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                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other
 Item NameTypeOptions
Scroll of Return - Werldern TownScrollView
Spell Scroll (Ice Dagger)ScrollView
Cursed Elixir of IntelligencePotionView
Blank Scroll (Level 2)ScrollView
Scroll of Teleportation - Basement Floor 2 HiScrollView
Spell Scroll (Mana Drain)ScrollView
Ancient Lesser Healing PotionPotionView
Charge of Earth (Blessed)MaterialView
Silver CandleQuestitemView
Cursed BloodTreasure_boxView
Rabor's PouchQuestitemView
Magic Block - TEventView
Scroll of Teleportation (Blessed)ScrollView
T5 Transformation: Dark ElfScrollView
Scroll of Teleportation - Giran Hidden DungeoScrollView
Skill Doll: SnowmanOtherView
Destiny LeechScrollView
Scroll of Teleportation - Trails 2FScrollView
Map:Talking IslandOtherView
Shot FireworkFirecrackerView
TOI Teleport Scroll, 91FScrollView
Spell Scroll (Light)ScrollView
Key of the Island (Blessed)QuestitemView
Ice Demon's PouchTreasure_boxView
Bride's DressScrollView
Seal of Sonic Rage - S80ScrollView
Pine WandWandView
Sealed Boots of Nightmare LiningMaterialView
Condensed Healing PotionPotionView
Hastening PotionPotionView
Psy Champion Style Poly ScrollEventView
Ultrum Elixir: StrengthPotionView
Teal Box of GratitudeTreasure_boxView
Helpless Powder of BloodstainQuestitemView
Underworld Instance PassScrollView
Wedding Ring (Sapphire)OtherView
Letter of SonQuestitemView
Heart of ValakasMaterialView
Memory Crystal (Patience)SpellbookView
Sealed Draconic Leather Gloves FabricMaterialView
Water Energy Fragment S4QuestitemView
Search DocumentQuestitemView
Scroll of Teleportation - Aden CastleScrollView