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                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other
 Item NameTypeOptions
Dull WeaponOtherView
Ingot of DarknessQuestitemView
Dark StoneScrollView
Sweet and Sour Fruit of FantasyFoodView
Potion of PurificationPotionView
Seal Equipment ScrollScrollView
Yellow Angler FishFishView
Ancient Ruby BoxTreasure_boxView
Spell Scroll (Greater Heal)ScrollView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - L 1.5Treasure_boxView
Special CandleEventView
Old WalletQuestitemView
Key to the AlterQuestitemView
Scroll of Return - Heine CityScrollView
Limit Break Device (Blessed)ScrollView
Scroll of Teleportation - MLC 7FScrollView
Magic Doll: GiantOtherView
Head of Orc ElderQuestitemView
Elixir Pass (Blessed)OtherView
Flower SeedEventView
Maple Wand (Blessed)WandView
Glowing Jack O LanternTreasure_boxView
Conductive Wind StoneQuestitemView
Crafted LeatherMaterialView
Bark of Black EntMaterialView
High Quality Shot Mega Bam FireworkFirecrackerView
Elemental StoneMaterialView
Wing of YaheeQuestitemView
Scroll of Teleportation - Lastabad 1FScrollView
Spell Scroll (Lesser Heal)ScrollView
Infinite LoveQuestitemView
Event Token Enchantment Scroll: TimeScrollView
Easter Loyalty Seal - 2017EventView
High Capacity Soul Battery - L1PotionView
K Alphabet FirecrackerFirecrackerView
Black Mithril PlateMaterialView
Missing Vanilla ExtractEventView
Unknown 41220Treasure_boxView
Enchant Scroll: ShadowScrollView
Orc Treasure BagTreasure_boxView
Thebes Instance PassScrollView
Labyrinth MapQuestitemView
Blue Elastic StringMaterialView
Scroll of Teleportation - Giran Hidden DungeoScrollView
SP Event Rune Lv4EventView
Articles of Clan Certification (Blessed)QuestitemView
Yellow PresentEventView