Item Type: Potion | Arrow | Event | Firecracker | Food | Gem | Light | Material | Pet | Quest | Scroll | Spellbook
                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other
 Item NameTypeOptions
Processed Emerald 2GemView
Sealed TOI Teleport Charm, 21FOtherView
Incomplete LogbookQuestitemView
Taxidermy OrderQuestitemView
Scroll of Teleportation - BelethScrollView
Elemental Love WandWandView
Savior ApplePotionView
Dark Elven PouchTreasure_boxView
Legendary Antharas ScalesMaterialView
Spirit Crystal(Entangle)SpellbookView
Reserved Instance Pass CopyScrollView
Crab Meat Soup of FantasyFoodView
Soul Enchantment Scroll: ArmorScrollView
Nidrah's Energy Battery (Blessed)MaterialView
Unknown 41217Treasure_boxView
Uncrafted Ring of Hero 1 (Fire Spirit)OtherView
Blood StoneQuestitemView
Christmas Present - 2014Treasure_boxView
X-Potion FullPotionView
Gorgeous RingQuestitemView
Young FishFishView
Piece of Treasure MapQuestitemView
Red Origami PaperMaterialView
Black Magic PowderMaterialView
Magic Block - FEventView
Cupid's KissScrollView
Legendary Fafurion FangsMaterialView
Scroll of Teleportation - Deep Sea Grave of SScrollView
Orange Crafting GlitterMaterialView
Potion of EncouragementPotionView
Cursed BloodTreasure_boxView
Scroll of Teleportation - Trails 2FScrollView
Logbook Page 6QuestitemView
Yellow Heart FireworkFirecrackerView
Cursed Leather (Earth)MaterialView
Certificate of ValorQuestitemView
Undead KeyQuestitemView
Wind Dragon StoneMaterialView
Scroll of Teleportation - Elven Forest DungeoScrollView
Magic Block - EEventView
Dark Spirit Crystal(BlindHiding)SpellbookView
Reserved Instance Pass Copy CopyScrollView
Blue Origami PaperMaterialView
Basalt Battlehammer HeadMaterialView
Tide Water - SFishing_rodView
Pumpkin Pie - 2016 (Blessed)FoodView
Magic Growth PowderEventView