Item Type: Potion | Arrow | Event | Firecracker | Food | Gem | Light | Material | Pet | Quest | Scroll | Spellbook
                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other
 Item NameTypeOptions
Sword of Kent SoldierOtherView
Scroll of Teleportation - Ant Cave 3FScrollView
Orange BasketQuestitemView
Silver TrayQuestitemView
GM CandyPotionView
Ancient Totem of RovaTotemView
Rune Perfume - StrPotionView
Doll Training BookPotionView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Relic of EvaOtherView
Blob Glastic JuiceMaterialView
Sacred WaterQuestitemView
Thanksgiving Dinner - 2012PotionView
Fish with Red AuraFishView
E CardEventView
Seal of Reaper Magic: Assassin's CreedTreasure_boxView
Turkey Dinner 2017 (Blessed)FoodView
Spirit Shot - XPotionView
Aden Hero's ChestTreasure_boxView
White Day CardEventView
Crystal Piece of SoulTreasure_boxView
Weakened Spirit BladeQuestitemView
Magic Doll: IllusionistOtherView
Potion of Wisdom (Blessed)PotionView
Legendary Fafurion ClawMaterialView
Legendary Valakas HeartMaterialView
Event Wedding CakeEventView
Stone TabletQuestitemView
Omega Elixir: WisdomPotionView
Rough Transmat OreTreasure_boxView
Red SparklerFirecrackerView
Scroll of Teleportation - Kent Dungeon 2FScrollView
Crab Meat Soup of FantasyFoodView
Ring of Beast SummonerMaterialView
High Capacity Soul Battery - L3PotionView
Contaminated BootsQuestitemView
Sayha's Charm of LoveEventView
Tear of Gran KainMaterialView
Mosquitofish BaitBaitView
Crystal of ProtectionPotionView
Spellbook(Shining Aura)SpellbookView
Soul Bow StaffMaterialView
Cristmas CardEventView
Relic PouchTreasure_boxView
Weak Elixir of WisdomPotionView
Blue CrystalMaterialView
Tarak's Devil Book, Volume 4MaterialView
Blood of AntharasMaterialView