Items Guide
       This guide is intended as a reference to many of the items you will find in the game. It will provide details about where to craft or obtain certain items, as well as links to the database entries, so that you can see drop information. It will also mention which vendors sell certain items, and their price. Suggestions on how to best utilize certain items will also be provided.


I. Starter Items
II. Soul and Spirit Shots
III. Magic Dolls
IV. Gift Master Items
V. Crafting
VI. Weapons
VII. Armors
VIII. Accessories
IX. Spells
X. Other Useful Items

Item Pages on the Website

       When you click on an item link in this guide, you will be taken to that itemís page in the Library. Here is a quick look around some of the features you will find on these pages:

Starter Items

       All characters start out with the same basic items. This includes 5000 getItemLink('40308'), 500 getItemLink('240262'), and 50 getItemLink('40021'). Also in you inventory are Wooden armors for physical damage characters, and Devotion armor for magic users. There are also a weapon for you to start with and a getItemLink('40373'). The starter armors and weapons do not provide very many useful bonuses, so you should change them out as soon as you can wear something stronger.
getItemLink('450017') getItemLink('220325') getItemLink('220321')
getItemLink('450016') getItemLink('220326') getItemLink('220322')
getItemLink('450015') getItemLink('220327') getItemLink('220323')
getItemLink('450018') getItemLink('220328') getItemLink('220324')

Soul and Spirit Shots

       These are some of the most crucial items in the game. They are especially useful in PvP, boss hunting, or any time that you need a boost to your damage. Shots provide 50% extra damage to your melee hits (Soul) or attack spells (Spirit). They can be obtained by hunting certain monsters or by visiting the getNpcLink('90057') in the Island of Prayer town. To use Soul and Spirit Shots, simply double click them in your inventory. Double click again to turn them off. You must use the same grade of shot as the item you are using them with, ex: getItemLink('240264') will only work with an S80 weapon armed.
getItemLink('240261') getItemLink('240378')
getItemLink('240265') getItemLink('240377')
getItemLink('240484') getItemLink('240485')
getItemLink('240262') getItemLink('240376')
getItemLink('240264') getItemLink('240380')
getItemLink('240263') getItemLink('240379')

Magic Dolls

       The doll system is an important part of the game. It allows players to summon up to 5 dolls that provide special bonuses ranging from extra experience to a chance to stun your enemy. Any character can use 3 dolls. To summon more, you need to have at least 25 Charisma (4 dolls) or 31 Charisma (5 dolls). Dolls do not take damage from monsters and last for 30 minutes (1,800 seconds). To summon a doll, you need 50 getItemLink('41246'), which can be obtained by using a getItemLink('41245') on certain items. The item will be dissolved, and there is a good chance you will get a stack of getItemLink('41246'). Different items will give different numbers of getItemLink('41246') (Non-Grade Belts are usually the best things to dissolve). Solvents can be purchased at getNpcLink('90020') at IoP. Dolls can be purchased at getNpcLink('98326') in Aden Town with either getItemLink('240358') or getItemLink('240524'). You can also trade dolls in for getItemLink('240524').
getItemLink('41248') - Increases carrying capacity.
getItemLink('240434') - Gives a 1% chance to stun target with each melee hit.
getItemLink('49038') - Adds 10% chance for a critical hit.
getItemLink('49037') - Adds 2 Spell Power.
getItemLink('240436') - Gives extra luck to your character.
getItemLink('240288') - Increases getItemLink('40308') from monsters by 2.5%.
getItemLink('240260') - Increases Experience from monsters by 2.5%.
getItemLink('240523') - Adds +1 to all stats.
getItemLink('240435') - Increases Soul Experience from monsters.
getItemLink('240360') - Adds 50 Mana.
getItemLink('240509') - Gives 4 different Illusionist buffs at random intervals.
getItemLink('49039') - Adds 100 HP.
getItemLink('41249') - Adds Mana regeneration.
getItemLink('41250') - Slight increase to melee hit chance, damage, and critical hits.

Special Note: Power and Skill Dolls

       These dolls are much more powerful versions of the magic dolls. They work the same as regular dolls, but are different in that they need to be leveled up in order to gain stats. getItemLink('240524') are required to summon these dolls. Levels are gained by hunting with the doll summoned. A player may only have ONE of each type of power doll out at any time, meaning it is possible to have a getItemLink('240547') and a getItemLink('240548') summoned, but not 2 getItemLink('240547'). The same number/CHA limits apply to power/skill dolls. These dolls are crafted at getNpcLink('98327') in Aden. The materials are very difficult to obtain, but the dollsí abilities are worth it.


getNpcLink('98226') Items

       The getNpcLink('98226') in Silver Knight Town sells many useful items for getItemLink('240358').
getItemLink('240322') - 3 GC - Provides a full set of buffs and 7,200 sec. of CDK.
getItemLink('240351') - 5 GC - Has a chance to give getItemLink('220467'), getItemLink('49074'), or other items.
getItemLink('240352') - 5 GC - Has a chance to give getItemLink('220468'), getItemLink('49072'), or other items.
getItemLink('240353') - 5 GC - Has a chance to give getItemLink('220469'), getItemLink('49073'), or other items.
getItemLink('240354') - 5 GC - Has a chance to give getItemLink('220470'), getItemLink('49076'), or other items.
getItemLink('240356') - 5 GC - Has a chance to give getItemLink('220472'), getItemLink('41383'), or other items.
getItemLink('240355') - 5 GC - Has a chance to give getItemLink('220471'), getItemLink('49075'), or other items.
getItemLink('240357') - 5 GC - Has a chance to give getItemLink('220473'), getItemLink('41386'), or other items.
getItemLink('240316') - 1 GC - Gives 7,200 sec. of CDK.
getItemLink('240359') - 1 GC - Gives a random stack of getItemLink('40308') between 1 and 10 million.
getItemLink('240126') - 1 GC for 50 - Used for making Soul/Spirit Shots or crafting.
getItemLink('240127') - 1 GC for 25 - Used for making Soul/Spirit Shots or crafting.
getItemLink('240130') - 1 GC for 20 - Used for making Soul/Spirit Shots or crafting.
getItemLink('240129') - 1 GC for 10 - Used for making Soul/Spirit Shots or crafting.
getItemLink('40733') - 1 GC for 5 - Gives 300 sec. of Brave effect.
getItemLink('240368') - 1 GC for 10 - Casts the Immune to Harm spell on the user.
getItemLink('240382') - 10 GC - Chance to give Enchant Scrolls or Elemental Stones.
getItemLink('240386') - 5 GC - Changes your characterís gender.
getItemLink('240383') - 1 GC - Gives 100 SXP (must be wearing a Soul Weapon).
getItemLink('240384') - 3 GC - Gives 500 SXP (must be wearing a Soul Weapon).
getItemLink('240385') - 6 GC - Gives 1000 SXP (must be wearing a Soul Weapon).
getItemLink('240422') - 10 GC - Allows you to rename your character.
getItemLink('240429') - 2 GC - Gives 1 spell container for each class.
getItemLink('240430') - 4 GC - Rerolls your base luck randomly.
getItemLink('240458') - 18 GC - Rerolls your base luck randomly and tells you whether it increased or decreased.
getItemLink('240432') - 2 GC - Increases your luck for 8 minutes.
getItemLink('240431') - 2 GC - Increases EXP gain by 50% for 8 minutes.
getItemLink('240478') - 1 GC - Gives a random Elf spell.
getItemLink('240479') - 1 GC - Gives a random Knight skill.
getItemLink('240480') - 1 GC - Gives a random Dark Elf spell.
getItemLink('240481') - 1 GC - Gives a random Royal spell.
getItemLink('240482') - 1 GC - Gives a random Dragon Knight skill.
getItemLink('240483') - 1 GC - Gives a random Illusionist spell.
getItemLink('240477') - 1 GC - Gives a random Magician spell.
getItemLink('240499') - 1 GC - Increases your Lawful Points.
getItemLink('240500') - 8 GC - Sets your alignment to 32767.
getItemLink('240557') - 1 GC - Allows you to see the HP bars of all monsters on screen.
getItemLink('240559') - 3 GC - Increases SXP gain by 50% for 8 minutes.
getItemLink('240560') - 2 GC - Increases getItemLink('40308') dropped from monsters temporarily.
getItemLink('240570') - 1 GC for 2 - A powerful healing potion.
getItemLink('240571') - 2 GC - A powerful healing potion.
getItemLink('240572') - 5 GC - Gives a 100% full heal.
getItemLink('240567') - 1 GC for 3 - When active, automatically provides Counter Magic as long as scrolls are available. Useful for bosses.
getItemLink('240566') - 4 GC - Automatically and instantly resurrects your character if you die (same as if you had not died).


       Individual items are crafted through several NPCs that can be found all around the game. The materials required to craft any item can be found on the itemís Library page. The items that an NPC crafts can be found on that NPC's Library page. Materials for crafting can be either very easy to find or almost impossible. Their price in the game usually reflects their rarity or importance. Some of the more commonly required crafting materials are:



       There is a great variety of weapons on the server to fit every style of hunting and every skill level. In this section, each class and grade of weapon will be discussed along with the advantages or disadvantages of each.

No-Grade Weapons

       No-Grade weapons are weaker overall than most other weapons, but there are some special No-Grades that are actually very useful. One advantage of using a No-Grade weapon is the fact that getItemLink('240262') are the cheapest to craft.
getItemLink('450142') - This weapon was part of the 2011 April Foolís event. It is rumored that it provides a luck boost.
getItemLink('450105') - This weapon was part of the 2009 Halloween Event. Many people use this sword to level-up again after de-leveling.
getItemLink('450138') - These were given out during a promo code event. They might serve a purpose in the future.
getItemLink('256') - This sword was obtainable during the 2010 Halloween event. It is fairly weak, but new players might find it useful.
getItemLink('126') - A staff that steals mana with each hit on your target. Useful for low level players.

C-Grade Weapons

       While the C-Grade weapons can be useful from levels 40-51, they will not be described in detail here due to the fact that most people will either not use them in favor of other items, or will only use them for a very short while.

C-Grade Weapon List

B-Grade Weapons

       B-Grades are the most commonly used weapons between levels 51 and 61. Many players even skip crafting an A-Grade weapon because the difference in damage (using getItemLink('240265')) is sometimes not high enough to justify the cost of an A-Grade.
getItemLink('450008') - This sword is extremely useful. It not only does quite powerful damage, but also restores a bit of your health with every hit.
getItemLink('450009') - This bow is the best choice for a ranged weapon user. Some say it is even stronger than bows of a higher class.
getItemLink('450020') - While not many Dark Elves use these claws, they can be a cheaper alternative to other weapons.
getItemLink('450013') - This dagger is seldom used, but the critical rate on it can be very appealing.
getItemLink('450011') - This is the best choice for a Dark Elf. At a high enchant and with getItemLink('240265'), this weapon is stronger than Edoryus of a higher class.
getItemLink('182') - While not utilized very much, this bow is very useful for characters with high DEX. It does great damage, and is one-handed so you can use a shield.
getItemLink('450014') - This is a great weapon for regening mana, but it provides no other bonuses.
getItemLink('450012') - This is a strong weapon, but most people prefer the HP stealing property of the getItemLink('450008').
getItemLink('450010') - This sword is great for magic users until you can get something that adds more INT and SP.
getItemLink('450021') - The most under-utilized B-Grade weapon, but it does the highest damage. The drawbacks include the inability to use a shield, and no HP stealing.

Special Abilities for A and S Grade Weapons

       Before discussing the different weapons available, it is important to mention a custom option that the player has for their weapon: Special Abilities. With A and S Grade weapons, the player has the option of adding one Special Ability to their weapon. Special Abilities for A-Grade weapons can be purchased at the getNpcLink('90018') at IoP using 2 getItemLink('40858') (sold by getNpcLink('90020') on IoP), 5 of the specified Enhancement Scrolls (obtained from Blazing Swamps or Heine Dungeon 4th Floor for Water), and 25 million getItemLink('40308'). S-Grade Special Abilities can be purchased from getNpcLink('90051') in Imperial Tomb 4th Floor using 25 million getItemLink('40308') and one of each Dragon Blood. The Special Abilities add different things to the weapon, as described below. When detailing the different weapons, the best/favorite abilities for that weapon will also be mentioned. If you wish to remove a special ability from a weapon, visit getNpcLink('98244') in ToI 1st floor.

Important Note: You must enchant the weapon with a special ability BEFORE adding Scrolls of Enchant Weapon. Only +0 weapons can have Special Abilities added on.

A-Grade Special Abilities
Mana Steal - Light Element. Adds some damage to the weapon and leeches Mana from any monster or player that you melee. Available on getItemLink('450023') and getItemLink('450033').
Empower - Water Element. Adds 2 Spell Power to the Weapon. Available on getItemLink('450023') and getItemLink('450033').
Mana Up - Earth Element. Adds 250 Mana when equipped. Available on getItemLink('450023').
Critical Poison - Light or Earth Element. When you land a Critical Hit, the target will be poisoned. The poison can be cured, and will not land on targets that are immune to poison. Available on getItemLink('450022') (Light), and getItemLink('450028') (Earth).
Vampiric Rage - Water Element. Leeches health from any monster or player that you melee. Available on getItemLink('450022').
Damage Up - Earth Element. Adds +10 Damage Bonus and some base damage to the weapon (no damage added to getItemLink('450027')). Available on getItemLink('450025'), getItemLink('450027'), getItemLink('450024'), and getItemLink('450022').
Focus - Light Element. Adds to the Critical Rating of the weapon. Available on getItemLink('450024'), getItemLink('450027'), and getItemLink('450025').
Health - Water Element. Adds 400 HP when equipped. Available on getItemLink('450024'), getItemLink('450029'), and getItemLink('450028').
Guidance - Water Element. Boosts the Hit Bonus on the weapon to +75 and adds +5 Critical chance to getItemLink('450029'). Available on getItemLink('450026'), getItemLink('450028'), getItemLink('450025'), and getItemLink('450029').
Cheap Shot - Light Element. The bow will fire magical arrows when the user is not carrying any other arrows. Available on getItemLink('450026').
Quick Recovery - Earth Element. This enhancement is supposed to proc the Triple Arrow skill, but it is currently bugged. Available on getItemLink('450026').
Usability - Water Element. Allows the weapon to be used by all classes. Available on getItemLink('450027').
Wide Blow - Earth Element. Causes every swing against a target to hit all other targets in the userís immediate surroundings. Available on getItemLink('450029').
Conversion - Water Element. Subtracts 200 HP and converts it into 400 Mana. Available on getItemLink('450033').

S-Grade Special Abilities
Mana Regen - Increases the userís Magic Resistance and Mana Regeneration Rate. Available on getItemLink('450083') and getItemLink('450071').
Mana Steal - Leeches Mana from any monster or player that you melee. Available on getItemLink('450071').
Mana Up - Adds 300 Mana. Available on getItemLink('450071').
Health - Adds a huge HP boost to your character. Available on getItemLink('450075'), getItemLink('450090'), getItemLink('450094'), getItemLink('450059'), getItemLink('450079'), and getItemLink('450067').
Health Regen - Increases HP regeneration by 25 per tick. Available on getItemLink('450075') and getItemLink('450079').
Vampiric Rage - Leeches Health from any monster or player that you melee. Available on getItemLink('450075'), getItemLink('450086'), getItemLink('450099'), and getItemLink('450079').
Cheap Shot - The bow will fire magical arrows when the user is not carrying any other arrows. Available on getItemLink('450063').
Critical Slow - When you land a Critical Hit, the target will be slowed. The target can remove the curse by re-hasting. Available on getItemLink('450063').
Focus - Increases the Critical Rating of the weapon. Available on getItemLink('450063'), getItemLink('450090'), getItemLink('450099'), getItemLink('450059'), and getItemLink('450067').
Critical Stun - When you land a Critical Hit, the target will be stunned as with the Knightís Shock Stun skill. Also adds 25 HP Regen to getItemLink('450083'). Available on getItemLink('450090') and getItemLink('450083').
Critical Damage - When you land a Critical Hit, the target will receive extra damage. Available on getItemLink('450086').
Haste - Adds 5 Dexterity to the weapon and grants a constant Haste effect to the user. Available on getItemLink('450086'), getItemLink('450059'), getItemLink('450094'), and getItemLink('450067').
Damage Up - Adds +10 Damage Bonus to the weapon. Available on getItemLink('450099').
Guidance - Adds +50 Hit Bonus to the weapon. Available on getItemLink('450094').
Empower - Adds +3 Spell Power and 25 HP Regen. Available on getItemLink('450083').

A-Grade Weapons

       These weapons are mostly used between the levels of 61 and 76. Many players continue to use them until they get their S80 weapon, since the damage increase from an S-Grade weapon is often not worth the cost.
getItemLink('450026') - A quite useful bow, especially with the Cheap Shot special ability.
getItemLink('450028') - Not used often, as most Dark Elves prefer Edoryus.
getItemLink('450025') - Not used by very many players, which means they can be found for much cheaper than other A-Grades.
getItemLink('450027') - Very useful for Dark Elves, especially with the Damage Up special ability.
getItemLink('450029') - Not used very often, but can be beneficial in areas with many weak monsters.
getItemLink('450033') - The most used A-Grade for mage classes. Most players add the Mana Steal special ability.
getItemLink('450024') - Highly sought after as a crafting ingredient for the getItemLink('450099'). Works well with the Damage Up special ability.
getItemLink('450023') - Possibly a better caster weapon than the getItemLink('450033'). Most players add Mana Steal to this.
getItemLink('450022') - The most prized A-Grade for Knights. Deals very good damage, and can have the Vampiric Rage ability added on.

S-Grade Weapons

       Most people use S-Grade weapons between the levels of 76 and 85. Usually, people will try to craft an S80 weapon as soon as possible. S-Grades can be very good weapons, but can also be quite pricey, with some selling in the range of 500 million getItemLink('40308').
getItemLink('450071') - The most used mage class S-Grade. Most players add the Mana Steal special ability.
getItemLink('450075') - A good melee weapon for Knights. Most players add Vampiric Rage to this.
getItemLink('450063') - This bow is quite powerful, especially with the Cheap Shot ability.
getItemLink('450090') - Not used very much, since most Dark Elves prefer edoryus. The Critical Stun ability can be useful.
getItemLink('450086') - This weapon is a strong choice for dagger users. Add the Vampiric Rage ability to make it even stronger.
getItemLink('450099') - By far the most common choice for Dark Elves. This weapon can be extremely powerful when combined with the Vampiric Rage or Damage Up abilities.
getItemLink('450094') - Very rarely used, except by a few polearm fanatics.
getItemLink('450059') - A favorite weapon of Knights. Most players add Focus or Haste to it.
getItemLink('450079') - A very powerful weapon which can have Vampiric Rage added to it for even more power.
getItemLink('450083') - The second most commonly used mage class weapon. Most people add Empower to it.
getItemLink('450067') - A commonly used Knight weapon, which can be very strong when combined with the Focus or Haste ability.

Soul Weapons

       These are the most powerful weapons in the game. They are very difficult to obtain, and most players do not earn or purchase one until they are high level or very rich. To craft them, you must collect 4 getItemLink('240396') from ToI 81st floor or above, or purchase them from players. Take the Vials and an S-Grade weapon to the getNpcLink('98244') and getNpcLink('98249') on ToI 1st floor to trade in for a getItemLink('240388') and getItemLink('240397') that you can then trade in for an S80 weapon of your choice.
       Soul Weapons are unique in that they must be leveled up in order to reach their full potential. They start out very weak, but as they level up, they gain special abilities, procs, damage, and stats. You can level a weapon by using Soul Batteries or by killing monsters that give Soul Experience. Most players hunt the Crack of Time or ToI to level their weapons. Soul Weapons also have a different enchanting system, which will be explained later.

Special Soul Weapons
getItemLink('450115') - This is part of the quest for the Reaper Skill: getItemLink('240373'). You must trade in a Level 10 Blade at the getNpcLink('98246') on ToI 1st floor to complete the quest. You will receive getItemLink('240390'), which you can double click to recieve the skill.
getItemLink('450114') - This is part of the quest for the Reaper Skill: getItemLink('240374'). You must trade in a Level 10 Bow at the getNpcLink('98245') on ToI 1st floor to complete the quest. You will recieve getItemLink('240389'), which you can double click to recieve the skill.
getItemLink('450141') - This bow was part of the 2011 Valentineís Day event. It is quite strong when leveled up, and provides several good bonuses. Since it is a No-Grade weapon, it is much cheaper to use Soul Shots with it.
getItemLink('450126') - This was a rare prize from the 2010 Halloween Event. It is an extremely powerful sword that gains many great abilities when leveled up. Since it is No-Grade, Soul Shots are much cheaper as well.
getItemLink('450139') - This is a rare drop from the boss getNpcLink('98333') in the Thebes Pyramid. The full power of the weapon is unknown, since the special abilities for the weapon have not been added yet.
getItemLink('450117') - This is one of the strongest weapons in the game. It has many special abilities and does extremely powerful damage. It is only available through special events, where it is dropped by the getNpcLink('98261') boss.

S80 Soul Weapons
getItemLink('450109') - This is a good 1-handed axe that gains Vampiric Rage and Stun as it levels up.
getItemLink('450112') - This bow is a great choice for elves, and gains Cheap Shot, Stun, and other great procs as it levels.
getItemLink('450108') - This dagger is not commonly used, but it gains an extremely powerful proc at level 15: "Fatal Strike". This proc does damage similar to a getItemLink('200002'), but it can go off multiple times! Great for PvP.
getItemLink('450113') - The favorite of Dark Elves, this weapon is a very strong edoryu.
getItemLink('450110') - This staff is great for mages, and adds lots of Spell Power and INT.
getItemLink('450107') - (REAPER ONLY) This sword gains a lot of damage procs as it levels and is one of the better PvP weapons.
getItemLink('450106') - This is an awesome weapon if you like stealing HP from your target. It gains many Vampiric buffs as it levels.
getItemLink('450111') - (REAPER ONLY) Many Reaper Mages choose this 2-handed staff for the beneficial procs it gives as well as the big boost to INT and Spell Power.
getItemLink('450116') - This is a PvPer's dream weapon. It does powerful damage and gains a Stun proc at level 15.

Elemental Enchants

       Elemental enchanting is a custom system unique to the server. With this system, you can add an elemental stone to your weapon that will add 1 extra elemental damage and a 1% chance for an elemental proc. Each weapon can be enchanted with 5 stones of a single element safely. After the initial 5 enchants, there is a chance that every following enchant will fail. If it fails, the only consequence is that the stone will disappear. You do not lose your weapon or the previous enhancement level. The maximum elemental enchant is 20, and only one element is allowed on the weapon. If you wish to remove the elemental enchants from your weapon in order to change it, visit the getNpcLink('98244') in ToI 1st floor.

Soul Enchants

This type of enchanting is specifically for Soul Weapons. Soul Weapons cannot be enchanted using normal enchant scrolls. Instead, you must obtain a getItemLink('240555'). These scrolls are very rare, but are the only way to enchant your Soul Weapon. All Soul Weapons are safe to +0, but the weapon does not evaporate if an enchant fails. Instead, the weapon loses 150,000 Soul Experience and the scroll disappears. getItemLink('240556') can give +1-3 points depending on the current enchantment of your weapon. Weapons must be at level 20 or above to enchant. The benefits of enchanting include not only higher damage, but a higher chance for the weapon to proc as well.


       Good armor is necessary for any successful character. In this section, the many different types and grades of armors will be discussed, as well as the different sets and the preferred items for certain classes.

No-Grade Armors

       Most players tend to not use No-Grade armors, since there are much more powerful choices. There are a few of these armors, however, that are quite useful.
getItemLink('20056') - Usually used at a high enchant level to increase Magic Resistance.
getItemLink('20077') - Can come in handy for moving around without being seen. Most aggressive monsters can see through this.
getItemLink('20221') - Has some nice stats that make it useful even at higher levels. Craftable with getNpcLink('70525') on Talking Island or at the getNpcLink('90084') in SKT.
getItemLink('220427') - Dropped during the 2009 Halloween event, this shield gives +2 Spell Power and other small bonuses.
getItemLink('21060') - Dropped during the 2010 Halloween event, this suit gives a couple of small stat bonuses.
getItemLink('20118') - A decent armor to use prior to getting a B-Grade set.
getItemLink('220467') - Adds +3 to Wisdom, +50 Mana, 5 Magic Resistance, and 5 Mana Regen. Obtained from getItemLink('240351').
getItemLink('220471') - Adds +3 to Constitution and 50 HP. Obtained from getItemLink('240355').
getItemLink('220468') - Adds +3 to Charisma, 5 Damage Reduction, and 20 Weight Reduction. Obtained from getItemLink('240352').
getItemLink('220472') - Adds +3 to Dexterity and +5 to Bow Hit Bonus. Obtained from getItemLink('240356').
getItemLink('220469') - Adds +3 to Intelligence. Obtained from getItemLink('240353').
getItemLink('220470') - Adds +3 to Strength. Obtained from getItemLink('240354').
getItemLink('220473') - Adds +2 to all stats. Obtained from getItemLink('240357').
getItemLink('220499') - Doubles healing power at the cost of a decrease in all stats. Craftable at getNpcLink('98327') in Aden.
getItemLink('220501') - Greatly increases INT and Spell Power and adds 25% damage to attack spells at the cost of a decrease in all other stats. Craftable at getNpcLink('98327') in Aden.
getItemLink('220500') - Greatly increases STR and DEX and adds 20% damage to melee and bow attacks a the cost of a decrease in all other stats. Craftable at getNpcLink('98327') in Aden.
getItemLink('220496') - A very powerful hat that dropped during the Christmas 2010 event.
getItemLink('220478') - The most powerful T-shirt in the game. It is obtainable during special events from the getNpcLink('98261') boss.
getItemLink('220482') - One of the strongest single pieces of armor in the game. It was obtainable from the 2010 Halloween event.

C-Grade Armors and Sets

       While most people prefer to simply wait till level 51 to obtain a Blue Wolf set, the C-Grade armors do provide nice little set bonuses for new players who wish to make use of them. C-Grade armors are sold at Newbie Town.

Full Plate Armor Set - Armor set for knights that gives small boosts to HP and Strength.

Set Bonus: -3 AC, +2 STR, +75 HP

Karmian Robe Set - Armor set for mages and elves that gives small boosts to INT and MP.

Set Bonus: +2 INT, +1 WIS, +100 MP, +5 MP Regen

Drake Leather Armor Set - Armor set for elves and dark elves that gives small boosts to DEX and bow hit bonus.

Set Bonus: -1 AC, +2 DEX, +30 HP, +30 MP, +4 HP Regen, +4 MP Regen

B-Grade Armors and Sets

       These armors are used from level 51 onwards until the player can obtain better equipment. They provide good stat bonuses and are very easy to obtain in the Ant Caves.

Blue Wolf Heavy Set - This set is for knights and dark elves, and gives nice bonuses to STR.

Set Bonus: -5 AC, +3 STR, -2 DEX, +100 HP, +5 HP Regen

Blue Wolf Robe Set - Used by mages and casting elves, this gives nice boosts to INT and MP.

Set Bonus: -2 STR, -2 DEX, +3 INT, +3 WIS, +200 MR, +5 MP Regen

Blue Wolf Light Set - Used by bow elves and dark elves, this set gives nice bonuses to DEX

Set Bonus: -3 AC, -2 STR, +3 DEX, +3 WIS, +6 HP Regen

Other Useful B-Grade Items:
getItemLink('220314') - This is a good t-shirt to use until you can obtain something stronger.
getItemLink('220303') - A good standalone cloak until you can obtain something stronger.
getItemLink('220508') - This hat was dropped during the 2011 Easter Event, and is rumored to provide good luck. It is part of the Bunny King Set.
getItemLink('31022') - Gives a small boost to Fire Resistance and HP, and provides a permanent haste effect.
getItemLink('220313') - Doesnít provide any bonuses, but is easily obtained and can be highly enchanted for good AC.

Unsealing A-Grade and Higher Armor:

       Starting with A-Grade, you are required to unseal an armor item after you craft it or obtain it from a boss. To do this, you must take it to getNpcLink('90045') in the field in north IoP town along with several ingredients. Check the page for the item you wish to unseal to look at the ingredients or visit the NPC in-game.

Important Note: You must unseal the item BEFORE you enchant it, otherwise you risk evaporating the item. You can only unseal a +0 item.

A-Grade Armors and Sets

       This grade is where a lot more variety opens up in your armor set choices. Each of the 4 different types of armors (Tallum, Dark Crystal, Majestic, and Nightmare), have 3 distinct Light, Heavy, and Robe sets, making for 12 sets total. Over time, players have grown to prefer certain sets over others. The sets will thus be organized by class, with the most preferred sets listed first.

Knight Class A-Grade Sets

Tallum Heavy Set - For those needing pure power, this set provides a big bonus to STR.

Set Bonus: -5 AC, +15 STR, +5 DEX

Nightmare Heavy Set - This set combines decent offensive power with some HP bonuses for survivability.

Set Bonus: +10 STR, +5 CON, +5 DEX, +250 HP, +10 HP Regen

Majestic Heavy Set - This set gives decent STR, with a higher boost to DEX for those needing a better hit bonus.

Set Bonus: +10 STR, -2 CON, +15 DEX

Dark Crystal Heavy Set - Gives massive HP bonuses for those wanting higher survivability.

Set Bonus: +10 CON, +450 HP, +30 HP Regen

Mage and Casting Elf Class A-Grade Sets

Dark Crystal Robe Set - Pure spell power, for those needing maximum magic damage.

Set Bonus: -10 AC, +15 INT, +20 MP Regen

Nightmare Robe Set - Gives less INT, but adds some WIS for better regen and higher magic resistance.

Set Bonus: +10 INT, +5 WIS, +15 MP Regen

Majestic Robe Set - Gives big bonuses to MP and MP Regen.

Set Bonus: +5 INT, +10 WIS, +500 MP, +45 MP Regen

Tallum Robe Set - This set is rarely used. It has the same bonus categories as Dark Crystal Robes, but gives smaller bonuses.

Set Bonus: -5 AC, +10 INT, +20 MP Regen

Bow Elf and Dark Elf A-Grade Sets

Nightmare Light Set - Gives a large bonus to DEX for maximum bow damage.

Set Bonus: +15 DEX, +10 MR

Dark Crystal Light Set - Gives a large boost to STR for Dark Elves looking for melee damage.

Set Bonus: +15 STR, -5 CON, -5 DEX

Majestic Light Set - Gives a good boost to DEX and a smaller boost to STR.

Set Bonus: +5 STR, -5 CON, +10 DEX, +120 MP

Tallum Light Set - Gives an even blend of STR and DEX bonuses.

Set Bonus: +7 STR, +7 DEX, +5 WIS, +20 MP Regen

Special +10 Set Bonus for A-Grade

       If you are lucky enough to obtain a +10 A-Grade set, you can get some extra bonuses from it. You will receive +1 to all stats for wearing a +10 set, and higher enchant levels will bring even better bonuses. Remember, ALL items in your set must be +10 to receive the bonus.

Other Useful A-Grade Armors:
getItemLink('220502') - This is dropped by the getNpcLink('98341') in the SKT Caves. It is a very good shield, but it is very rare.
getItemLink('20079') - This is an excellent cloak, but good luck getting to ToI 30th floor to kill the getNpcLink('98235')!
getItemLink('220505') - One of the better hats in the game, but the getNpcLink('98343') in SKT Caves is difficult to kill.
getItemLink('220506') - Some of the best gloves in the game, but they are very rare. Also drops from getNpcLink('98343').
getItemLink('220341') - A decent shield to use until you can get something better.
getItemLink('220424') - A good shield to use if you need HP.

S-Grade Armors and Sets

       For many players, this will be the hardest class of item to obtain. Crafting these armors takes very long, but it is also very rewarding. Purchasing them is much faster, but some of these sets can go for 1 billion Adena or more! If you are up for the challenge, you can obtain S-Grade armors from the getNpcLink('98200') underwater.

Imperial Crusader Set - This Knight set gives all kinds of great bonuses.

Set Bonus: +15 STR, +10 CON, +15 DEX, +500 HP, +30 HP Regen

Major Arcana Robe Set - This set is for Mages and casting Elves, and gives big bonuses to INT, MP, and MP Regen.

Set Bonus: -5 AC, +15 INT, +10 WIS, +550 MP, +50 MP Regen

Draconic Leather Set - A bow Elf and Dark Elfís dream set, this provides a massive bonus to DEX, and lots of other benefits.

Set Bonus: +10 STR, +5 CON, +20 DEX, +5 WIS, +100 HP, +120 MP, +10 MP Regen, +20 MR

Other Useful S-Grade Armors:
getItemLink('220465') - This shield provides great bonuses for melee players. Craftable at getNpcLink('90050') in Heine Town.
getItemLink('220430') - A very powerful shirt that provides lots of boosts. Dropped by getNpcLink('45684').
getItemLink('220479') - One of the most powerful cloaks in the game. Very expensive. Obtained from getNpcLink('98261') boss.
getItemLink('20017') - A very powerful helmet that gives some strong stat boosts. Drops from the getNpcLink('98238') on the 60th floor of ToI.
getItemLink('20215') - Good boots to wear if you are not wearing an armor set and want extra INT. Drops from getNpcLink('45678') in Aden Castle.
getItemLink('20185') - Good gloves to wear if you are not wearing an armor set and want extra INT. Drops from getNpcLink('45678') in Aden Castle.
getItemLink('20198') - Good boots to wear if you are not wearing an armor set and want extra STR. Drops from getNpcLink('45601') in Mainland Caves.
getItemLink('20166') - Good gloves to wear if you are not wearing an armor set and want extra STR. Drops from getNpcLink('45601') in Mainland Caves.

S80 Armors and Sets

       The S80 armors are only obtainable by killing the boss monsters that drop them. They are among the most powerful single items in the game, but are extremely rare.
getItemLink('20107') - A very powerful piece of armor for casters, this item drops from the getNpcLink('98242') on ToI 90th Floor.
getItemLink('220461') - This is a powerful caster cloak that drops from getNpcLink('45683').
getItemLink('220477') - The most powerful shield in the game. This is obtainable only from the getNpcLink('98243') on ToI 100th Floor.

Zajakoís Almighty Set - This is one of the strongest sets in the game when you combine the stats of the individual items along with the set bonus.

Set Bonus: +500 HP, +200 MP, +10 HP Regen, +10 MP Regen, +25 MR


       These play a vital role in filling out a playerís armor. Accessories can range from providing only simple AC to boss jewelry with huge stat bonuses.

Accessory Enchanting Bonus:

       If you successfully enchant your jewelry to a certain level, it will gain some extra Magic Resistance. This is especially beneficial for newbies who are using Black Ore items, as they are fairly common and affordable even at a high enchant level.

No-Grade Accessories

getItemLink('31050') - A helpful item when fighting fire-element monsters. Gives some MR and a nice boost to Fire Resist. Drops in Fire Valley.
getItemLink('20288') - Use this with a standard teleport scroll or the teleport spell to select a bookmark to teleport to. Drops from many boss monsters.
getItemLink('20284') - Use this with the summon spell to select from a list of the monsters you can summon. Drops from many boss monsters.

getItemLink('20257') - This is a good amulet to use if you need INT, but donít have a stronger necklace. Drops from getNpcLink('45405') in Diad.
getItemLink('31060') - This amulet is good to use if you are facing fire-element monsters. Gives some MR and a nice boost to Fire Resist. Drops in Fire Valley.

getItemLink('220503') - This belt may not appear to give any bonuses, but it gives a boost to luck. Dropped during the 2011 St. Patrickís Day Event.
getItemLink('20314') - If you can get this to a high enchant level, it is a decent belt until you can get something with better stats. Drops from the getNpcLink('45610').
getItemLink('20317') - This item is helpful on storage characters to gain a higher carrying capacity. Drops from getNpcLink('45278').
getItemLink('20313') - A good belt to use for Dark Elves seeking more DEX.

C-Grade Accessories

       The C-Grade rings are decent equipment until you can obtain something stronger. They are obtainable from the bosses around the Newbie Town hunting zone.
getItemLink('220492') - A decent ring for melee characters until you can find something stronger.
getItemLink('220493') - Gives a boost to STR. Nice for melee characters.
getItemLink('220494') - A very nice INT boosting ring, even for high level casters.
getItemLink('220495') - Gives a nice boost to HP.

B-Grade Accessories

       This grade contains items that range from newbie gear to boss jewelry that is very useful to even the strongest players. These items are dropped from the Blazing Swamps and from different bosses.

getItemLink('220428') - This ring is one of the best that you can find for a melee character. It is quite expensive, though.
getItemLink('220507') - Dropped during the 2011 Easter Event, this ring is rumored to give good luck. It is part of the Bunny King Set.
getItemLink('20298') - This ring is excellent for bow users because of its DEX bonus. It is quite rare. Drops from the getNpcLink('98233') on ToI 11th Floor.
getItemLink('220315') - A good basic ring to use for AC. Gives some bonuses to MR at higher enchants.

getItemLink('220474') - This is an excellent earring for casters with a good bonus to INT. These are rarely seen on the market. Drops from the getNpcLink('98234') on ToI 20th Floor.
getItemLink('220316') - A good basic earring to use for AC. Gives some bonuses to MR at higher enchants.

getItemLink('220317') - A good basic amulet to use for AC. Gives some bonuses to MR at higher enchants.

getItemLink('220318') - A decent melee class belt to use till you can find something stronger.
getItemLink('220319') - A decent caster class belt to use till you can find something stronger.
getItemLink('220320') - Decent for a class looking for DEX, but the Belt of Darkness provides a better choice for Dark Elves.

A-Grade Accessories

       Like the B-Grade items, the items in this class range from basic Phoenix items to extremely powerful Boss items. The non-boss jewelry can be crafted at getNpcLink('90048')in IoP.

getItemLink('220312') - This is one of the strongest rings in the game, but it is also one of the hardest to obtain. getNpcLink('90004') is only spawned during special events, but is guaranteed to drop a ring every time.
getItemLink('220361') - This ring gives several decent boosts to regen and MR.
getItemLink('220359') - A basic ring that is a little stronger than the Black Ore Ring.

getItemLink('220365') - These earrings give some regen and MR boosts.
getItemLink('220363') - Basic earrings that are a bit stronger than Black Ore Earrings.

getItemLink('220475') - A powerful amulet that gives a nice STR boost. Drops from the getNpcLink('98236') on ToI 40th Floor.
getItemLink('220369') - Gives some regen boosts, and adds a bit of HP/MP.
getItemLink('220367') - Basic amulet that is a little stronger than Black Ore Necklace.

getItemLink('220476') - This is one of the best belts in the game, but it is also one of the rarest items. Drops from the getNpcLink('98237') on ToI 50th Floor.

S-Grade Accessories

       The S-Grade jewelry is more powerful than the other classes, but it is also harder to craft or obtain from bosses. For many players, S-Grade is the highest grade they will wear for a long time.

getItemLink('220458') - This ring gives bonuses to useful stats, as well as regen and MR bonuses.

getItemLink('220464') - A very powerful earring that gives lots of nice bonuses. Drops from getNpcLink('45682').
getItemLink('220460') - A good earring that gives nice regen boosts.

getItemLink('220429') - A powerful necklace that gives plenty of bonuses and a big HP boost. Drops from getNpcLink('45684').
getItemLink('20260') - This necklace gives a huge CHA boost. Drops from the getNpcLink('98239') on ToI 70F.
getItemLink('220455') - A nice amulet that gives small boosts to STR and INT.
getItemLink('220480') - One of the most powerful belts in the game. Drops only from getNpcLink('98261') Boss.
getItemLink('220463') - A very powerful belt with lots of stat boosts. Drops from getNpcLink('45684').

S80-Grade Accessories

       The items in this grade are some of the rarest and hardest to obtain boss items in the game. They are also some of the strongest. If you happen to get one, you should consider yourself very lucky.
getItemLink('220462') - This is one of the strongest single pieces of equipment in the game. It is extremely rare and expensive. Drops from the getNpcLink('98200') underwater in Heine Cave.
getItemLink('220498') - A very powerful ring with lots of nice bonuses. Very difficult to obtain. Drops from getNpcLink('98333') inside the Thebes Pyramid.
getItemLink('220497') - This is a very nice belt, but good luck getting to and killing getNpcLink('98332') inside the Thebes Pyramid.

Skills and Spells

Normal Spells

       The normal spells are all available as normal on 1.5, with the added benefit of being able to learn them without having to visit a temple. Simply double click any spellbook or crystal, and if you are the proper level and class the spell will be added to your spell inventory. The major change to the normal spells deal with the healing spells and Cancel Magic. Heals have been greatly boosted on the server to match the massive damage output that some of the stronger monsters and players have. Due to players abusing the spell, Cancel has had a custom ingredient requirement added: getItemLink('240315'). These stones are obtained rarely from the Ant Caves, and make casting Cancel an expensive tactic. This is to prevent CDK players from simply cancelling other players non-stop to gain an unbalanced advantage.

Custom Skills and Spells

       The server has different classes of custom skills that are much more powerful than the standard spells. These skills are mostly attack based, but there are several buff and heal spells as well.

Class-Based Skills

       Each class has a unique skill that they can obtain. These skills are not required, but they provide an excellent source of damage and can help a player hunt stronger areas. The ingredients required to learn these skills are all obtainable in the Paganís Temple.
getItemLink('240252') - This is a Mage class AoE skill that summons a huge hurricane to do massive damage to anything in its range.
getItemLink('240312') - This is a Knight class skill that sends a strong spark of energy from your weapon to hit a single target. Damage dealt by this spell is considered Physical Damage.
getItemLink('240311') - This is a Dark Elf class skill that sends a powerful spinning magical blade to hit your target.
getItemLink('240258') - This is an Elf class skill that summons a powerful jet of magic water to damage your target.
getItemLink('240254') - This is a Royal class healing skill that will heal not only yourself, but all members of your party.

Reaper-Only Skills
getItemLink('240374') - This is considered a very important skill for any Reaper to obtain. It provides many Elven buffs with a single cast. To obtain it, you need to level a getItemLink('450114') to level 10 and take it to the getNpcLink('98245') in ToI 1st Floor.
getItemLink('240373') - This is the other must-have Reaper skill. It gives lots of Dark Elf buffs with each cast. You must level a getItemLink('450115') to level 10 and take it to the getNpcLink('98246') in ToI 1st Floor to obtain this skill.
getItemLink('240343') - This is a very strong AoE spell that casts quickly and doesnít use huge amounts of MP. Excellent for hunting areas with lots of strong monsters, like DI. Also useful as a PvP attack spell.
getItemLink('240345') - This is is a ranged attack skill which gains damage based on your DEX and STR. It also has a 5% chance to stun the target. It is obtainable from the getItemLink('240346') sold on IoP.
getItemLink('240344') - This skill consumes 5 getItemLink('240315') with each cast, but can immediately give you the upper hand in a fight. If landed successfully, the target can be affected by Poison, Decay Potion, Silence, Slow, Blind, Sleep, and Paralyze. Each of the individual debuffs has a random chance to land, so each cast can land some, all, or none of them.
getItemLink('240336') - This is a single-target ranged attack spell. You can learn it at the NPC in Paganís Temple using the book that drops from getNpcLink('98179').

Other Items of Importance

Potion Items:
getItemLink('240186')/getItemLink('240184') - Heals 500 HP and MP with each use. Drops during various events.
getItemLink('40024') - The most commonly used healing potions. Available in most potion shops.
getItemLink('40032') - Used to breathe underwater. Without this, your HP will drop significantly. Sold at getNpcLink('70081') underwater.
getItemLink('40067') - Instantly recovers some MP with each use. Good in emergency situations when you need a few extra spell casts. Sold at IoP shop.
getItemLink('40043') - Strong healing potions, but expensive to use constantly. Sold at IoP shop.
getItemLink('240399') - Instantly turns any morph into a cracked version of that morph for 60 seconds, with extreme swing and walk speed. Good for ToI bosses. Not usable in conjunction with CDK.
getItemLink('240568') - Provides 5 minutes of the Immune to Harm effect. Drops in the Thebes Pyramid.
getItemLink('240272') - Instantly de-levels your character to level 1. Sold at IoP shop.
getItemLink('240111') - Gives an instant increase to your characterís experience. Useful at higher levels.
getItemLink('240112') - Gives a larger boost to your characterís experience.
getItemLink('240108') - Gives a big boost to your characterís experience. Very useful at high levels.
getItemLink('240471') - Similar to Savior Beads, but only usable at lower levels.
getItemLink('240467') - Similar to Dragon Juice, but only usable at lower levels.
getItemLink('240469') - Provides an Immune to Harm effect. Only usable at lower levels.

getItemLink('240511') - These arrows dropped during the 2010 Christmas Event. They can significantly slow down a target.
getItemLink('40745') - These arrows drop from various monsters in IoP and Newbie Town. They are a fairly strong general-purpose arrow.
getItemLink('240581') - These arrows drop from the SKT Caves and can poison a target.


       There are far too many materials to list all of them. These are some of the more important ones:
getItemLink('240266') - Used for crafting Soul Shots. Sold at IoP shop.
getItemLink('240381') - Used for crafting Spirit Shots. Sold at IoP shop.
getItemLink('240279') - Take 500 of these to getNpcLink('90051') on 4th Floor Imperial Tomb to receive a box containing S-Grade weapon materials. Drops in Imperial Tomb.
getItemLink('240305') - These are used along with the magic books to learn most of the custom S80 and Reaper Skills. They drop in Paganís Temple.
getItemLink('40524') - Take these to an getNpcLink('70520') in town to refine them into Relics and then into getItemLink('40318'), getItemLink('40320'), or getItemLink('40319').
getItemLink('240391') - Fill this will 4 getItemLink('240396') and turn it in to getNpcLink('98249') in ToI 1st floor to obtain getItemLink('240397'), which is part of the S80 Weapon Quest.
getItemLink('240563') - Turn in one of these to Frintezzaís Seamstress along with 5 getItemLink('240562'), 5 getItemLink('240561'), and 3 normal dolls to obtain a Power Doll.
getItemLink('40541') - If you happen to get one of these from an event, turn it in to Zajako and you will receive a real life L1.5 t-shirt in the mail.
getItemLink('240341') - Turn this in to getNpcLink('98204') in Ivory Tower along with 100 getItemLink('240337'), 100 getItemLink('240340'), 100 getItemLink('240339'), and 100 getItemLink('240338') to receive getItemLink('240342'), which you can double click to turn into a Reaper. Do not use the Charged Blade until you are ready, as you will de-level when you use it.

getItemLink('40093') - Useful for inscribing with the Counter Magic spell. Spells can only be inscribed with a Mage class character.
getItemLink('40094') - Useful for inscribing with Counter Magic or Remove Curse.
getItemLink('240103') - Used to teleport to Blazing Swamp. Sold in IoP and SKT.
getItemLink('240281') - Used to teleport to Imperial Tomb. Sold in IoP.
getItemLink('240187') - Used to teleport to Boss Island. Sold in IoP.
getItemLink('240387') - Shows an item you select from your inventory on the global chat.

getItemLink('40308') - The main currency in the game.
getItemLink('240358') - A major second currency, usually used for expensive items.
getItemLink('240569') - Can be sold at shops for a good amount of getItemLink('40308').
getItemLink('240313') - Redeemed at the arena getNpcLink('98181') for various prizes.
getItemLink('41260') - Used for cooking.
getItemLink('41160') - Used for calling your pets without visiting the kennel.
getItemLink('240388') - Turn in any S-Grade weapon to the getNpcLink('98244') to receive one of these. Part of the S80 Weapon quest.
getItemLink('240565') - Obtained by spending 1 full hour in the game. Can be exchanged for various items at the getNpcLink('98337') at -warp 3.
getItemLink('49056') - Cook and eat this to get extra experience from monsters.
getItemLink('41284') - Cook and eat this to get extra experience from monsters.


       Hopefully this guide has been of some use to you. There are thousands of other items in the game, but to describe them all here would have been impossible. If you have a question about any item that is not in this guide, feel free to ask a fellow player or post on the forums. Good luck and have fun!