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                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other
 Item NameTypeOptions
Ample Innate PotionPotionView
Bridesmaid GiftTreasure_boxView
Hero's Legend BoxTreasure_boxView
Money Pouch of ReonaTreasure_boxView
Crab Meat SoupFoodView
Super Heal DraughtPotionView
Spite StonePotionView
Lesser Healing PotionPotionView
Box of Helmet PartsTreasure_boxView
Magic Doll: IllusionistOtherView
Ancient Healing PotionPotionView
Legendary Antharas ScalesMaterialView
Bloody DocumentQuestitemView
X-Potion MediumPotionView
Potion of LuckPotionView
Scroll of Teleportation - Abyss LakeScrollView
Christmas FirecrackerFirecrackerView
Sealed Ancient Ruby (Blessed)Treasure_boxView
Einhasad's BoxQuestitemView
Processed Sapphire 1GemView
Unknown 41216QuestitemView
Rabla's PouchQuestitemView
Red SockEventView
Golden Oscillation CrystalMaterialView
Scroll of Teleportation - Diad FortressScrollView
Chrysanthemum BouquetQuestitemView
White Dragon ScalesMaterialView
Ala of FairyMaterialView
Magic Doll: DrakeOtherView
Arcana Mace HeadMaterialView
Bunny Leg FurEventView
Magic Block - BEventView
Mysterious Block Prize Bag - LindviorTreasure_boxView
Roasted Boar on Skewers of FantasyFoodView
Guardian's BagTreasure_boxView
Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor PatternMaterialView
Amulet of ArasQuestitemView
Canned BeansEventView
I CardEventView
Metallic FiberMaterialView
Synthetic CokesMaterialView
Underworld Instance PassScrollView
Ancient Tanzanite BoxTreasure_boxView
Unknown 41234QuestitemView
Scroll of Teleportation - Oum DungeonScrollView
Sealed Tallum Tunic TextureMaterialView