About L1.5
L1.5 is a private Lineage server that was started on July 27, 2009 by James (GM Zajako). Since starting out, the population of the server has grown to maintain many users online during both peak hours and off hours. The server has maintained a consistent uptime for 2 years, and has never had a wipe after going live. The longest downtime the server has ever had is 2 hours, which occurred during a server switchover. Overall total down time in the past 2 years is less than 5 hours. All this is thanks to a dual-dedicated-server system which reduces stress on the server and shares the workload.

The 1.5 server is the only private server available that offers a dynamic environment. New areas and monsters are constantly being added, along with a plethora of new items and other content. The server features several systems that are exclusive among Lineage 1 servers. These include: A PvP Arena, Luck, Soul Weapons, Graded Equipment, and an updated Elixir/Stats system.

This server caters to both hardcore Lineage players, and those who have never played the game before. There are specialized newbie areas where players can learn the basics of the game, as well as high level hunting zones that require a party of several very strong players.

We hope you take the time to play the server and enjoy the many experiences it has to offer. We look forward to seeing you in the game!
Server Info
IP: (Connect)
Voice: l15.org (TeamSpeak)
Current Events
EXP Event: 2x
SXP Event: 2x
DXP Event: 2x
VIT Event: 3x
Free Crack Event!
Free Death Event!
Current Chip Buff
Critical Chance +5
Male ReaperZatoichi
Male Reaper*Hidden*
Female ReaperSuperMario1
Male Reaper*Hidden*
Male Reaper*Hidden*
Male ElfHells
Male ReaperBreeze
Male KnightCoolit
Male Reaper*Hidden*
Female Reaper*Hidden*
Male Reaper*Hidden*
Male ReaperShurenzo
Male ElfDamaged
Male ElfSoX
Male MageFrosty
Female ReaperBeXinh
Female RoyalS2s2
Male KnightIronwill
Female Elf*Hidden*
Male Illusionist*Hidden*
Male RoyalTorquemada
Male MageMorn
Male KnightMoen
Male Mage*Hidden*
Male ReaperRainydays
Male KnightAhna
Male Mage*Hidden*
Male KnightWalker
Male MageProut
Male ReaperYuengling
Female RoyalLadyRoxy
Male RoyalRoyalFlush
Female DarkElfVanesa
Male RoyalTRex
Male Mage*Hidden*
Male ElfBeremus
Female KnightG4TSU
Female IllusionistADestiny
Male DarkElf*Hidden*
Male KnightMamamelo
Female ElfFynn
Male Royal*Hidden*
Male IllusionistBurn
Male DarkElfHuntMaster
Male RoyalOreos
Male MageFurious
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