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                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other
 Item NameTypeOptions
Warriors Signet (Tomahawk)SpellbookView
Reserved Instance Pass CopyScrollView
Lastabad Supplies BagTreasure_boxView
Hero's Mother Tree BoxTreasure_boxView
Shot Mega Bam FireworkFirecrackerView
Secret Room KeyQuestitemView
Deep Blue Heart FireworkFirecrackerView
Soul Charged Bone Powder - ValakasMaterialView
Tail of DilloMaterialView
Mold HardenerMaterialView
Reserved Instance Pass CopyScrollView
Flower PillarOtherView
Sealed Majestic Necklace BeadsMaterialView
Royal Pass of BlessingOtherView
Sealed Tallum Helmet DesignMaterialView
T Alphabet FirecrackerFirecrackerView
Spider Leg MeatFoodView
Carmel CandyFoodView
Shilen's Charm of LoveEventView
Shadow Burst - AScrollView
Reserved Instance Pass Copy CopyScrollView
Gemstone - XMaterialView
Bunny Chest FurEventView
Onyx Stability FluidMaterialView
Leather of Black TigerMaterialView
Turkey Dinner 2015 (Blessed)FoodView
Scroll of Return - Ivory Tower TownScrollView
Tail of Sheba Human: AirMaterialView
Fin of DigoMaterialView
Tide Water - SFishing_rodView
Reserved Instance Pass CopyScrollView
Race TicketOtherView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - LegendaryTreasure_boxView
Potion of Mysterious Magic Level 1PotionView
Accelerated Elixir (Constitution)PotionView
Greater Valakas ChestOtherView
Memory Crystal (Concentration)SpellbookView
Magic Doll: PrinceOtherView
Lantern OilOtherView
Hearts Trail TokenPotionView
Maple Wand (Blessed)WandView
Easter Loyalty Seal - 2019EventView
Daedalus HeartstoneMaterialView
Freesia BouquetQuestitemView
Demon Mask InstructionsMaterialView
Reserved Instance Pass CopyScrollView