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 Item NameTypeACOptions
Sealed Dark Crystal Cape [A]Cloak-5View
Circlet of Legend [X] (Blessed)Helm0View
John Wick Costume - 2019+ (Blessed)Armor-20View
Tallum Gloves [Light][A] (Blessed)Glove-6View
Bunny Slippers of Loyalty [2014] (Blessed)Boots-7View
Boots of Legend [T5] (Blessed)Boots0View
Elven Helm of DexterityHelm-1View
Cinco De Mayo Sombrero [2014]Helm-5View
Boots of the Mother Tree [X] (Blessed)Boots0View
Sealed Nightmare Robe [A] (Blessed)Armor-4View
Pumpkin Armor of Loyalty [2012]Armor-7View
Blue Wolf Boots [Light][B]Boots-4View
Gloves of BarankaGlove-3View
Guardian Helm (Blessed)Helm-6View
Ancient RobeArmor-12View
Wet HoodHelm-1View
Bunny Snuggie of Loyalty [2012] (Blessed)Cloak-4View
Wizard ClothingArmor-3View
Majestic Gloves [Robe][A] (Blessed)Glove-5View
Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare [A] (Blessed)Glove-3View
Camo Undies+ (Blessed)T-20View
Elven Boots of %iBoots-2View
Shinobi Kagoshu+ (Blessed)Glove-14View
Lesser Sayha's ShirtT-1View
Shadow GlovesGlove-1View
Halloween Blessing CapHelm-1View
Ring MailArmor-3View
Apprentice Elf HelmHelm-2View
Pestilence's Boots - X (Blessed)Boots0View
Crystal Plate MailArmor-8View
Helm of Nightmare [A] (Blessed)Helm-5View
Mambo Coat (Blessed)Armor-3View
Blue Dragon ArmorArmor-9View
Orcish Ring MailArmor-2View
Majestic Gloves [Light][A] (Blessed)Glove-6View
Zajako's Epic Helm [S80]Helm0View
Arch Wizard Hat [X] (Blessed)Helm0View
Shamrock BreastplateArmor15View
Guardian CuirassArmor-7View
Wizard CapHelm-2View
Zajako's Legendary Hat [X] (Blessed)Helm0View
Sealed Tallum Helmet [A]Helm-5View
Gloves of Pretender KingGlove-1View
Red MaskHelm0View
Blue Wolf Helmet [Heavy][B]Helm-5View
Armor of Loyalty (Blessed)Armor-6View
Blue Wolf Boots [Heavy][B]Boots-5View
Drake Leather Gloves [C][Light]Glove-2View
Majestic Gloves [Heavy][A] (Blessed)Glove-8View