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                      Throwing | Totem | Container | Wand | Other

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 Item NameTypeOptions
Maple WandWandView
Pouch of OumTreasure_boxView
Bottle of Valakas' SoulMaterialView
Hero Scroll: IllusionistScrollView
Potion of ExperincePotionView
Tiger Pole - AFishing_rodView
Soul Stone: Isle of PrayerQuestitemView
Oriharukon-Plated Bone ArrowArrowView
Dark Spirit Crystal(DressDex)SpellbookView
Magic FluteMaterialView
Knight Vald's BloodPotionView
Special Spirit CrystalMaterialView
Sword of Kent SoldierOtherView
Money Pouch of ReonaTreasure_boxView
Scroll of Teleportation - Giran Dungeon 2FScrollView
Map:Elven ForestOtherView
Vortex Chest: BossesTreasure_boxView
Pumpkin Reward ChestTreasure_boxView
Bridesmaid BouquetEventView
Tarnished High Grade Transmat MetalTreasure_boxView
Memory Crystal (Joy of Pain)SpellbookView
Leather of Sheba Human: FireMaterialView
Missing Vanilla ExtractEventView
Summoning Globe Level 1QuestitemView
XR Shirt Upgrade StoneScrollView
Map:Lair of ValakasOtherView
Soul Stone: LichQuestitemView
Spell Scroll (Meditation)ScrollView
Head of VarlokMaterialView
Uncrafted Ring of Hero 3 (Water Spirit)OtherView
Scroll of Teleportation - Small WastelandScrollView
Ecdysis of ArachneMaterialView
Inn Room KeyOtherView
Soul of ElfOtherView
Legendary Antharas ScalesMaterialView
Silver Zongzi (Blessed)PotionView
Book of Great MagicQuestitemView
Elixer (CON)PotionView
SKT Caves 3F ScrollScrollView
Fragment of War's SoulMaterialView
Skeleton Pet ArmorPetitemView
Flower PillarOtherView
Key of Ancient ElfQuestitemView