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 Item NameTypeACOptions
Banded MailArmor-6View
Doublet LomechechT-2View
Sovereign's MajestyCloak-2View
Blessed Fafurion Scaled Cloak [X] (Blessed)Cloak-3View
Bunny Hat of Loyalty [2016] (Blessed)Helm-5View
Arch Wizard Shoes [T5] (Blessed)Boots0View
Bone ArmorArmor-2View
Varlok's Blood-Colered CloakCloak-5View
Pumpkin Helm of Loyalty [2014] (Blessed)Helm-6View
Bunny Mittens [S]Glove-1View
Majestic Robe [Robe][A] (Blessed)Armor-6View
Dark GlovesGlove-1View
Dark BootsBoots-2View
Gloves of the New KingGlove0View
Sealed Draconic Leather Gloves [S]Glove-8View
Blue Shirt of WisdomT-3View
Ultra Plate Helm [T5] (Blessed)Helm0View
Samurai Do+Armor-14View
Apprentice Wizard CapHelm-2View
Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare [A] (Blessed)Glove-3View
Boots of Fear [X] (Blessed)Boots0View
T-shirt with %i's AgilityT0View
Gloves of Pretender KingGlove-1View
GM HelmHelm-25View
Gloves of Legend [T5] (Blessed)Glove0View
Leather Armor of Nightmare [Light][A] (Blessed)Armor-8View
Bunny Slippers of Loyalty [2014] (Blessed)Boots-7View
Sealed Imperial Crusader Boots [S]Boots-10View
Greater Eva's Shirt [X]T-1View
Bunny Snuggie [S]Cloak-1View
Blessed Valakas Scaled T-Shirt [X] (Blessed)T-3View
Helmet for Horse RidingHelm0View
Wet HatHelm-1View
Unknown Leather ArmorArmor-12View
Elven T-ShirtT0View
Succubus Queen Transformation TurbanHelm0View
Glove of Ice SpiritGlove0View
Sealed Nightmare Robe [A] (Blessed)Armor-4View
Chainmail of the Forest [T5] (Blessed)Armor0View
Helm of InfravisionHelm-1View
Majestic Cape [A] (Blessed)Cloak-5View
Boots of BarankaBoots-3View
Majestic Circlet [A] (Blessed)Helm-5View
Devotion GlovesGlove-4View
Skull HelmetHelm-1View
Bless of ElmHelm-2View
Gloves of CerenisGlove-5View
Full Plate Boots [C][Heavy]Boots-4View
Helmet (Cursed)Helm-1View