Class Type: Knight | Royal | Elf | Mage | Dark Elf | Illusionist | Dragonknight  Grade: No Grade | C | B | A | S | S80 | X
 Item NameTypeSDmgLDmgOptions
Apprentice ChainswordChainsword1515View
Valakas' Claw Staff - X (Blessed)Staff00View
Tekko-Kagi (Blessed)Claw1012View
Bloody Demon Claws [B]Claw1918View
Dragon Slayer [CriticalPoison][A] (Blessed)Tohandsword3535View
Dice Dagger (Cursed)Dagger13View
Valakas' Fang Knife - UnchargedDagger00View
Elven Bow of DexterityBow22View
Lightsaber+ - TFASword7070View
Sword of Valhalla [B]Sword1010View
Dual Dark Legion's Edges [S]Edoryu2524View
Sour Dough SlammerTohandsword11View
Bow of Cold MasteryBow55View
Apprentice BowBow66View
Sapphire Bow of Love [2013][A] (Blessed)Bow00View
Spear of Sheba HumanSpear520View
Great AxeTohandblunt1016View
Dual Dark Legion's Edges [DmgUp][S]Edoryu2524View
Lindvior's Lightbringer - UnchargedSinglebow00View
Haunting Staff [X] (Blessed)Staff00View
Kanabo (Blessed)Blunt1012View
Imperial Staff [CritStun][S] (Blessed)Tohandstaff3530View
Test Sword (Blessed)Tohandsword2929View
Ancient Great SwordTohandsword2442View
Eva's ScornSword99View
Mespliffz's Kifli BowBow11View
Tallum Glaive [Wide Blow][A] (Blessed)Spear2525View
Crystalized StaffTohandstaff1315View
Edoryu of Auger BladeEdoryu88View
Two-Handed Sword of VarlokTohandsword35View
Kifli BowBow11View
Two-Handed Sword of VarlokTohandsword57View
Smellin, The Holey Blade (Blessed)Sword00View
Branch of the Mother Tree [Empower][A] (Blessed)Staff2119View
Staff of Blue SkyStaff85View
Axe of MinotaurTohandblunt1214View
Pumpkin SwordSword55View
Battle AxeTohandblunt88View
Ciabatta CutterChainsword11View
Zakaron's Sword [S80]Sword00View
Kaim Vanul's Bones [B]Staff11View
Apprentice Knight SwordSword88View
Damascus Sword (Blessed)Sword1011View
Dark EdoryuEdoryu128View
Orcish Bume SmacheBlunt89View
Halberd (Blessed)Spear106View