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 Item NameTypeACOptions
Majestic Gloves [Heavy][A] (Blessed)Glove-8View
Demon BootsBoots-3View
Elven CloakCloak-1View
Bronze Plate MailArmor-6View
Sovereign's MajestyCloak-2View
Blue Wolf Gloves [Light][B]Glove-4View
Boots of Fear [X] (Blessed)Boots0View
Cloak of Poison SerpentCloak-4View
Bunny Slippers of Loyalty [2012] (Blessed)Boots-7View
Tallum Helmet [A] (Blessed)Helm-5View
Cinco De Mayo Sombrero [2014]Helm-5View
Sealed Armor of Nightmare [A] (Blessed)Armor-6View
Magical Armor of AntharasArmor-11View
Cap of MerkyorHelm-2View
Darkness Dealer Plate MailArmor-15View
Wooden ArmorArmor-3View
Death's Shadow Robes - X (Blessed)Armor0View
Death Knight HelmetHelm-5View
Blue Wolf T-Shirt [B]T-2View
Bunny Hat of Loyalty [2018] (Blessed)Helm-5View
War's Leather Armor - X (Blessed)Armor0View
Tribute Bless of ElmHelm-2View
Zajako's Almighty Cloak - XRCloak0View
Death Knight GlovesGlove-5View
Transmaterial Helmet+ (Blessed)Helm-20View
Splint MailArmor-6View
Blue Pirate BandannaHelm-2View
Boots of Dark ForesterBoots-2View
Majestic Gloves [Light][A] (Blessed)Glove-6View
Red MaskHelm0View
Majestic Circlet [A] (Blessed)Helm-5View
Unknown Plate MailArmor-13View
Boots of the Mother Tree [T5] (Blessed)Boots0View
Apprentice Wizard BootsBoots-2View
Infinity Gauntlet (Blessed)Glove-10View
Lich Robe [S80]Armor-3View
Bunny Snuggie [S]Cloak-1View
Leather ArmorArmor-2View
Dark Crystal Robes [Robe][A] (Blessed)Armor-6View
Boots of the Forest [X] (Blessed)Boots0View
Helm of the Forest [T5] (Blessed)Helm0View
Bunny Mittens of Loyalty [2012] (Blessed)Glove-7View
Majestic Leather Armor [Light][A] (Blessed)Armor-8View
Greater Maphr's Shirt [X]T-1View
Bunny Mittens of Loyalty [2013] (Blessed)Glove-7View
Crown of LoyaltyHelm-6View
Maphr's Shirt [S80]T-1View
Sealed Draconic Leather Gloves [S]Glove-8View
Major Arcana Robes [S]Armor-6View
Dark GlovesGlove-1View