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Item Type: Potion | Arrow | Event | Firecracker | Food | Gem | Light | Material | Pet | Quest | Scroll | Spellbook
                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other
 Item NameTypeOptions
Bow of Kent ArcherOtherView
Fragment of Valakas' SoulMaterialView
Scroll of ResurrectionScrollView
Flip2Win Free PlayOtherView
Processed Diamond 2 (Wind Spirit)GemView
Spirit Shot - SPotionView
UnderWilds KeyOtherView
Remains of SonQuestitemView
Duda-Mara SpellbookQuestitemView
Head of DeathQuestitemView
Logbook Page 5QuestitemView
Spirit Crystal(NaturesTouch)SpellbookView
Gemstone - XMaterialView
Sealed History Chapter 1QuestitemView
Skill Doll: ScarecrowOtherView
Corrupted TOI Charm - 41FOtherView
Scroll of Teleportation - DVC 2FScrollView
Phantom Weapon Enchant Scroll: 6 hours (Blessed)ScrollView
Fang of Hunting DogPetitemView
Hero Scroll: Dragon KnightScrollView
Underworld Instance PassScrollView
Zebco Rod - AFishing_rodView
Candy (Blessed)FoodView
Portal to Breeding GroundsOtherView
Dagger of EvaQuestitemView
Spell Scroll (Meditation)ScrollView
DynamicShot PackageOtherView
Ring of OrimOtherView
Dragon Grinder EdgeMaterialView
Weak Elixir of StrengthPotionView
Experience Event TokenPotionView
Scroll of Teleportation - Giran Hidden DungeoScrollView
Scroll of Teleportation - GMScrollView
Wind Dragon LeathersMaterialView
Evidence Box of Arcane ArmyTreasure_boxView
Treasure CaseEventView
Dark Elven Soldier BadgeQuestitemView
Pumpkin CookiesPotionView
Summon Damage Dummy Lv1OtherView
Karif PouchTreasure_boxView
Easter Loyalty Seal - 2015EventView
Hardin's Instance PassScrollView
Elixer (WIS)PotionView
Bottle of Valakas' SoulMaterialView
Elementalist RingMaterialView
Memory Crystal (Cube : Balance)SpellbookView
Second Labyrinth KeyQuestitemView