are as follows:

  • Ruby - Increases the effect of soul shots
    • Lv1 - Increase soul shot dmg by 3%
    • Lv2 - Increase soul shot dmg by 5%
    • Lv3 - Increase soul shot dmg by 8%
    • Lv4 - Increase soul shot dmg by 10%
    • Lv5 - Increase soul shot dmg by 20%
  • Sapphire - Increases the effect of spirit shots
    • Lv1 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 3%
    • Lv2 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 5%
    • Lv3 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 8%
    • Lv4 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 10%
    • Lv5 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 20%
  • Diamond - Proc Resistance & Damage Increases
    • Lv1 - Increased Proc Resistance by 1%
    • Lv2 - Increased Proc Resistance by 3%
    • Lv3 - Increased Proc Resistance by 5% & Increase Proc Damage by 1%
    • Lv4 - Increased Proc Resistance by 8% & Increase Proc Damage by 5%
    • Lv5 - Increased Proc Resistance by 10% & Increase Proc Damage by 8%
  • Emerald - Increases base stats
    • Lv1 - +1 Str +1 Int
    • Lv2 - +1 to All Stats
    • Lv3 - +2 to All Stats
    • Lv4 - +3 to All Stats
    • Lv5 - +5 to All Stats
  • Topaz - Vampiric Rage Effect
    • Lv1 - Steals 50 Health per Hit
    • Lv2 - Steals 100 Health per Hit
    • Lv3 - Steals 150 Health per Hit
    • Lv4 - Steals 200 Health per Hit
    • Lv5 - Steals 300 Health per Hit
  • Aquamarine - Mana Steal Effect
    • Lv1 - Steals 10 Mana per Hit
    • Lv2 - Steals 20 Mana per Hit
    • Lv3 - Steals 30 Mana per Hit
    • Lv4 - Steals 40 Mana per Hit
    • Lv5 - Steals 80 Mana per Hit
  • Opal - Reduces the equipment level requirement
    • Lv1 - Reduces level requirement by 5 levels
    • Lv2 - Reduces level requirement by 10 levels
    • Lv3 - Reduces level requirement by 20 levels
    • Lv4 - Reduces level requirement by 30 levels
    • Lv5 - Reduces level requirement by 100 levels
  • Pearl - Decreases chances to be de-buffed, increases chances to land de-buffs
    • Lv1 - Decreases de-buff chance by 1%
    • Lv2 - Decreases de-buff chance by 3%
    • Lv3 - Decreases de-buff chance by 5% & Increases de-buff land rate by 1%
    • Lv4 - Decreases de-buff chance by 8% & Increases de-buff land rate by 5%
    • Lv5 - Decreases de-buff chance by 10% & Increases de-buff land rate by 10%
  • Obsidian - Reduces incoming PvP damage and increases outgoing PvP damage
    • Lv1 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 5%
    • Lv2 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 8%
    • Lv3 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 10% & increases outgoing PvP damage by 3%
    • Lv4 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 15% & increases outgoing PvP damage by 5%
    • Lv5 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 25% & increases outgoing PvP damage by 10%
  • Garnet - Increases Max HP
    • Lv1 - Increases max HP by 300
    • Lv2 - Increases max HP by 500
    • Lv3 - Increases max HP by 1000
    • Lv4 - Increases max HP by 1500
    • Lv5 - Increases max HP by 2000
  • Onyx - A mysterious effect
    • Lv1 - Minimal mysterious effect
    • Lv2 - Increased mysterious effect
    • Lv3 - Moderate mysterious effect
    • Lv4 - Enhanced mysterious effect
    • Lv5 - Maximum mysterious effect
  • Glass Eye - Allows you to see the unseen
    • Lv1 - Enabled the -hpbar command to show monster health

More information is obtainable about this new system by talking to Pandora at -warp 1

After having difficulty from the sieges on Nightmare Land last year, the Haunting Demon Lord was seeking for more power. Deep in the depths of Nightmare Land he discovered the Hallowed Grave which upon opening cursed him and his minions with deep dark power. This power destroyed their high health regeneration ability however gave them immense amounts of health as well as as strength that fluctuates with time. This changing strength will change them sometimes to being enraged or even elite upon spawn.

Event Duration
The event will continue from October 2nd until November 30th

Event Hunting Zones
Halloween Land:

  • Mobs in Halloween Land are mostly random level and made for mid to
    low level/geared toons.
  • Normal spawns include Haunting Phantom,
    Spook Shadow, Spooking Phantom, Black Cat and rarely Scarecrow.
  • Special spawns include Epic Pumpkin King (not suited for low levels
    or solo players), Pumpkin King, Pumpkin Servant, Scary Lich and
    Cockatrice Kid.
  • Very rarely a Hallowed Pumpkin King can spawn, he
    should only be challenged with a strong group of warriors!

Nightmare Land:

  • Mobs in Nightmare Land are all high level, high health and high tier mobs designed for parties of players.
  • Normal spawns of Hallowed Stalkers and Hallowed Ice Beasts are throughout the zone.
  • Special spawns include Hallowed Demon Lord, Hallowed Ghouls, Hallowed Crawlers, Hallowed Zombies and Hallowed Red Eye.
  • Re-spawn time on normal monsters is very random and should be long enough for most of them to not re-spawn before you kill others around them, allowing you to have time to make your way to the special spawns.

Boosted Items
The following items are boosted for the duration of the event:
- Skull Helmet
- Bone Armor
- Bone Shield
- Pumpkin Sword
- Pumpkin Suit
- Hyrulian Master Sword
- Hyrulian Shield

New Items
The new pumpkin set is released for this year which is only slightly better than last years. However, when you have all 3 pieces equipped it opens a jewel socket for the upcoming brooch/jewel system.

  • Pumpkin Helm of Loyalty [2014]
  • Pumpkin Armor of Loyalty [2014]
  • Pumpkin Guarder of Loyalty [2014]
  • Loyalty Pumpin Set - 2014 : Gives the Helm,Armor,Guarder loyalty items, Aden Hero's Chest and Random Jewelry Box.

Magic Scrolls
There are two new items in the gift master for helping with the spawning system. One for each event land. You can use the item to teleport to the specified event land with a hint on the special spawn location. These items are also permanent items meaning they are not deleted on use. The hints they give are messaged to you on teleport and refer to the area as to where the special spawn was triggered. These are the same items that were purchasable last year. You do not need to obtain them again if you already have them.

Event Spawning System
In the event zones there are two types of spawns. Normal spawns and Special spawns. Normal spawns re-spawn based on the amount of time after the mob die. Special spawns happen hourly. When triggered they clear out previous special spawns and change locations. These spawns also are not 100% for some of them.

Other Notes
There are many features to this event that are covered in a much older event's detail post. Reading this post will help understand many of the items that can be obtained from the event mobs. You can read that post here:!

Also there may be a few updates/additional features added to this event before the end of it. I have a few things I'd like to add however, there are several almost finished huge additions to the game I need to get done first.

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
GM Zajako

Check it out!

Leaves are falling all around, must be time for everyone's favorite donation event!

The donation event will simply create a digital ticket for each dollar you donate during the months of September, October and November. Donations in the month of September are worth double the tickets for early event contributions! The drawing will be held the first week of December. So the more you donate, the higher chances you have to win! You will still receive gift coins and spin tokens as normal. Here is the prize list:

Grand Prize (1 Winner):
1 Valakas' Claw Staff [X]
Your choice of 1 from the following items:
Blessed Valakas Scaled T-Shirt [X], Blessed Necklace of Valakas [X], Cloak of Flames [X]
Your choice of 2 Pieces of X-Grade Armor from the following sets:
Arch Wizard, Fear, Legend, Mother Tree, Forest, Ultra Plate
Your choice of X-Grade Amulet from the following:
Beauty, Fortitude, Knowing, Might, Speed, Understanding
Your choice of Ultra Elixir
3 Protection Enchant Weapon [X]
3 Protection Enchant Armor [X]
1 Ultra Event Token [25%][31 Days]
1 Promo Pack Mailed to you containing:
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code
1 L1.5 Mousepad
1 L1.5 T-Shirt
1 Large Sticker Pack

First Prize (1 Winner):
1 Blessed Valakas Scaled T-Shirt [X]
Your choice of 2 Pieces of X-Grade Armor from the following sets:
Arch Wizard, Fear, Legend, Mother Tree, Forest, Ultra Plate
Your choice of Ultra Elixir
2 Protection Enchant Weapon [X]
2 Protection Enchant Armor [X]
1 Ultra Event Token [20%][31 Days]
1 Promo Pack Mailed to you containing:
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code
1 L1.5 Mousepad
1 Large Sticker Pack

Second Prize (2 Winner):
Your choice of 1 Piece of X-Grade Armor from the following sets:
Arch Wizard, Fear, Legend, Mother Tree, Forest, Ultra Plate
1 Protection Enchant Weapon [X]
1 Protection Enchant Armor [X]
1 Giant's Enchant Weapon [X]
1 Giant's Enchant Armor [X]
1 Ultra Event Token [15%][31 Days]
1 Promo Pack Mailed to you containing:
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code
1 L1.5 Mousepad
1 Large Sticker Pack

Third Prize (2 Winners):
Your choice of 1 Piece of X-Grade Armor from the following sets:
Arch Wizard, Fear, Legend, Mother Tree, Forest, Ultra Plate
1 Ultra Event Token [15%][31 Days]
1 Protection Enchant Weapon [X]
1 Protection Enchant Armor [X]
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code

Fourth Prize (20 Winners):
3 Aden Hero's Chest
1 Ultra Event Token [10%][1Month]
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code

Fifth Prize (20 Winners):
1 Aden Hero's Chest
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code

Bug Fixes

When reapering or tiering up as a DK or ILL it would change you from a male character to a female character. This bug is now fixed.

Items that should stay on the hotbar but get kicked out should now stay in the hotbar when you use them. The list of items changed is posted below. The fix is by renaming the items to no longer have "[X]" instead they are "- X".

Hotbar Fixed Items

Soul Shot [NG] through [X]
Spirit Shot [NG] through [X]
Lesser Soul Energy Battery [Faction]
Soul Energy Battery [Faction]
Greater Soul Energy Battery [Faction]
Thanksgiving Dinner [2012]
Candy Cane [2012]
Christmas Cookies [2012]
Soul Battery [+]
Soul Battery [+10]
Thanksgiving Dinner [2013]
New Years Bubbly [2014]
Tier-Ease Cream [T2] through [T5]
Easter Loyalty Seal [2012]
Cupid's Hammer [2013]
Cupid's Ruby [2013]
Cupid's Sapphire [2013]
Cupid's Pearl [2013]
Cupid's Onyx [2013]
Cupid's Scroll [2013]
Heart Candy [2013]
Easter Loyalty Seal [2013]
Independence Fireworks [2013]
Independence Fireworks [2014]
Crystal [NG] - Crystal [X]
Gemstone [D] - Gemstone [X]
Seal of Hurricane [S80]
Seal of Pledge Heal [S80]
Seal of Hydro Blast [S80]
Seal of Apocholypse [S80]
Seal of Magic Blade [S80]
Seal of Sonic Rage [S80]
Spirit Blast [A]
Shadow Burst [A]
Seal [A]
Slash Stun [A]
Assassin's Creed [S80]
Gaia's Blessing [S80]
Quadruple Shot [S80]
Inferno Booster [Faction]
Glacier Booster [Faction]
Frosty's SnowBall [X][2012]
North Pole SnowBall [S80][2012]
Enchant Armor [X]
Blessed Enchant Armor [X]
Giants Enchant Armor [X]
Protection Enchant Armor [X]
Protection Enchant Weapon [X]
Giants Enchant Weapon [X]
Blessed Enchant Weapon [X]
Enchant Weapon [X]
Lindvior's Breath [X]
Frosty's SnowBall Crystal [X]
Cupid's Lost Chocolates [2013]
Loyalty Pumpin Set [2013]
Crafting Pliers [JEWELER]
Crafting Hammer [ARMORSMITH]
Crafting Anvil [WEAPONSMITH]
Pick Axe [MINER]
Gathering Basket [FORAGER]
Chemistry Set [ALCHEMIST]
Chef's Cookbook [CHEF]
Crafting Needle [SEAMSTRESS]
Incubator [VITALITY]
Gene Splicer [VITALITY]
Hatchery [VITALITY]
Carving Knife [SCAVENGER]
Ellie's Magic Doll [2012]
Soul Charged Fragment [X]
Love Doll: Inflatable Woman [2013]
Love Doll: Inflatable Man [2013]
Mia's Magic Doll [2014]

Gameplay Tweaks

When loot global drops announce as they currently do, if you have sounds enabled it will say "Impressive" to let you know to scroll up to see it if you're interested.

Also it now says "Impressive" when the wheel announces rare prize winners.

Clan Skill Changes

All of the clan level 2 and 3 skills have had their SP costs greatly reduced! Might be time to learn and test some SiN skills?

Balancing Changes

The spell Invisible (mage/reaper version) has a delay of 10 seconds added to it to keep people from being able to stay invis after getting detected. To put this in perspective, it is the same delay that Blind Hiding the Dark Elf skill has.

X Grade Weapon Changes

RomuReme's Small Dmg and Dmg Bonus have been lowered slightly. New buff skills added to compensate this as well as a damage proc. The procs are as follows:

  • Life Leak - Damage Proc that has a chance to also cause Decay Potion
  • Build Them Up - 10% chance to hit your target twice while stealing a small amount of hp
  • Remus' Plan - A self buff that causes players hitting you to have a reduction of crit rate by 10% against you. Lasts 5 Minutes.
  • Romulus' Focus - A self buff that causes your crit rate to go up by 3%. Lasts 5 Minutes.
  • Tear Them Down - A 1% chance combo attack that can hit your target an extra 1-5 times.

Spin to win and celebrate 5 years of L1.5!!! A new Gift Coin Wheel has been released to let you have a chance at getting epicly awesome gear!

Each spin costs 1 gift coin and has a random chance of giving many items from the gift master as well as many epic items including the new X grade weapons, Legendary Zajako Gear, Elemental stones and crystals, Enchant scrolls, Event letter blocks, weak elixirs, baium ring, earring of antharas, blessed and epic valakas items, bottle of gm soul, soul batteries of all types, soul shot and spirit shot X, and tons of other mats to enhance your event hunting progress!

If you played last year's thanksgiving wheel, you'll be glad to hear the chance of getting no prize has been reduced as well as the items for dragon knights and illusionist skills removed.

You can get to the wheel by clicking here:

Good Luck! Have Fun!

Event Story

Zajako upgraded his equipment to become legendary, he is now completely immune to damage until exposed to his weakness of people QQ-ing. The productive Game Master also may show up allowing you to craft special pre-release X grade weapons, so keep an eye out!

Event Details

You can now open the Mysterious bags to get Letter Blocks, which can spell different words for you to turn in. The resulting bags are currently not working however though, so stay tuned for part 3 of the event which will provide the prizes for these items.

Legendary Zajako can spawn in a new spawn-wave type. Also a new event monster called Zajako's Buzz which is only killable via clan-qq or using the special Bribe Amanda to QQ at Zajako items which you can get from the gift master, clan store or vitality merchant for a 10 minute version. Also with each spawn there is a secondary spawn location that is purely Buzz Monsters and one boss spawn. These Buzz mobs should be huntable by a small group of clan members with the QQ clan skill with ease.

There are several new X grade weapons and armors released with this part of the event. Many of which will get their stats with part 3 of the event.

Here is the rarity of the letters:



COMMON: L 1 . 5 A E I K N R W

Good Luck, Have Fun!!

Event Changes

The rate that Wand of Love drops has been increased by a lot.

Vitality Merchant will now sell a lesser bribe to amanda that gives a 10 minute buff to hunt the event mobs that require QQ. The gift master will still provide a 1 hour bribe. The clan store will also sell the 1 hour bribe.

Shop Changes

Price for items from Aden Knight Captain in Soul Charged Fragments have changed to as follows:

Soul Battery [+10]: 250 -> 100 Soul Charged Fragments

Prices for soul shots and spirit shots at Orc Merchant Dranoc (on TOI 1 -warp9)

Soul Shots:
X Grade per 100 shots: 700000 -> 300000
S80 Grade per 100 shots: 500000 -> 170000
S Grade per 100 shots: 200000 -> 75000
A Grade per 100 shots: 100000 -> 30000
B Grade per 100 shots: 30000 -> 10000
No Grade per 100 shots: 10000 -> 5000

Spirit Shots:
X Grade per 100 shots: 1200000 -> 500000
S80 Grade per 100 shots: 1000000 -> 300000
S Grade per 100 shots: 400000 -> 100000
A Grade per 100 shots: 200000 -> 50000
B Grade per 100 shots: 60000 -> 25000
No Grade per 100 shots: 20000 -> 10000

Bug Fixes

All custom buffs for the server that previously didn't save upon exiting the game or disconnecting, now should properly save/store to the database so that when you log back in you still have them. This includes item buffs like tier-ease and rate boosting potions.

-fix and teleports being slow to have each monster show up now should show up much faster with much less lag, allowing them to work better.

Other Changes

When certain buffs run out they will now send a message letting you know that they have worn off. The buff list is posted below.

You can now type -bufflist to get a list of certain buffs that you currently have and the remaining time in seconds until they end. The buff list is posted below.

Buffs that have messages and show up on buffs are as follows:

Bribe to Amanda to QQ at Zajako
Independence Day Fireworks [2014]
Lindvior's Breath
Blessings of Love
New Years Bubbly [2014]
Christmas Cookies [2012]
Thanksgiving Dinner [2013]
Thanksgiving Dinner [2012]
Blessing of Earth
Eden's Intellect
Wounded (Debuff)
Potion of Merchant
Potion of Soul Attraction
Potion of Luck
Potion of Learning
Immune to Harm (This includes all forms of immune including CoP)

Event Story

After 4 years of running the server it was revealed that the way Zajako is able to run the server as the only GM was by clones that he created that fix up the bugs, however there was a problem with the cloning machine so not all of the clone batches were finished. This year right before the 5th anniversary event, another clone tripped over the lever that turns on the valentines day event releasing wands into the wilds again. Zajako punished the clones by disabling their GM Invisibility permissions allowing you guys to see and interact with them.

Event Details

Every hour the Zajako spawn wave moves and changes types. There are 3 spawn types, Merciful Gamemaster who allows you to upgrade and craft certain weapons, he spawns with Regular Minions of Zajako which are his personal guards. They have randomized health and are able to be hunted by almost any level range. Next is the Clone Zajako spawn wave which has failed clones that spawn with it. Finally is the Epic Zajako spawn wave which spawns with Epic Minions.

Also the Valentines Day Event was enabled allowing you to obtain wands to summon elemental monsters. You can see the details for the valentines day event here:

Event Changes

Wand Drop Rate increased
Independence Day Fireworks [2014] has been fixed so they are usable.

Bug Fixes

-Fix's delay has been reduced to 1 second

Teleport scrolls and spells when used in a non teleportable location now apply the same technique as -fix to prevent causing pvp issues.

If a exploit comes out of using -fix or teleport scrolls, there will be temporary 1 week bans applied to the offending accounts. This includes things like trying to control the spawns or mobs to prevent them from damaging you or similar things like that. I'm not sure if this can be done, but if you find a way to do it, you are to stop doing it and report it to me immediately via private message on the boards here or email.

There should be no reason to spam -fix or teleports repeatedly either. So please don't take advantage of the delay removal/reduction, otherwise it will be placed in again/increased.

New Crit System and other Balancing Changes

The entire system of critical hits has been re-written from the ground up to mix up the way weapons apply critical damage. Critical hits and damage can now be increased via different methods than before as well. Here is the breakdown of how to do more or stronger crits.

Weapon Types - The type of weapon as in staff, dagger, sword, etc effects the CRIT DAMAGE multiplier.

Weapon Stats - The crit stat on the weapon or gained by leveling soul weapons/armors effect the CRIT RATE max or Crit Cap.

Character Dex & Base Dex - The player's dex creates the MIN CRIT RATE and MAX CRIT RATE. Base Dex is more effective than gear dex in this formula.

Here is a chart explaining the weapon types and their crit rate benifits.

Other changes to damage formulas include a reduction in lucky crits damage, which shouldn't be noticeable to very many people as even with really good luck the much harder hits are very very rare.

Damage Resistance for monsters has been greatly lowered for melee damage.

Damage Resistance for monsters now applies to magic and effects proc damage as well.

Soul Resistance has been added for players via clan skills. This value allows you to resist the damage caused by procs.

Dex based skills now should land a bit more often, while still less often than before.

Clan Changes

Clan Exp can now be gained by turning in XP Shards. This replaces the ability to gain adena via the same shards. They give the same amount of exp as before as well. The gains in clan xp are as follows:

XP Shard 1 gives 2 Clan EXP
XP Shard 2 gives 5 Clan EXP
XP Shard 3 gives 10 Clan EXP
XP Shard 4 gives 100 Clan EXP

There are a number of new clan skills released, some require the new Clan Level 2. They are as follows:

Strength In Numbers, SiN-Royal, SiN-Knight, SiN-Elf, SiN-Dark Elf, SiN-Mage, SiN-Illusionist, SiN-DragonKnight, SiN-QQ, Clan Growth Lv3, Clan Growth Lv4, Clan Soul Guard, Clan Soul Guard Lv2, Clan Soul Guard Lv3, Clan Soul Guard Lv4. You can read what they do on the clan skills page here:

Other Changes

Cinco De Mayo Sombrero [2014] has had its icon updated to be what it should have been.

Bonus Gift Coins Event

Each dollar donated will give an extra gift coin per dollar donated between now and the start of the anniversary event (the first week of July) making it 6 gift coins per dollar!! After the event releases they will go back down to 5 total gift coins.


2x exp
2x sxp
1.5x adena
1.5x drops

Rebalancing Changes

Durability of weapon's effect has been greatly lessened. It now caps off at 25% damage loss at maximum.

Formula for Dex based attacks has been adjusted to be resistible by Strength, Dex and Level rather than just Dex and Level.

The increases to damage by percentage amounts has been changed to a linear increase rather than an exponential increase. This means that the increase happens to a base amount, rather than one after another.

Amelia's Royal Rattle [X] is corrected to require Level 100 and X grade shots.

The winners have been picked, announced and now they are posted. Click the link below to both see the winners and claim your prize.

If you are one of these winners make sure you are logged in on the site with the same account that your winning character is on. Then click the claim button next to your character's name.

Fill out the form and select your prizes if you had a choice of prizes. To forfeit your mailed prize, simply leave your address blank.

For all Promotion Code prizes, your prize will be emailed out at a later date. This prize will be a code that will give you a limited edition item in game.

To see the winners and/or claim your prize, go here:
2014 Spring Donation Event Winners


With the EXP Penalty getting harder and harder, the grind of tiers causes anyone to ache, but now you can just apply a little Tier-Ease Cream and grind away! Like every good cream sometimes that first application is not very effective, so if its still a little rough you can apply another dose!

Tier-Ease comes in 4 flavors, one for each Tier past T1 including T5 which is unreleased. When you use it it randomly determines its strength and tells you in the message whether things seem a little easier, a lot easier or insanely easier. Using multiple will not extend the buff past 1 hour, however the best dosage will be applied. The way tier-ease works is by reducing the penalty to exp caused by being tiered up. So this stacks with all other exp boosting methods.

Elemental Changes

Elemental stats on weapons and armors have been changed to effect things completely different. There are no longer element procs, instead element is flat damage added to your attacks and is only prevented if the target has element resistances for the element(s) you are hitting with. X grade weapons provide a 5 times boost to the element damage they are attacking with as well. Holy and Dark element provide a 25% boost to elemental damage as well since they have a lower success rate of succeeding and are much rarer.

Changes to debuffs and Tiers

All debuffs have levels implemented into the formulas both for offensive and defensive weights. This however is not balanced with tiers as a T4 level 50 is obviously a much higher level than a level 100 T1. Now for each tier after T1 you gain 25 levels weight for debuff weight rolls. At T4 you gain an additional 25 level weight. This means at T4 level 100 your effective level for debuff rolls is Level 200. This is canceled out though if the attacker and defender are of equal tier. This is just the first step in balancing debuffs. There are more changes coming to make them more fair.

Debuff land rate's cap has also been reduced from a maximum of 95% down to a maximum of 90% while the minimum chance is staying at 1%.

Other Changes

Site now shows required base stats and levels

Site will show pvp wins and losses in the clan logs

Decreased adena gain from XP Shards due to the largely increased rate of them dropping.

Lindvior's Breath has been fixed to provide the +5 to all stats at level 30 as it was designed.

The effects of -fix have been modified to teleport monsters instead of the player. This should hopefully optimize the effect to no longer cause lag issues with other players. It also should make updating the mobs a lot cleaner. This may be undone if it doesn't work as intended.

Fangs of Destiny [S80]'s ability back slash now teleports the target to be facing their back to you. In the past it teleported the player causing the player to have to re-target/re-attack this way will fix that and inconvenience the target instead of the attacker.

We'll be having a banned items auction May 25th, 2014. This Sunday. It will take place between 7:30-9:00 PM EST

Banned auctions are auctions of items that were earned legitimately at one point but were left on accounts that the players were banned and will not be allowed back.

There are many items that will be up for auction including at least 1 Zaj blade, many pieces of zaj gear, assorted boss jewels and possibly several other things. These sorts of events usually go best with players being excited and competing with bids.

Its also advisable to have teamspeak installed and configured to be ready for this event.

Good Luck,
Have Fun!

New Item

Mia's Magic Doll - New Doll to celebrate the birth of Zajako's second daughter Amelia (nick name Mia). The doll adds +2 to all base stats, +10% sxp gained, bonus to luck and can proc to give a flat boost of 50 exp while hunting.

Updated Items

Captain's Guarder [S80] - Small/Large and Dmg bonus amounts added to the weapon based on guarder level. Passive 25% increase to damage added to for non Bow/Gauntlet weapons.

Golden Cubic and Vitality Cubic rewards have been updated.

Ellie's Magic Doll has had +1 dex added to it.

Shirt Enchantment Scrolls have gained a bonus success rate of +6 as well as having the penalties to enchantments reduced at higher enchant rates.

XP Shards have had their drop rates greatly increased for ancient monsters as well as skaro monsters.

X grade Hunting Rewards

The rates of obtaining higher valued x mats from turning in Ancient Totems and gambling at the Sea Merchant have been greatly increased.

When obtaining Material Tokens from all 3 X grade gamblers the you can randomly get between 1 and 10 tokens rather than just 1.

Bug Fix

The lag caused by AOE spells no longer should happen as the random values generated have been reduced to 1 per monster rather than up to 5 per monster.

Hey guys,
This is the new message board system for L1.5, hopefully its a lot smoother and easier to use, with less glitches and such.

I'd like to see a lot more feedback/screenshots/drama posting going on because Lineage isn't Lineage without the drama!

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
GM Zajako

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