Monster Level: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-90 | 91-100 | 101-110 | 111+
Weakness: Fire | Earth | Wind | Water | Holy | Dark      Size: Small | Large | Boss
Monster Mushroom3100View
Werewolf Warrior302500View
Wicked Beholder5535226View
Golden Death Knight808000050View
Heavy Oum Warrior4921170View
Contaminated Orc3512260View
Resurrected Temple Knight68180000View
Taurverus of Fire881900016View
Disciple of Death5530260View
Ancient Bugbear957500065View
Dark Elf Thief204010View
Possessed Ivory Tower Archer105290000View
Priest of Chaos224850View
Earth Spirit Master4520260View
Deep Sea Crabman3210250View
Burning Ghost732117014View
Cursed Dark Elf Wizard5025010View
Dark Elemental4621170View
Dark Elf Deserters287850View
Division Commander Sinclair5429170View
Royal Guard Head Shaibbulit5429170View
Ancient Skeleton Archer1253000055View
Plate Worm309010View
Patrol 53832000View
Ancient Atuba Orc1203800075View
Epic Osiris1201000003000View
Haunting Demon Lord1300500View
Mutated Alligator309010View
Underground Ramia7500View
Shilen's Spirit Fragment1300800View
Giant Ant Queen5732500View
Dark Wizard Maya7049010View
Ocean Flame Ashakiel761000000View
Grave Guardian4520260View
Black Knight162570View
Unchosen One4032000View
Unchosen One4032000View
Cursed Dark Elf Knight4520260View
Wicked Seer6025010400View
Killer Bee75900View
Makai Kurupt Priest5631370View
Lycan Warrior403500View
Ashigaru Shinobi956500060View
Lastabad Royal Guard5025010View
Mutated Oum12048000300View