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Accessory Type: Amulet | Ring | Earrings | Belt | Guarder | Shield | Brooch | Jewel | Pouch
Class Type: Knight | Royal | Elf | Mage | Dark Elf | Illusionist | Dragonknight  Grade: No Grade | C | B | A | S | S80 | X
 Item NameTypeACMROptions
Ring of Hero (Fire Spirit)Ring00View
Sealed Phoenix Ring [A]Ring013View
Loyalty Ring of the Bunny Queen - 2019 (Blessed)Ring-15View
Guardian's Ghost (Blessed)Ring-520View
Belt of New Life (water)Belt-13View
Sealed Tateossian Necklace [S]Amulet-114View
Ice Queen's EarringEarring00View
Belt of New Life (fire)Earring-10View
Ancient Red Jasper Lv1Jewel-10View
Armor of Death PieceShield-10View
Belt of Soul (Blessed)Belt00View
Cursed Sapphire Ring (Cursed)Ring00View
Amulet of Kahel 7Amulet00View
Ancient Red Jasper Lv10Jewel-10View
Loyalty Earrings of Rabbit Feet - 2021Earring-10View
Amulet of TruthAmulet00View
Old Amulet of Intelligence (Blessed)Amulet00View
Loyalty Ring of the Bunny Queen - 2020 (Blessed)Ring-15View
Ancient Amethyst Lv10Jewel-10View
Belt of New Life (water)Belt-13View
Shield of Sheba HumanShield-10View
Black Wizard Earrings 3Earring00View
Ancient Vital Stone Lv8Jewel-10View
Phoenix Ring [A] (Blessed)Ring-113View
Ancient Sapphire Lv5Jewel-10View
Ring of VitalityRing-10View
Truth-Seeking Orbs - XR (Blessed)Brooch00View
Snowman EarringEarring00View
Ancient Tanzanite Lv3Jewel-10View
Ancient Pearl Lv3Jewel-10View
Cougar Skined Belt [A]Belt00View
Amulet of the Living Dead - XRAmulet00View
Pestilence Ring (Blessed)Ring00View
Amulet of Dexterity (Blessed)Amulet00View
Shining Belt of Soul (Blessed)Belt00View
Loyalty Ring of the Bunny King - 2019 (Blessed)Ring-15View
Ancient Cat's Eye Lv10Jewel-10View
Shiny BroochBrooch00View
Amulet of Kahel 2Amulet00View
Ring of Water ResistanceRing00View
The Captain's Guarder [S80]Guarder-30View
Ancient Aquamarine Lv3Jewel-10View
Ancient Sphalerite Lv10Jewel-10View
Amulet of AnguishAmulet00View
Thriving Captain Shield [A]Shield-50View
Low-Grade PouchBeltloop100View
Silver Serpent AmuletAmulet00View
Shining Belt of Mind (Blessed)Belt00View
Ancient Vital Stone Lv3Jewel-10View
Ring of Summon ControlRing00View