Class Type: Knight | Royal | Elf | Mage | Dark Elf | Illusionist | Dragonknight  Grade: No Grade | C | B | A | S | S80 | X
 Item NameTypeSDmgLDmgOptions
Apprentice KiringkuKiringku1818View
Dark Legion's Edge [DamageUp][A] (Blessed)Sword2727View
Cupid's Bow of LoveBow00View
Chainsword of Destroyer [C]Chainsword1919View
Demon Splitter [S]Claw3129View
Steel Staff of ManaStaff33View
Dual Tsurugi Swords [B]Edoryu1614View
Staff of New King (Blessed)Tohandstaff99View
Claw of BraveryClaw1715View
Maphr's RetributionTohandblunt45View
Ancient SwordSword3520View
Valakas' Wing Bow - Uncharged (Blessed)Bow00View
Fafurion's Fin Blade - X (Blessed)Sword00View
Fafurion's SS-XP 2000 - X (Blessed)Bow00View
Tallum Glaive [Health][A] (Blessed)Spear2525View
Soul Separator [DamageUp][A] (Blessed)Dagger2617View
Silver SwordSword77View
Staff of BelethStaff23View
Apprentice Long SwordSword1212View
Blade of RevengeTohandsword133View
Valakas' Cinder Staff - Event+ (Blessed)Tohandstaff00View
Diad Fortress EdoryuEdoryu1511View
Elven Bow (Blessed)Bow22View
Fafurion's CrestBreakers - X (Blessed)Edoryu00View
Lindvior's Lightbringer - Event+ (Blessed)Singlebow00View
Long Sword of Pretender King (Blessed)Sword1310View
Kaiser Crossbow (Blessed)Bow43View
Heart StaffStaff55View
Claw of BarankaClaw1818View
Ivory Tower StaffStaff22View
Zaken's Dual Blades - XR (Blessed)Edoryu00View
Edoryu of Red ShadowEdoryu2015View
Wind Blade DaggerDagger2316View
Marv's Engraver - XR (Blessed)Sword00View
Valakas' Bone Sword - X (Blessed)Sword00View
Lucern Hammer (Blessed)Spear911View
Apprentice SwordSword78View
Zajako's Blade of Truth [X] (Blessed)Tohandsword00View
Fafurion's Waters of Mending - UnchargedTohandstaff00View
Draconic Bow [CriticalSlow][S] (Blessed)Bow2525View
Sword of Miracles [A]Sword1715View
Ivory Tower AxeBlunt1013View
Blades of Time [X] (Blessed)Edoryu00View
Elven Bow of DexterityBow22View
Antharas' Claw Axe - UnchargedBlunt00View
Ivory Tower Stone BowBow22View
Yari (Blessed)Spear1012View
Lastabad EdoryuEdoryu1510View