Class Type: Knight | Royal | Elf | Mage | Dark Elf | Illusionist | Dragonknight  Grade: No Grade | C | B | A | S | S80 | X
 Item NameTypeSDmgLDmgOptions
Sayhas BowBow44View
Ruby Bow of Love [2013][A] (Blessed)Bow00View
Wisdom of the Ancient PeopleStaff1010View
Cinco De Mayo Maracas - 2015Tohandblunt1010View
Inferno Bow [NG]Bow00View
Sword of OrdealSword1010View
Sword of Brave Lizardman SoldierTohandsword1418View
Valakas' Cinder Staff - X (Blessed)Tohandstaff00View
Edoryu of Red ShadowEdoryu2015View
Staff of GirtasTohandstaff1515View
Body of Oriharukon SwordSword44View
Lastabad One-Handed SpearSinglespear88View
Soul Separator [Guidance][A] (Blessed)Dagger2516View
Antharas' Tail Spike - X (Blessed)Singlespear00View
Demon Axe (Blessed)Tohandblunt2020View
Zajako's Epic Staff [S80]Staff00View
Lastabad BowBow22View
Glacier Kiringku [NG]Kiringku00View
Antharas' Tail Spike - UnchargedSinglespear00View
Antharas' Wand - UnchargedStaff00View
Tsurugi (Blessed)Sword1610View
Ivory Tower StaffStaff22View
Great Sword (Blessed)Tohandsword1714View
Lucern Hammer (Blessed)Spear911View
Ivory Tower ClawClaw1210View
Fafurion's Fin Blade - Uncharged (Blessed)Sword00View
Zariche (Cursed)Tohandsword8888View
Lance (Blessed)Singlespear68View
Soul Bow [Guidance][A] (Blessed)Bow1212View
Valakas' Bone Sword - Uncharged (Blessed)Sword00View
Great Sword of Blue SkyTohandsword1820View
Edoryu of Blue SkyEdoryu1610View
Zajako's Soul Blade [S80]Sword00View
Bow of Neit [X] (Blessed)Bow00View
The Naughty List [X]Staff00View
Fafurion's Fin Blade - X (Blessed)Sword00View
Tallum Glaive [A] (Blessed)Spear2525View
Sword of Blue SkySword1212View
Begal ClawsClaw11View
Ritual BladeDagger00View
Dual Keshanberk Swords [DamageUp][A] (Blessed)Edoryu2120View
Samurai Longsword [C]Sword1819View
Glaive (Blessed)Spear610View
Dwarvish AxeTohandblunt814View
Dark Legion's Edge [DamageUp][A] (Blessed)Sword2727View
Kyudoka Yumi+ (Blessed)Bow8080View
Basalt Battlehammer [S]Blunt3030View
Spear of Blue SkySinglespear1214View
Antharas' Twin Slicers - UnchargedEdoryu00View