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Game Guide

       Welcome to the server! This guide is intended to get you started by explaining some of the basic custom features of the server, as well as showing you some information that will help you at higher levels. Please read this entire guide before starting on the server, as there are some things that are important to know and/or avoid at lower levels. Also, there will sometimes be an item mentioned early in the guide that is not explained until later.
       Here's a table of contents for easy navigation if you need to look up something specific:

I. Useful Terms
II. How to contact Zajako
III. Server Rates
IV. Ancient Adena
V. Crack Death Knight
VI. Vitality
VII. Donations
VIII. Text Notifications
IX. Promo Codes
X. Graded Items
XI. Auctions
XII. Shop Zone
XIII. Luck System
XIV. Events
XV. Characters
XVI. Stats
XVII. Hunting Grounds
XIX. Clans

       Now onto the guide!

Useful Terms to Know
AA: Ancient Adena
AH: Auction House
NPC: Non-Player Character
EXP: Experience
SXP: Soul Experience
GC: Gift Coin
PK: Player Killer
DXP: Doll Experience
CDK: Crack Death Knight
Zaj: Zajako (Server Admin/GM)
SKT: Silver Knight Town
Crack: Crack of Time OR Crack Death Knight
TOI: Tower of Insolence
Law/Chao: A player's lawful or chaotic alignment.

How to contact Zajako (Server Admin/GM)

       The easiest and most convenient way is through TeamSpeak. Zajako is usually in the General Channel whenever he is at the computer, and he will often reply immediately. You can also send a whisper to Zajako in-game, or send a private message on the forums.

Custom Systems and Features

Server Rates and Experience Gain

       The rates on L1.5 are different from any other Lineage server. They are much higher than live servers, yet not so high as to allow people to attain the highest level without working hard. There is a special experience gain system in place which ensures that players cannot grind from level 1 to 115 in a single area. An explanation of this system is:
       If you are over 20 levels higher than the monster you kill, you will get less experience. For every 10 levels after that, EXP gain goes down more until it is reduced to 0. If you kill monsters higher level than you, you can gain higher than normal EXP from it.

       You can also get experience boosts by using Princess Dolls, hunting with your in-game spouse or your bloodpledge's prince, eating Mushroom Soup, or using a Learning Potion (explained in the Item Guide). Refer to the website Library's monster levels and experience given chart to see which monsters are best for you to hunt at your level.

Ancient Adena

       A special feature of the L1.5 server is the ability to earn Ancient Adena (AA) through various methods on the website. Voting for the server at the TopSites links will allow you to gain up to 120 AA every 24 hours. Simply make sure you are logged into the website on your account, and go vote at each of the 6 sites. Make sure you link to the sites directly from the L1.5 site. AA can used for several in-game commands.

Crack Death Knight (CDK)

       This is a very fast polymorph for melee players. Using this morph allows the user to kill monsters much faster, thus increasing experience gain and drops. Because of its power, it is not a freely available morph. There are several popular ways to obtain CDK:

       . Dragon Juice
       . -cdk command
       . -freecrack event command
       . GM Candy

       NOTE: CDK cannot be used in certain hunting areas.

Vitality System

       This is a custom system that rewards you for the amount of time you spend online. For every FULL hour you are online, you will receive 1 Vitality Coin. Depending on your Luck level, you can receive 2. Events can also give a higher amount of coins. It is useful to be aware how long you have been online, since the Vitality counter will reset whenever you restart. Thus, if you log out with 59 minutes accumulated, you will lose your coin for that hour and start over from 0 minutes when you log back in. Vitality coins can be spent at the Vitality Priestess NPC in Giran.

Donation System

       Donations are an optional part of the server. They help to pay for hosting the server and website, as well as other expenses. By donating, you help ensure a constant flow of new content, along with smooth operation. There is NO minimum donation, and NO requirement for donating. It is purely a personal choice. As a gift to you for your generosity, you will receive Gift Coins in return for your donation. These coins can be used for various things in the game including trading and the Gift Coin vendor located in Silver Knight Town (SKT). This vendor sells various useful potions and boxes, which are explained in detail in the Item Guide. To donate, go to the donation page on the left side of the site, enter the name of the character making the donation and the amount, and Click Donate with Paypal. Follow the procedures on the PayPal site that comes up.

Text Notifications

       This exciting feature is the first of its kind for a MMORPG. It allows Zajako to send out event news, promo codes, and other notifications to users who are signed up to the system. Users can also text "rates" to the system at any time to find out the current server rates (very useful for when you are away from a computer and want to see if there's an event going on). Some exclusive, secret notifications may be sent out from time to time, so make sure you sign up on the Event Notifications page in the Community section of the website. It costs 4 Gift Coins to sign up, and 2 Gift Coins per month to stay subscribed.

Promo Codes

       The promo code system is yet another feature that is exclusive to the L1.5 server. With this system, a player can find Promo Codes that have been placed in various locations by Zajako and enter it into the Promo Codes page in the Community section of the website. When a code is entered, the character name that is specified will receive the gift associated with that code in their inventory. Promo codes can be hidden in many locations, including: the website, TeamSpeak, and the Text Notification System. Make sure you participate in all of these so that you can obtain as many codes as possible.

Graded Item System

       The L1.5 Server is unique among other servers in that it utilizes a graded item system. What this means is that there are "grades" of items that require a certain level to equip. There are six grades of items: No Grade, C, B, A, S, and S80. The grade of an item will appear after the itemís name, like this: Zajako's Soul Blade [S80]. The requirements to equip them are as follows:

       . No Grade = Any Level
       . C = 40
       . B = 51
       . A = 61
       . S = 76
       . S80 = 80

       If you choose, you can also overenchant any graded item until it explodes, leaving behind a stack of Graded Crystals equivalent to the grade of the item you had. These crystals serve several purposes, including crafting armors, weapons, and Soul/Spirit Shots.

Auction House/Personal Auctions

       The auction house is another exclusive feature of the L1.5 server. Using this, players are able to purchase and sell items without ever logging into the game! The Auction House is accessed from the Community page on the server website. There are various filters and a search function to allow you to find the exact items you want to buy, as well as options to sell an item from either your character's in-game inventory or storage warehouse. Items can be sold and bought using either Gift Coins or Adena.
       You can also run a personal auction using the "+" and "-auction" commands. The + sign followed by a number allows you to enter a bid that will be seen by anyone that has -auction activated. If you are auctioning an item, you can type -auction and have people enter their bids for your consideration.
       NOTE: Please be aware that personal auctions are not regulated, and thus they cannot be considered as enforceable agreements. They can be useful if you want to see what a certain item will sell for on the market.

Shop Zone

       The Shop Zone is an area where players can sell items for Adena. Type -shop in the game to be teleported to the shop zone. Click on another character to open their shop, or type /shop to open a shop of your own. Drag items from your inventory into the shop window and enter the amount you wish to sell, and the price.

       NOTE: There is a limit of 400 units for selling stackable items in the shop, and a single-item limit of 300 million Adena. There is also a limit of 800 million Adena total for all items for sale at one time.

Critical Hits

       Critical Hits are a custom feature of the server that allows players to deal extra damage. The critcal system does not change how claws or edoryus work. Claws deal their maximum possible damage with a crit, and edoryus deal 2x damage with a crit. For all other weapons, a crit will deal a random percentage UP TO 50% extra BASE damage. Say you are using a sword with damage of 10/10. On a normal hit, you can roll UP TO 10 damage, plus any damage modifiers you may have. So say you roll 6 damage. With a crit, you can add anywhere from 0-3 extra damage, meaning 6 damage can turn into 9. This may not seem like much, but remember that some custom weapons can deal 40 or more base damage, meaning if you roll a perfect 40 damage and perfect 50% crit, your damage goes to 60 BEFORE adding any damage modifiers. This can give a tremendous boost to your damage output.
       To calculate your crit rate, you need to add each point of DEX over 15 (so if you have 25 DEX, you count 10 points here), plus the crit rate on your weapon (we'll use Dragon Slayer with 22 crit for this example), plus any crit rate from dolls (let's count 3 Crustaceans, with 10% each).
       So, with these numbers, we have 10 + 22 + 30 = 62. Our crit rate is HALF of this number, meaning with 25 Dex, a Dragon Slayer, and 3 Crustacean Dolls, your crit rate would be 31%.
       NOTE: The maximum crit bonus you can get from DEX is 50, meaning any DEX over 65 does not count toward your crit rating. Both base and item DEX are counted towards crits.

Luck System

       The L1.5 Server is the only private Lineage server to utilize a luck system. Players have long argued over whether there are "lucky" characters that have increased chances of enchanting or better attack performance. L1.5 brings luck from a superstition to reality. Luck can affect a player's enchant success rate, the power of attack spells and melee hits, the frequency at which a player gains extra SXP and EXP from kills, the frequency at which weapon procs are triggered, the success of another player's weapon procs on your character, and many other effects. There are several forms of luck, which are added together to calculate a player's total luck.

Base Luck

       When a character is created, the server rolls a random number between 1 and 100. The result is set as the player's Base Luck. The higher this number is, the better. This number can also be rerolled by the player using special items called Lucky Coin and Lucky Dice (sold at the SKT Gift Master). These both will redo the random 1-100 roll; the difference between them is that the Coin will tell you whether your luck has gone up or down. It is impossible to see your Base Luck number, so you will have to decide for yourself whether your character is lucky based on observation of your enchant rates and damage with -debug.

Stat Luck

       Another way to affect the luck on your character is by raising Charisma. Both Charisma Luck and Base Luck combine to give your final luck value. Both base CHA and CHA from items count towards stat luck, but base CHA has a much greater effect. Stat luck is the reason why CHA has become such a valued stat on the L1.5 server. Most players will try to wear as many CHA items as possible before enchanting an item for a better chance of success.

Other things that increase Luck

       There are some items in the game that can increase your luck temporarily. These include Potions of Luck (sold at SKT Gift Master), Lucky Clover Belt, Cooking Fires, and Lucky Zones. Lucky Zones are several locations around the game that give a boost to luck as long as you are in that area. There is no way to tell if you are in a Lucky Zone except through observation.


       At various intervals, Zajako may decide to give an event to the server. These events can be rather simple, or they can involve detailed quests and scavenger hunts.

Rate Events

       Usually, a simple rate event will be turned on when the server reaches a certain number of players, or when Zajako is feeling generous. They usually consist of any number of the following:

       . Increase of SXP, EXP, VIT, and DXP and LAW rates.
       . Activation of the -freecrack command (free 7,200 sec. CDK).
       . Activation of "Free Death", which removes all penalties from dying, including item drops when chaotic.

       If there is a rate event, the activated features and specific rates will be listed on the front page of the website and will also be texted to members of the Text Notifications system. Please check here first to see if there is an event, as well as to see the rates of the event. Not all of the features listed above will be on for every event.

Boss Events

       At random times, Zajako may decide to host a boss event, which involves a huge number of bosses being spawned in a confined area (inside a castle, for example). These events are extremely difficult, and require excellent teamwork. However, the rewards can be well worth it.

       NOTE: Boss events are usually conducted through TeamSpeak, and the location is kept secret from anyone not present in the channel. Make sure you participate in TeamSpeak often to get news of events.

Special Events

       For major holidays and special occasions (such as the server's anniversary in July), Zajako will usually prepare a customized event that includes combinations of bosses, rates, and various scavenger hunts or quests. These events usually last a week or more, and can often get a new player up to a high level and armed with good gear. The details of these events will usually be announced on the website.

Character Guides

Character Selection

Magician: Magicians can be the most powerful class in the game if played correctly. They have a variety of debuff and attack spells that can be used to slow and weaken a target, and then blast it to bits. They are also excellent healers. They are known as the fastest leveling class, due to their ability to AoE groups of monsters.

Dark Elf: This class is based around pure damage output. They are able to use their buffs to give a chance for double damage from their weapons. They have a bit less HP than knights, and are also quite dependent on equipment to be strong.

Elf: The elf is most effective when using a bow. There are many bonuses to playing this class, the biggest being that they are the best healers in the game. They are not built for close melee fighting, but with proper gear they are definitely capable of standing their ground.

Knight: This is the simplest and easiest character to play, though not always the cheapest. Knights are known for their high HP and strong defense abilities. They are most effective around single monsters and bosses. The downside is their strong reliance on equipment.

Illusionist: This class is built for party hunting. Many of its skills revolve around the use of magic cubes, which can give strong buffs to allies or crippling debuffs to enemies. Though they can be strong on their own, they truly shine as a member of a team.

Dragon Knight: Think of this class as a mix between a Dark Elf and a Knight. They have class-specific weapons and buffs like the Dark Elf, but are also able to wear the same heavy armor as Knights. They also have good HP.

Royal: The royal is one of the least played classes, but it can be a very powerful and desirable member of any hunting party. The abilities of the royal are akin to a knight, but slightly weaker. Their usefulness comes in the form of buff spells, which grant a large boost in attack power and defense to members of their party.

       When you have selected the class you wish to play, you need to set up your character's stats, which are explained in detail below.

Custom Class: Reaper

       A special feature exclusive to L1.5 is the ability to change your character into a Reaper after you attain level 100. Reapers have several special abilities which set them apart from other classes, and make them without a doubt the strongest class in the game. To become a Reaper, you have to have first been level 100. It doesn't matter if you have de-leveled, as long as you were level 100 at some point. Your previous class also doesn't matter. Some people use mages as their initial class simply because they have the potential to level to 100 fastest. To become a Reaper, you need to complete a quest involving the Ivory Tower. The quest begins on the 3rd floor of the tower with the NPC Elliona. She is located northwest of the stairs. She will send you to the higher floors of the tower, where you must collect 100 of each of the Soul Shards: Lost, Angry, Sad, and Pure. You must also obtain a Weakened Spirit Blade by killing the Demon on the 8th Floor of the tower. Take the Shards and Blade back to Elliona, and she will give you a Charged Spirit Blade, which can then be double clicked to change you into a Reaper.

       NOTE: It is beneficial to wait until you are level 105 or higher to use the Charged Blade, as this will make you into a higher level Reaper, thus saving you some leveling time. If you use it before that, you will de-level all the way to level 1.

       There are many benefits to the Reaper class, including:

       . HP gain and HP cap are the same as a Knight.
       . MP gain and MP cap are the same as a Wizard.
       . Reapers can learn all the same spells as a Wizard.
       . Access to certain Reaper-only buffs and attack spells, which are explained in the Spell Guide.
       . Reapers have no class restrictions for armor or weapons, meaning they can use any combination of items. Level restrictions still apply.
       . The same ranged weapon bonus as elves.

       Reapers keep all stat allocations that were made in their prior class, so it is important to select your stats wisely. For instance, you cannot expect to easily switch to a melee Reaper if you used an INT based mage to level up. Stat allocations will be discussed in the next section.

Stat Selection/Custom Stat Systems

       The basic rule to remember when adding stats is that you want your initial CON to be 18. This allows for a good HP gain through the first stage of leveling. The other stats can go wherever you feel you will get the most from. Some of the stats on the server give custom attributes. Here is a rundown of what each one gives, along with some recommended allocations.

STR: Affects melee hit strength, carrying capacity, and chance to hit (melee only). Boost this after CON if you are a Knight, Dark Elf, melee Elf, or Prince.

DEX: Affects evasion rate, AC, chance to hit (melee and ranged), and ranged weapon damage. AC Bonus is capped at 1ac/4lvls (@ 18 DEX). Boost this after CON if you are a bow Elf, or after CON and STR if you are a Knight, Dark Elf, melee Elf, or Prince.

CON: Affects HP gained per level, HP regeneration rate, and carrying capacity. This is arguably the most important stat, and most people will try to get this to 25 or above before adding any other stats. Only base CON will affect your HP gained; items do not count.

WIS: Affects MP gained per level, MP regeneration rate, and magic resistance. The higher your WIS, the higher your MR, even if it comes from items. As with CON, only base WIS will affect your MP gain per level. Boost this after your other main stats are finished.

INT: Affects spell power and casting costs. The higher your INT, the more damage your attack spells will do. You will also get a small discount on the MP needed to cast. Boost this after CON if you are a Wizard.

CHA: This is a special stat. On other servers, Charisma serves little to no purpose. On L1.5, however, it has been customized to provide a very important bonus: Luck. The higher your luck, the better chance you have to enchant an item, land a weapon proc, gain extra Experience and Soul Experience from kills, or do up to 50% extra damage! Many players now consider CHA the most important stat to boost after CON and STR (INT for magic users).

Recommended Starting and High Level Stats for Some Characters:

       These are by no means the only way to distribute stats. Make your own decisions based on the merits of each stat and how you want to use your character.

Knight: STR 16, DEX 14, CON 18, WIS 9, INT 8, CHA 12
@ Lv 100 (using 10 Fluid of the Gods): STR 29, DEX 18, CON 31, WIS 25, INT 9, CHA 25

Elf (Ranged): STR 11, DEX 13, CON 18, WIS 12, INT 12, CHA 9
@ Lv 100 (using 10 Fluid): STR 15, DEX 29, CON 31, WIS 25, INT 12, CHA 25

Dark Elf: STR 12, DEX 15, CON 18, WIS 10, INT 11, CHA 9
@ Lv 100 (using 10 Fluid): STR 29, DEX 18, CON 31, WIS 25, INT 11, CHA 21

Wizard: STR 8, DEX 7, CON 18, WIS 18, INT 16, CHA 8
@ Lv 100 (using 10 Fluid): STR 8, DEX 18, CON 31, WIS 25, INT 29, CHA 24

Stat Systems/De-leveling

Level-Up Stats

       This is the classic version of stat point gains. For every level you gain starting at 51, you will gain 1 stat point. This continues until you reach the maximum level of 115. Therefore, at 115, you will have gained 65 points to apply in any way you choose.

Stat Cursing

       Cursing is a custom feature of the server that can be used to make a character stronger. In order to curse a stat, visit the Curse Merchant located at -warp 8 to the south of the storage dwarf. Each curse will cost you 25 million Adena and will take away between 1 and 3 stat points randomly on the stat you select. You might be wondering how weakening your stats can make you stronger. Well, every time you curse a stat, you are given 1 more slot to use a Fluid or Elixir. You can drink any Fluid you want after you curse a stat. For example, if you curse CHA, you can then use a DEX Fluid.
       There are several dangers to using the curse system. One of them is that you can quickly ruin your character. This happens when you have a streak of bad luck. Say you want to curse your DEX to get another few points in CHA. You curse DEX and lose 3 points. You do it again, and the same thing happens. You've now lost 6 points of DEX, but only gained 2 points of CHA.
       You can curse your stats at any time as long you have at least 10 base points in the stat. You cannot curse any stat that is below 10, but the curse can still take 3 points away (you can go from 10 to 7).

Fluid of the Gods vs. Elixirs

       There is much debate as to which of these to use. To put it in basic terms, each character has the ability to use a total of TEN Fluid of the Gods and Elixirs. There are benefits and drawbacks to each. Elixirs can be used at any level, but you can only use FIVE. You also cannot go above 25 points in any stat with Elixirs. Fluid of the Gods can only be used at level 100 or above, but the benefit comes from being able to apply them on stats that are already 25 or above, up to 31 points in each stat.
       You can see the obvious downside to using 5 Elixirs while you are low level: it restricts you from being able to apply 10 Fluids at level 100 and putting one stat at 31 (6 Fluids needed), and another stat at 29 (4 Fluids needed). Instead, using 5 Elixirs will force you to curse your stats to use more than 5 Fluids, which can possibly ruin your character as explained before.
       Most players will tell you to NEVER use Elixirs, but there are very specific times when they may come in handy. One of these is when you are trying to make a character with a specific purpose, like a storage character. You don't want to level all the way to 100, but you need extra strength to carry the items you wish to store. You can use Elixirs in this case to give you a quick 5 STR.
       Elixirs can be obtained from monsters on Dream Island, but most players will provide them to you free if you ask.
       Fluid of the Gods is crafted by the dwarf in the 4th Floor of the Imperial Tomb. This is a very difficult area, and it is recommended that you take a strong player or two with you to guard you while you craft. See the Item Guide for the exact materials that are needed. Mid-Grade Elixirs are sold at the IoP shop.

Weak Elixirs

       These were created for high-level, rich players who need to either fix their stats because they previously used Elixirs, or who want to take more than one stat to 31 points through stat cursing. Each Weak Elixir costs around 500 million Adena at the -warp 8 vendor. You must currently or previously have been level 100 in order to use them. When used, they give 1 point to the specified stat. The maximum that a stat can be raised to using Weak Elixirs is 18, but you can use an unlimited amount of them, making them useful for those players rich enough to repeatedly curse and raise their stats.

Mid-Grade Elixirs

       These elixirs can be used after you have taken up your 10 Elixir and Fluid slots. You can use another 5 Mid-Grades to finish raising your stats. You can only use Mid-Grade on stats with 18-25 points, and once you use 5, you must curse 5 times to be able to use Fluids again. For this reason, you must be VERY careful of when you choose to use your Mid-Grade slots. Most characters wait until their stats are only 5 points away from being completely finished, to avoid the risk of using Mid-Grades and then having to curse again to use Fluids. Mid-Grade Elixirs are sold at the IoP shop.

Ultra Elixirs

       Ultra Elixirs are a reward for those players who reach the level cap of 115. These players are given the option of visiting the NPC Lanore in SKT to "trade" 15 of their levels for an Ultra Elixir of their choice, which adds 1 stat point. Ultra Elixirs are the only thing that can take a stat past 31 points, all the way up to 40. They also provide the added bonus of 200 HP and MP when they are used. There is no cap on how many can be used, meaning it is possible to get ALL your stats up to 40 if you are smart with stat allocation, rich enough to afford many Weak Elixirs and curses, and dedicated enough to level to 115 54 times!


       At any time, you can either de-level manually by dying repeatedly (NOT RECOMMENDED), or purchase a Potion of De-Leveling from the -warp 8 vendor. You do NOT gain the level-up stats again after 51 when you re-level. You DO get to keep the stats you have already allocated. There are several cases in which you would want to de-level:
       . You level to 100 and boost your CON to 31 with Fluids. De-leveling will allow you to gain higher HP when you re-level.
       . You level to 115, boost your CON to 31, and change into a Reaper. This will de-level you, but not all the way down to 1. Use a Potion of De-Leveling to go the rest of the way down.
       . You have leveled to a high level and added stats which make you stronger, but you don't want people to know that you are high level. De-leveling will allow you to stay at a low level, while still maintaining the stat bonuses you have gained.

       NOTE: After drinking the Potion of De-Leveling, you will be polymorphed into a Cow temporarily. This serves to remove all your equipment so that strong people who have just de-leveled cannot gain the benefits of extremely strong gear.

Places to Hunt on the Server/Custom Area Details

       So you've created your character and logged in to the game. You understand the custom stats and some other systems. What to do now? You're ready to start leveling up! This section will explore some of the options you have for hunting at different stages on your journey to level 115. There are different places to go at every level, so you'll never be stuck "grinding" in one spot. Let's get into some of the details about the different areas:

Non-CDK Zones

       CDK is a very powerful morph, and it must be regulated to some degree. There are some custom areas in the game where CDK cannot be used, including Ant Caves, Tower of Insolence (ToI), Heine Underwater, and Castle Sieges. You will automatically be forced out of your morph if you enter any of these areas in CDK. Also, you will not be able to polymorph back into CDK by any method as long as you are in a non-CDK area.

Levels 1-50

       These levels are where you will get used to playing the game and using the custom systems. After you've logged in, you will find yourself in Newbie Town. Make sure to explore all the NPCs and read the information they give you. Open your inventory and equip your starter gear. Around town you will find dummies which you can hit to level you up to 30. There are also shops around town that sell useful items. Most players then leave newbie town and complete the first block of levels by hunting monsters like the Black Knights around Silver Knight Town. You can stay in Newbie Town as long as you want, up to level 61, though this is not recommended. As you get closer to 51, you can begin venturing into the custom areas.

Levels 51-60

       At 51, you will be able to equip B-Grade items and explore tougher areas. Many experienced players will be able to provide you with a B-Grade set if you ask nicely. Once you are equipped, good placed to start hunting are Fire Valley and Blazing Swamps. You can buy a teleport crystal to Swamps from the SKT or IoP vendors. Monsters here will drop materials that you need to start collecting in order to craft your A-Grade items at 61 (see the Crafting Dwarves at -warp 8). Be careful with the bosses in these places, as they can do quite a bit of damage. Ant Cave is also a decent place to hunt if you need extra B-Grade items to over-enchant (remember, no CDK here).

Levels 61-75

       This is where the game really opens up. You should focus on finishing your A-Grade set first if you have not done so. Continue hunting Blazing Swamps and Fire Valley if this is the case. If you're wearing an A-Grade armor and Weapon, then you should be able to explore a wide range of areas. Some of the better places to hunt include: South-East IoP, Imperial Tombs (teleport crystal is sold in -warp 8 shop), and Pagan's Temple (entrance is in west IoP; requires party to enter). You can also start venturing into the lower floors of the Tower of Insolence (remember, no CDK). Use these levels to start gathering the materials needed to craft your S-Grade armors (see the Crafting Dwarves in Heine Town). Heine Underwater can drop the fish scales you need for crafting the S-grade patterns.

Level 76-100

       By now, you should be fully aware of all the custom zones and features of the server. You should try to have an S-Grade set and weapon as soon as you can get them. Once you are in full S-Grade gear, you can start hunting the various bosses around the server with a party. Bosses can drop various items that give very good stat boosts. Some of these boss items are S80 class, meaning you must be level 80 to equip them. You can also start hunting the Thebes Desert and SKT Caves around this time. Upper Tower of Insolence is also a viable option for those needing to obtain Reaper Blood to craft their S80 Weapon. IoP, Imperial Tombs, and Pagan's Temple remain good choices as well. At level 100, you have the option of continuing on to level 115, or undertaking the Reaper quest and de-leveling. It's a personal choice, but many hardcore players do not go Reaper or de-level till they hit 115.

Beyond Level 100 (Releveled Reaper)

       If you make it here, congratulations! You've worked hard and put many hours into your character. You shouldn't need a guide to tell you where to hunt. You already know that bosses, ToI, and Thebes Pyramid are the best places to go. You should already have an S80 weapon and maybe even a couple of boss items at this stage. At this point, you should be working on perfecting your stats with Weak Elixirs and stat curses. You're probably active in PvP, or helping new players get started. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have fun!

Boss Hunting Basics

       Boss hunting is a crucial activity on the L1.5 server. As you progress to higher levels and stronger equipment, you should try to kill some of the many bosses that spawn around the server. Some things to keep in mind when boss hunting are:

       . Hunt in a group. Many bosses are impossible to solo, even with the best items. There is strength in numbers.
       . Always be prepared. Counter Magic scrolls and Immunity Potions can be very helpful against strong bosses.
       . Know your enemy and the surroundings. Some bosses spawn in areas where there are other very dangerous monsters. Always be aware of what's around you.
       . Persistence pays off. Don't give up on a boss just because it kills you. Try to learn from the experience. What can you do differently? Should you get a bit stronger first?

Custom Zone Details

       In this section, each of the custom zones will be described in greater detail. The focus will be on reasons to hunt an area and what to watch out for, rather than a simple list of what monsters spawn.

Tower of Insolence (ToI): This is the most varied of all the custom zones. The difficulty ranges from very easy solo hunting on the lower floors to requiring a strong group to hunt the higher floors. People come here for many different reasons. All the monsters give SXP for leveling Soul Weapons. Materials for crafting Frintezza's cloak collection drop on every set of 10 floors, and the Reapers on the upper floors drop bloods and eggs needed to craft S80 Soul Weapons and power dolls. Boss items can also drop from the bosses on every 10th floor. CDK is not allowed in this area.

Crack of Time: This zone is mainly used by higher level players with better gear. Monsters here have very fast HP regen, which makes them almost impossible to kill for characters with low damage. The monsters here give decent SXP, which is the main reason people hunt this area. Soul Enchantment scrolls can also drop rarely here. Also inside this area is the entrance for the Thebes Pyramid. This is a dungeon for groups of strong high level players. At the end of the dungeon are two VERY strong bosses: Anubis and Osiris. Hunting this area is extremely dangerous, but the rewards can be very good.

Island of Prayer (IoP): This is a zone geared mainly for mid-level players. The main monsters that are hunted here are the Kleopora and Seychelles that are found to the southeast. Shades in the far southeast area are also hunted for crafting materials. The monsters here give great experience till you are strong enough to hunt a harder area. The entrance to Pagan's Temple can also be found at the far west of the island. The boss Ocean Flame Ashakiel, which spawns to the south of the town, can drop some A-grade items.

Imperial Tomb: The main floors hunted here are the 3rd and 4th, which have monsters that give good experience. Be careful though, as they might be hard to handle if you have low AC and HP. All monsters here drop lots of materials for crafting, which is another good reason to hunt this area. The 4th floor also has 6 boss monsters which drop bloods for crafting Fluid of the Gods, as well as the dwarf to craft them. This dwarf also crafts S-grade weapons.

SKT Cave: This area was added to provide more variety for mid-level players. There are several types of undead monsters which spawn here. They are quite easy to kill when they are alone, but they can pack a punch if they surround you. They give good experience for mid-level players, and drop items ranging from common materials to the ultra rare and coveted Weak Elixirs and Elemental Stones. The 4th floor contains 2 strong boss monsters which can drop very special items.

Pagan's Temple: This area is not actively hunted very often, but it can be a good place to make money and experience at mid-levels. The monsters drop Pagan's Marks, which are used to learn some custom spells. Players often pay well for these. The boss Andrea Van Halter that spawns in this zone also drops some A-grade items.

Dream Island (DI): This area is another lesser-used place, but it can be an excellent place to hunt if you need Adena. Monsters here drop Elemental Stones, which can be sold to players for very high prices. Certain materials and enchant scrolls also drop here. Be careful, as the monsters can hit very hard.

Ivory Tower: Though not a common hunting ground, this is the only place to obtain Soul Shards, which are required for the level 100 Reaper quest. The other drops are not very good, but the experience from monsters here can be decent. Avoid the 8th floor unless you are very strong.

Blazing Swamp: Most older players know this area very well. Its popularity has decreased, due to the fact that there is a level cap and far fewer monsters spawning. It is still the best place for a lower level player to hunt, and the monsters drop B-grade items at a decent rate. The bosses here are difficult for low level players to kill, so try to avoid them if you are not confident in your gear.

Heine Underwater: If you need your S-grade armors, this is the place to be. The schools of fish that spawn around this area drop different colored Scales, which are used for crafting patterns to make S-grade armor. Be prepared to spend a long time here collecting them. CDK is not allowed here, but it is allowed in Fafurion's lair. If you want to challenge the Kraken, it can be found towards the far north. Bring a strong group if you want to take it down!

Fire Valley: This zone was designed to be a place for new players to level up fairly quickly. The monsters are harder than normal, but should still be easy to kill. The Ifrits that spawn here can hit hard, but shouldn't be too difficult. The only monster you should be cautious of is the Phoenix that spawns in the northern area. It can hit hard, and regens its HP quickly. Past the Phoenix area is the entrance to Valakas' lair.

Ant Cave: This is a non-CDK zone that is designed for low level players. The ants here drop lots of B-grade armors. They can also give White Stones, which are needed to use the Cancel Magic and Seal spells. The experience rate is not very good, so look for another area if you need to level up faster.


PvP is a vital and dynamic part of the L1.5 server. People fight each other for bragging rights, to settle arguments, or simply because they enjoy the thrill that PvP can provide. To be successful at PvP requires both luck and skill. Since everyone has their own style of fighting, these sections are not intended to teach you how to PvP. Rather, the focus will be on the different options available and the benefits and drawbacks of each. The main thing you need to know to PvP is to press your Ctrl Key to shift into melee combat mode, or use the /pk command to have your spells cast on players without having to hold Ctrl.

Alignment System

       This is a system that is present in most MMORPGs in one form or another. On the L1.5 server, the alignment system is tied in closely with PvP. A player's alignment can range from 32767 to -32768. Any number below 0 is considered "chaotic", and anything higher than 500 is considered "lawful", with 0-500 being "neutral." Monsters can increase a players alignment or lower it a few points, depending on the monster's own alignment. Fully lawful players will never drop items on death, but chaotic players can drop as many as SIX items randomly from their inventory when they die (except during Free Death events). Chaotic players also cannot purchase items from NPC shops (except at the Oasis in the Windawood Desert). A player goes fully chaotic whenever they kill another player that is 20 levels or more below their own level (excluding wars between clans or Combat Zone kills). An announcement will be delivered on Global Chat with the name of the player that was killed and the name of the killer. The message will also include whether the killer went chaotic. The alignment system presents several disadvantages to PKs who prey on lower level players, the obvious one being that they can drop their valuable items if they are killed while chaotic. Another is the inability to replenish supplies at shops. Chaotic players also get a severe reduction in the power of their healing spells.


       This is by far the most common format of PvP. It involves the Arena Zone, an exclusive area which is accessed by typing -arena in the game. When you enter the arena zone, you will find a large Combat Zone to the right. Duels can take place here or you can walk past this zone to the NPC that will teleport you into the Team Deathmatch. There are several options for entering the Team Deathmatch. You can either select your team (Red or Blue), or choose to be randomly placed. You must be at least level 52 to enter. There is no team stacking allowed (the NPC will not let you join a team until the size of the team is less than or equal to the other team). Once there is at least one player on each team, the rest of the players have 60 seconds to join. There can be up to 10 players in the arena at one time, with 5 on each team. There is no way to join a match once it has started, and you can only leave if there is another player on your team. Once the round begins, you will be teleported into the Combat Zone. You can use any items, spells, and tactics that you wish (except teleport scrolls). Each member of your team will have a trail of the team's color following them. Use this to identify team members and help them. Start running to the opposite side of the Combat Zone until you find the opposing team, and start fighting! Each time a kill is made, the killing team's score will increase by 1. If you are killed, you will be teleported out of the fight into a "safe" mode for 10 seconds before you re-spawn. You will keep all your buffs, as well as CDK if you had it. The team with the highest score at the end of the round is the winner, and the results will be displayed on global chat. FunLand tickets are awarded as prizes for participating in deathmatches. These tickets can be redeemed at the Ticket Store near the arena teleporer Aurth.

       The following are some tips for the PvP Arena:

       . Use the /invite command to join all the members of your team to the same party.
       . Make sure to stay fully buffed while fighting.
       . Stay close to your teammates and help each other (target one opponent at a time).
       . You earn 5 tickets for every kill you get.
       . You earn 1 ticket every time you are killed.
       . You earn 10 tickets if your team wins the match.
       . You earn 5 tickets if your team has fewer players than the other team and still wins.
       . You lose 5 tickets if your team has more players than the other team and you win.
       . The most tickets you can receive for winning a match is 50.
       . The most tickets you can receive for losing a match is 20.

Field/Doorway PvP

       This is another common form of PvP on the L1.5 server. Many PKs will actively stalk popular hunting grounds looking for victims. The Kleopora area on IoP is an active area for PKs, as well as the SKT shop doorways. Be careful around these areas, and be prepared to defend yourself or teleport out quickly. If you are strong enough, you can try to take on someone who is blocking the doorway or attacking you in a hunting area. You will not go chaotic for killing someone in a doorway Combat Zone, or if their name appears pink after attacking you. If you can stand your ground, you may earn respect and bragging rights!

IoP is a popular place to have fights.

Castle Sieges and Clan Warfare

       Castle sieges and clan wars are another fun way to engage in PvP in the game. Though they are not as common as Arena or Field PvP, they can sometimes be a lot more interesting. Sieges require superb strategy, as the best castles are often owned by the strongest bloodpledges. If your prince decides to declare war on a rival bloodpledge, you will see your pledge's emblem appear above your head. This is the sign that you are free to attack anyone you see that has another emblem above them. You do not have to hold Ctrl to attack these players. You will not go chaotic for killing a member of a clan you are at war with, but you are subject to the normal penalties for dying (loss of buffs and CDK, and possible item drop if you are chaotic). To win the siege, knock down the Guardian Tower in the courtyard of the castle you are sieging and have your prince hit the crown that appears. To win a clan war, kill the opposing bloodpledge's prince or have him surrender. If you are a royal, read the command guide on the site or in-game to learn how to declare war, surrender, etc. Make sure to also read the next chapter on the Clan System.

Custom Clan System

       The clan system has been customized on this server to provide a more involved role for the royal class. On other servers, most royals simply level up to 5 to create a bloodpledge and then never log into that character again. On L1.5, clans can actually level up and gain experience, and certain actions such as declaring war require a certain level of bloodpledge. The level of the clan also affects the number of items that can be stored in the bloodpledge storage. Clans can also gain reputation points that affect their clan ranking on the website. The following is a guide to what is unlocked at each clan level:

       . Level 1 Clans can have 10 members and store 30 items.
       . Level 2 Clans can have 15 members and store 50 items.
       . Level 3 Clans can have 20 members, store 100 items, and make war against other clans.
       . Level 4 Clans can have 25 members, store 150 items, and declare a siege against a clan holding a castle.
       . Level 5 Clans can have 35 members and store 175 items.
       . Level 6 Clans can have 45 members and store 200 items.

       Clans gain experience based on the amount of time players are in the game. For every hour a clan member is in the game, the clan will gain 1 experience point. To get a clan to level 5 quickly, there are a series of quests you can do at the Clan Master in SKT or IoP:

       . Purchase a Mark of Valor and Mark of Alliance from the Clan Master to get the clan to level 3.
       . Get a Mark of Blood to get your clan to level 4. This is obtainable by collecting a Vial of Blood from each class (Knight/Elf/Dark Elf/Mage/Royal). A level 60+ character of each class must use the -suicide command to obtain a Vial of Blood. They do not have to be members of your clan.
       . Obtain a Mark of Aspiration to get a clan from clan level 4 to level 5. This quest can be completed by having the clan leader create a party and enter the quest location by speaking to the Clan Master.

       Once the clan is level 5, it can start earning reputation points. These can be earned in several ways:

       . Every time a clan member levels up past 61.
       . Winning a clan war against another level 5 clan that has reputation points. One of their points will be taken from them and given to your clan.
       . Winning a castle siege. If you are the owner of the castle at the end of the siege and your clan is level 5, it will gain 10 reputation points.


       Hopefully this guide helped you to understand some of the many great custom features of the server. If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to whisper another player in the game or send an e-mail to Zajako. You can also post your question on the forums. New content is being added ALL the time, and this guide may not have the latest information. Remember that any recommendations made in this guide are strictly opinion. It's purely up to YOU to decide what to do with your character. Above all, make sure you enjoy yourself on the server!