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 Item NameTypeACOptions
T-shirt with %i's AgilityT0View
Dark Crystal Cape [A] (Blessed)Cloak-5View
Majestic Robe [Robe][A] (Blessed)Armor-6View
Cloak of the Winds - X (Blessed)Cloak0View
Demon ArmorArmor-6View
Crystal Plate Mail (Blessed)Armor-8View
Holiday AttireCloak0View
Helmet of BarankaHelm-2View
Pumpkin Armor of Loyalty [2012]Armor-7View
Navy Cap (Blessed)Helm-10View
Cap of CaspaHelm-2View
Tribute Power GlovesGlove0View
Zajako's Epic Body Armor [S80]Armor0View
Cotton RobeArmor-2View
Transmaterial Cloak+ (Blessed)Cloak-20View
Evil Pumpkin SuitArmor-8View
Bunny Mittens of Loyalty [2016] (Blessed)Glove-7View
Devotion BootsBoots-4View
Gloves of Legend [T5] (Blessed)Glove0View
Skull Helmet+Helm-10View
Armor of BarankaArmor-8View
Sealed Cloak of Nightmare [A] (Blessed)Cloak-3View
Halloween Blessing CapHelm-1View
Transmaterial Hand Wrappings (Blessed)Glove-10View
Majestic Cape [A] (Blessed)Cloak-5View
Helm of New KingHelm-1View
Samurai Tekko (Blessed)Glove-6View
Sealed Majestic Circlet [A]Helm-5View
Elven Cloak of %iCloak-2View
Unknown Plate MailArmor-13View
Arch Wizard Robes [X] (Blessed)Armor0View
Medusa Queen's Bikini [A]Armor-7View
Earth CloakCloak-3View
Guardian CuirassArmor-7View
Dark Crystal Leather Armor [Light][A] (Blessed)Armor-8View
Bunny Hat of Loyalty - 2019 (Blessed)Helm-5View
Iron GlovesGlove-1View
Mambo HatHelm1View
Lastabad Leather ArmorArmor-3View
Breastplate of Legend [T5] (Blessed)Armor0View
Red CloakCloak-2View
Helm of the Mother Tree [T5] (Blessed)Helm0View
Cloak of ManaCloak-2View
Majestic Gloves [Heavy][A] (Blessed)Glove-8View
Silver CloakCloak-2View
Death Knight ArmorArmor-10View
Transmaterial Helmet+ (Blessed)Helm-20View
Pestilence's Gauntlets - X (Blessed)Glove0View