Class Type: Knight | Royal | Elf | Mage | Dark Elf | Illusionist | Dragonknight  Grade: No Grade | C | B | A | S | S80 | X
 Item NameTypeSDmgLDmgOptions
Soul Seperator [A] (Blessed)Dagger2516View
Staff of BelethStaff23View
Fafurion's WaveAxe - XR (Blessed)Blunt00View
Apprentice Elf BowBow22View
Long SwordSword812View
Bow of Blue SkyBow33View
Sour Dough SlammerTohandsword11View
Ciabatta CutterChainsword11View
Lucern Hammer (Blessed)Spear911View
Freya's Claws [S80]Claw00View
Morning Star (Blessed)Blunt910View
Draconic Bow [CriticalSlow][S] (Blessed)Bow2525View
Two-Handed Sword of Pretender King (Blessed)Tohandsword1620View
Eight Grain MalletBlunt11View
Dragon Grinder [Health][A] (Blessed)Claw2524View
Clarent [A] (Blessed)Sword00View
Demon Splitter [Focus][S] (Blessed)Claw3129View
Fafurion's WaveAxe - X (Blessed)Blunt00View
Two-Handed Sword (Cursed)Tohandsword1416View
Bow of Ancient ElfSinglebow33View
Dark Legion's Edge [A] (Blessed)Sword2626View
Shakujo (Blessed)Tohandstaff1012View
Heart DaggerDagger11View
Shamrock ChopperBlunt55View
Saint Spear [Health][S] (Blessed)Spear3030View
Saint Spear [Haste][S] (Blessed)Spear3030View
Great Sword of Aden [B]Tohandsword2828View
Scimitar (Cursed)Sword88View
Ivory Tower AxeBlunt1013View
Steel EdoryuEdoryu107View
Berserker AxeTohandblunt99View
Test Sword (Blessed)Tohandsword2929View
Saint Spear [Guidance][S] (Blessed)Spear3030View
Sword of KurtzSword00View
Elven Dagger (Blessed)Dagger43View
Lance (Blessed)Singlespear68View
Elizabeth's Royal Rattle [X] (Blessed)Blunt00View
Fafurion's Scatterblaster - UnchargedSinglebow00View
Sword of Blue SkySword1212View
Steel ClawClaw108View
Oriharukon DaggerDagger77View
Sword of SilenceSword1212View
Antharas' Twin Slicers - Event+ (Blessed)Edoryu00View
Brioche WandStaff11View
Kifli BowBow11View
Elven BowBow22View
Lindvior's Caster - X (Blessed)Staff00View
Dual Dark Legion's Edges [Focus][S]Edoryu2524View
Two-Handed Sword of VarlokTohandsword79View