Monster Level: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-90 | 91-100 | 101-110 | 111+
Weakness: Fire | Earth | Wind | Water | Holy | Dark      Size: Small | Large | Boss
Corrupted Skeleton Soldier224850View
Grave Crabman3210250View
Patrol 83832000View
Empowered Skeletal Spearman130155000500View
Deep Sea Anemone1100View
Guardsman of Yahee6542260View
Giran Stone Golem287850View
Gran Kain's Spirit Fragment1150800View
Phantom Knight5227050View
Orc Hound65650010View
Ancient Dark Elf1256500070View
Darius Pack110100000120View
Living Armor of Maino Shaman5530260View
Patrol 63832000View
Elite Fire Warrior4919000View
Enraged Queen Ant51200000View
Orc Fighter8650View
Dark Elf Phantom Knight130150000220View
Subterranean Lizardman3512260View
Orc Archer3100View
Lizardman Captain80300000View
Corrupted Zombie Wizard246770View
Tresure Chest100View
Giant Guarding Ant4419370View
Skeleton Archer121450View
Lycan Captain50140000View
General Hamel Full of Resentment3512260View
Mutated Alligator309010View
Fire Spirit Master4520260View
Corrupted Emerald Golem11085000200View
Patrol 65040000View
Mutant Zenith Queen5525000200View
Epic Zajako13001000View
Lava Golem3512260View
Assassin of Blood4419370View
Elder Attendant5025010View
Unchosen One4032000View
Striped Fish100View
Dark Gardener116View
Cursed Dark Elf Knight5025010View
Disciple of Death5227050View
Grave Sea Dancer4520260View
Black Tiger4016010View