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                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other
 Item NameTypeOptions
Sealed Ancient Onyx (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Omega Elixir: ConstitutionPotionView
Blood of AntharasMaterialView
Smoldering Astagio AshesMaterialView
Magic Block - ZEventView
Sealed History Chapter 3QuestitemView
Earth StoneScrollView
Random Jewelry BoxTreasure_boxView
Sacred WaterQuestitemView
Spell Scroll (Holy Weapon)ScrollView
Sealed Major Arcana Gloves FabricMaterialView
Greater Dimensional RubyGemView
Red Termifract FlameMaterialView
Roasted Boar on SkewersFoodView
Coca ColaPotionView
Power Doll: NinjaOtherView
Ancient Diamond BoxTreasure_boxView
Alligator SteakFoodView
Limit Core Tier 1QuestitemView
Ancient RelicMaterialView
Crimson RootMaterialView
Potion of Mysterious Magic Level 2PotionView
Fang of Sheba HumanMaterialView
Pink Dragon EggEventView
Sword of VarlokQuestitemView
Soul Shot - CPotionView
Stuffed DeerOtherView
Book of Great MagicQuestitemView
Reserved Instance Pass CopyScrollView
Black Spirit Crystal (Armor Break: Destiny)SpellbookView
Dark Spirit Crystal(FinalBurn)SpellbookView
Pagan's MarkQuestitemView
Ancient Aquamarine BoxTreasure_boxView
Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings DesignMaterialView
Counter Trail TokenPotionView
Wedding Ring (Gold)OtherView
Scroll of Teleportation - Diad FortressScrollView
Ticket to Gludio EstateOtherView
Event Rune Upgrade PassScrollView
Ancients' Book of Magic, Volume 4MaterialView
Sealed Tallum Tunic TextureMaterialView
Scroll of Teleportation - Silent CavernScrollView
Ring of OrimOtherView
Soul Sealer ScrollScrollView
Craftsman MoldMaterialView
Scroll of Teleportation - Heine Dungeon 4FScrollView
Guide to True NatureQuestitemView
Vitality Event TokenPotionView
Soul Charged Valakas ScaleMaterialView