Class Type: Knight | Royal | Elf | Mage | Dark Elf | Illusionist | Dragonknight  Grade: No Grade | C | B | A | S | S80 | X
 Item NameTypeSDmgLDmgOptions
Freya's Staff [S80]Staff00View
Moralltach, The Great Fury [X] (Blessed)Tohandsword00View
Sword of Blue SkySword1212View
Branch of the Mother Tree [Mana Steal][A] (Blessed)Staff2524View
Khopesh of the Underworld [S80]Sword00View
Dark EdoryuEdoryu128View
Zariche (Cursed)Tohandsword8888View
Symbol of Dignity (Blessed)Blunt1416View
Valakas' Bone Sword - Event+ (Blessed)Sword00View
Valakas' Fang Knife - Event+Dagger00View
Iron Mace of AngusTohandblunt1616View
Blood Sword Akamanah (Cursed)Edoryu8888View
Lucern HammerSpear911View
Samurai Longsword [C]Sword1819View
Valakas' Cinder Staff - Event+ (Blessed)Tohandstaff00View
Branch of the Mother Tree [Conversion][A] (Blessed)Staff2119View
Dual BaguettesEdoryu11View
Fafurion's Fin Blade - Uncharged (Blessed)Sword00View
Diad Fortress CrossbowBow33View
Inferno Kiringku [NG]Kiringku00View
Lindvior's WingSpur - Event+Dagger00View
Dual Keshanberk Swords [A] (Blessed)Edoryu2120View
Hammer of the HeavensTohandblunt1516View
Hyrulian Master Sword+ (Blessed)Sword6565View
Apprentice Knight SwordSword88View
Hyrulian Master Sword (Blessed)Sword55View
Antharas' Wand - UnchargedStaff00View
Prov's ScornSword99View
Sword of Miracles [Mana Steal][A] (Blessed)Sword1918View
Antharas' Claw Axe - Event+ (Blessed)Blunt00View
Zajako's Epic Staff [S80]Staff00View
Unknown 241Sword1012View
Sword of Ancient ElfSword1212View
Forgotten Blade [Focus][S] (Blessed)Sword3535View
Sword of KurtzSword00View
Imperial Staff [S]Tohandstaff3530View
Vesper Staff [S80]Tohandstaff00View
Orcish Short SwordSword44View
Halberd (Blessed)Spear106View
Two-Handed Sword of VarlokTohandsword1012View
Forgotten Blade [Haste][S] (Blessed)Sword3535View
Demon Axe (Blessed)Tohandblunt2020View
Lindvior's Leverage - X (Blessed)Sword00View
Keshanberk [B]Sword2125View
Yumi (Blessed)Bow33View
Lightsaber+ - TFASword7070View
Forgotten Blade [S]Sword3535View
C} Orcish Short SwordSword44View
Dual Dark Legion's Edges [Focus][S]Edoryu2524View