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Latest News

Easter is once again on the brink of ruin! Tired of the tyranny of of the Bunny King and Queen, A Ultra Cool Bunny has rose up in the background rallying any bunny that will listen to it (Being pretty cool, it wasn’t hard to get a lot of bunnies!) to take over easter! They raided the stash of Easter eggs and sent them flying all over Talking Island.

Event Details

You are tasked with the goal of hunting the the bunnies of Talking Island and getting the eggs back! They can drop different colored Easter eggs that are worth different amounts of points. These points can be turned in by expanding the event menu on the right and choosing "Turn In Items". It will then consume all Easter Egg items (for this event) and reward you with points and items you have earned by accumulating those points. Additionally it will reward you randomly with buffs according to the eggs you turned in. These Buffs stack with each other and themselves, allowing you to increase the duration. Furthermore the buffs save when you log out and will restore themselves when you log back in.

Point Prize List

To view the prize list for the event you can click here: Easter Points Prize List

Easter Blessing Buffs

These buffs are obtained randomly when turning in easter items. They are saved when you logout and the timers stack when turning in. You can also get these buffs from using the Mystery Easter Candy (mentioned later in this post), however the candy will not increase your buff timer if over one hour, while the turn in bonus will.

Bunny Egg Blessing - Green: This buff adds +10 Battlegrounds PvP Defence
Bunny Egg Blessing - Blue: This buff adds +10 Battlegrounds PvP Damage
Bunny Egg Blessing - Red: This buff adds +1 Point for each Event Point item turned in
Bunny Egg Blessing - Purple: This buff adds +10 Battlegrounds PvP Base Damage

2024 Bunny Loyalty Gear

So every year, the Bunny gear is rolled out with fresher and newer versions. This year is no different! You can craft this gear using the Frintezza’s Seamstress npc located in SKT and Aden.You can craft the base bunny items using materials gained from hunting on Event Talking Island. These base items can then be used to craft or be upgraded to loyalty items, using Loyalty Seal - 2024. You can get these seals during the event from Ives’ shop. Here are some major changes in the Loyalty Bunny items this year:

  • All new loyalty gear has an additional 2 soul levels
  • Levels give increased amounts of PEN/RES for each item
  • Levels give increased HP and stats for each item
  • Levels 31- 47 DO NOT require Limit Breaks to level up.
  • All new Icons to make them match!
  • New shorter name to reduce clutter in player configs

Here is the list of Loyalty Items added this year, click on them for more details:

Event Items

Mystery Easter Candy - This candy when consumed gives you a random Bunny Egg Blessing. It will not increase the buff timer beyond the 1 hour it gives. If your buff timer for the buff it gives is less than one hour, it will become 1 hour. If it is more than one hour, it will not change it. You can use this item as many times as you would like until you get the desired bunny buff. Just try not to get an upset tummy! Ives has these in his shop for those interested!

Loyalty Seal - 2024 - This item can be used to upgrade base bunny equipment into 2024 Loyalty bunny equipment that can be leveled up and has loads of benefits. You can get these from Ives.

Bunny Bag - This bag contains a random material to craft bunny gear. It also has a chance to give a Mystery Easter Candy. These can be obtained by turning in points or directly from Ives’ shop.

Green Easter Egg - This Easter egg is dropped by the bunnies on Talking Island. It rewards you with one point and can trigger the Green Easter Blessing Buff.

Blue Easter Egg - This Easter egg is dropped by the bunnies on Talking Island. It rewards you with two points and can trigger the Blue Easter Blessing Buff.

Red Easter Egg - This Easter egg is dropped by the bunnies on Talking Island. It rewards you with three points and can trigger the Red Easter Blessing Buff.

Purple Easter Egg - This Easter egg is dropped by the bunnies on Talking Island. It rewards you with four points and can trigger the Purple Easter Blessing Buff.

Soul Stone: Easter - Dropped by the event bunnies during the event and when opened by the Mysterious Codex can level up entries from the Easter Event.

Other Changes

  • Added new system to holodeck that stores the boss timers so that even if you leave a room, the timer resumes when you come back.
  • Optimized and fixed bugs with pumpkin juice polymorphs so that they give class specific morphs that work properly with attack speeds

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Most of the mini games in the L1.5 Arcade ( ) will be closing down on Monday March 25th and resetting all related items/points/etc for future runs. So be sure to use up all the free plays, tokens, marks, etc before they are removed. The hearts mini game is not currently effected by this though and will be ending with the Valentine's Day event as scheduled. Easter Event should be releasing on Monday as well.

Good Luck!
Have Fun!
Just finished restarting the server to release a fix for the Assorted Chocolates and a new change to the way bosses spawn in the Holodeck. Boss timers now are saved when you leave the holodeck and resume when you come back. The only time these timers reset is with a server restart.
Happy Valentine's Day!

New Assorted Chocolates item Added, when used these can provide a random buff from a large list of buffs. These can be obtained from hunting the succubus's during the event. They can also be traded for gift coins from Ives or from donation packages.

There are also 5 new donation packs added for the event, you can check them out here:
Festive Decorations and Jingle Bell Cookies will be removed from Ive's shop with the next restart happening this weekend.
There was a bug found with the Antharas Chest mini game where it was sharing the prize pool with Fafurion chests, I am going to apply the fix for this around 9PM tonight so that everyone has a fair chance at the Antharas chest inventory. Please wait for me to confirm its been fixed in the general channel before jumping in on opening the chests. Good Luck!
The bug with Holodeck time only lasting 30 minutes instead of an hour should now be fixed as well and shouldn't require a restart.
All event heart weapons are now tradable. Applied without a restart.

Hello! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I’ve brought back the events from the previous years as well as a new permanent feature that is in beta.

New Feature: HoloDeck (beta)

A new system has been added to allow private secure grinding sessions! When you enter the holodeck you can find the npc Gene the Holodeck Controller who will allow you to select which zone you want to have monsters spawn from. Monsters will then spawn within the room allowing you to collect drops, gain exp and sxp similar to as you would in the regular zone.

  • Drop, Exp and Sxp amounts are similar to normal zone monsters
  • Spawn Rates are usually slightly higher than normal zone monsters and don’t wait for you to finish killing a monster to spawn the next one
  • Monsters will despawn if you do not kill them fast enough
  • Hunting in the holodeck requires zone time specific to the holodeck.
  • You get 1 hour of zone time each day for this area free
  • You can add more holodeck time by using Holodeck Zone Time Booster - 1 hour which can be obtained from Yates in -shop at a discounted rate while the system is in beta.
  • Bosses can spawn in the holodeck if you are in the zone long enough. Currently the spawn rate is similar to the real boss and resets if you leave the zone or log out. This will be changed in the future to keep track of how long you’ve been in the holodeck and spawn the boss based on that or another method if I come up with a better solution.

As of the time of this post following hunting areas are supported by the holodeck:

  • Land of Beginnings (4 areas):
    • Goblin
    • Orc
    • Lycan
    • Undead
  • Blazing Swamp
  • Isle of Prayer
  • Sky Gardens (4 Areas):
    • Fire Zone
    • Water Zone
    • Earth Zone
    • Wind Zone
  • The Devil’s Blade (3 areas):
    • Deck 1
    • Deck 2
    • Deck 3
  • The Underworld (5 areas):
    • Resistance Tunnels
    • Under Wilds
    • Giant’s Grave
    • Lake Overlook
    • Menzoberranzan
  • Events (1 area):
    • Valentine’s Day

More areas will be added over time. Please provide feedback about this system as a reply to this post on the boards as I will be looking to fix bugs and add new features overtime.

Valentine's Day Event Links

Succubus Queen’s Revenge Points and Heart Weapon Event Details

MyL1.5 Heart Mini Game Details

Original Shirt Event Details

Later event with a couple tweeks to the above

Later event with the addition of the XR upgrade stone
(Thanks to @Warfare on Discord for providing the links to the previous events)

Recent Patches/Updates

  • Fafurion’s WaveAxe - XR has updated stats now, including stats for levels 41-50.
  • Swing Lag issues with Swords, Daggers, Staves, Two Handed Swords, Edoryu, Claw and possibly other weapons while using Pumpkin Juice polymorphs has been resolved causing all weapons to work properly.
  • Pumpkin Juice will now only polymorph you into a weapon appropriate sprite for your currently equipped weapon. (pending restart)
    *Lindvior Earring - X and Sparkling Brooch - X have been updated to allow limit breaks to level 40 with additonal stats added for these levels
    *Lindvior Earring - XR added to the game and is craft able by the Soul Smith Torok: L1.5 : Lindvior Earring - XR [Custom Private Lineage 1 Server]
  • New Reset Configs button added to the Account → Options page on the website. This will reset all item inventory locations and hotkeys. It should only be used in the event that you get a black screen upon selecting a character or if I recommend you to press the button directly.

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New "Reset Configs" button has been added to the bottom of the Options page on the website. Use this button if you have issues logging in that cause your character to load with a black screen. This will reset all your character's inventory locations and hotkeys, but should allow you to login on that character again. The options page can be reached by going to the accounts tab then clicking options on the site or clicking this link:
Fafurion's WaveAxe - XR has updated stats now, including stats for levels 41-50.
The server has been restarted, a post will be made later today announcing new features added. Valentines Day event has been released as well. You can read the details for it from an older post here:

Fire vs Ice Chapter 1: Infernal Invasion

Event Lore:

In the heart of a frozen realm, where the snow never ceased and the night sky shimmered with auroras, there lay the domain of the Ice Queen, Freya. Her kingdom was a winter wonderland, a place of serene beauty and eternal cold. The Ice Queen, with her heart as pure as the driven snow, ruled with a gentle but firm hand. Every year, as Christmas approached, her subjects would gather around evergreen trees, decorating them with lights, garland, ornaments of red and yellow, finalizing it with a bright shiny start on top. These celebrations sparked joy throughout all the realms causing the snow, to spread along with the cheer and joy.

However, this year was different. As the first snowflakes of the season began to fall, a fiery rift tore open in the sky. From this blazing portal emerged Mephistopheles, a fire demon of legend, his eyes burning like coals and his presence radiating an unbearable heat. He had come to challenge the Ice Queen, seeking to expand his infernal domain into her icy realm and put an end to her influence across all realms.

As Mephistopheles descended upon the kingdom, the snow beneath his feet hissed and turned to steam. The trees around him caught fire, their branches crackling and popping in the intense heat. The Ice Queen, alerted by this intrusion, summoned her forces. Her warrior yetis, clad in armor gathered their weapons and began to fight back.

This is where you come in, gather the items to restore the festivities and place these festive trees throughout Aden!

Event Details:

A new map has arrived with 6 new bosses, this is the Frozen Realm. You can get there by clicking the Event Teleport link on the right side of the screen:


This will take you to the center of the battlefield, where you can head North to combat the weaker invading forces or South to fight the difficult defending forces. There are overlaps to the East and West as well where the mobs tend to mix.

Defeating the monsters here can drop materials to craft Festive Trees which when used spawn a tree that grants a powerful buff to those nearby. There are also several new items and new dolls that can be obtained by defeating the new bosses.

New Map: Frozen Realm

Frozen Realm Map

New Dolls:

Greater Doll: Lava Golem - This doll when summoned increases Critical Hit Damage by 35%. This has also been added as a drop to Apathos in Sky Gardens as well as the new event monster Heated Golem.

Greater Doll: Diamond Golem - This is yet another doll that provides a bonus to Penetration and Resilience. It increases both by 5% each and drops from the Glacial Golem in the event.

Greater Doll: Ice Queen - If SXP gains is your thing, but damage is too? Then Ice Queen is the way to go! Offering only slightly less sxp than the Greater Lich Doll (1.5% increase to SXP), but also bonuses to Penetration (5% increase to Penetration), it makes it an easy choice.

Additionally the demon doll will drop from 2 new bosses from this event.

New Items:

Jingle Bell Cookies - These new cookies will provide a buff that lasts 5 minutes. This buff increases soul shot and spirit shot damage by 50% and stacks with similar jewels.

Festive Tree - This item can be crafted by Santa’s Helper in Oren town (-warp 5). When used it will spawn a festive tree that will disappear after 10 minutes. Every 10 seconds this tree will provide a buff to everyone nearby that lasts for 60 seconds. This buff increases Penetration by 1000 and Resilience by 1000, so make sure to place it near where you’re hunting for maximum benefits!

Box of Festive Decorations - This box contains randomly materials for a festive tree or possibly a cookie (hopefully it isn’t stale!). You can trade gift coins for these with Ives in Valhalla (-shop)

Demonstone - Gives you the power to overcome powerful demons. Seems to disappear when a greater demon dies.

Maidenstone - Gives you the power to penetrate the Ice Queen’s shields. Seems to disappear when the presence of the Ice Queen fades.

Festive Tree Materials:
Bring these to Santa’s Helper in Oren to exchange them for a festive Tree! They drop from the event monsters.

Codex Items:
These items provide codex entries for the event monsters.

Additionally there’s a new rune you can acquire via the codex called “Bells of Holly” it is on the 2nd page of the codex rune shop (you can get to the 2nd page by clicking next at the bottom of the rune shop page).

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Bready Event Contest Winners

The bready event is offically over and we have our winners!

Rank 1: Fawx with 601 Platforms
Rank 2: Empava with 561 Platforms
Rank 3: WinDBreaker with 369 Platforms


Please send a PM to zajako on discord letting him know which bread weapon you want your reward to be based on.

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The winners have been drawn and now you can click the link below to see if you’ve won and claim your prize!

If you are one of these winners make sure you are logged in on the site with the same account that your winning character is on. Then click the claim button next to your character’s name.

Fill out the form and select your prizes if you had a choice of prizes.

To see the winners and/or claim your prize, go here:

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To celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and to help fundraise for NovemberThon), we are opening up the L1.5 Arcade! New items have been added, some new packs have been added to the donation packages system as well. All mini games have had their statuses and inventories reset to prepare for this release as well.

New Prizes Added to the Arcade

The new dolls posted in the recent post New Dolls! and some Thanksgiving Patch Notes! are available in the mini games, you can get them from the following games:

Flip2Win : Greater Doll: Kurtz, Greater Doll: Baranka
Anniversary GC Wheel : Greater Doll: Demon
Treasures of Insolence : Greater Doll: Baphomet
Lindvior Chest Game : Greater Doll: Chaos
Fafurion Chest Game : Greater Doll: Chaos
Valakas Chest Game : Greater Doll: Chaos
Antharas Chest Game : Greater Doll: Chaos

Additionally the new Soul Eater Fodder weapons (aka Soul Forged) have been added to the mini games to help prepare for the soul eaters. These will get soul levels to allow preparing for the release of soul eaters later this month. You can read about these items here: Soul Eater Fodder Items. You can get these from the following games:

Flip2Win : Soul Forged Wand, Soul Forged Chainsword
Anniversary GC Wheel : Soul Forged Staff, Soul Forged Edoryu
Treasures of Insolence : Soul Forged Claw, Soul Forged Spear
Lindvior Chest Game : Soul Forged Longbow, Soul Forged Kiringku
Fafurion Chest Game : Soul Forged Shooter, Soul Forged Dagger
Valakas Chest Game : Soul Forged Greatsword
Antharas Chest Game : Soul Forged Sword, Soul Forged Axe

Additionally I’ve added in the NFT’s from the 14th anniversary event to the mini games again as well. These can be claimed if you win one by sending a private message to me @zajako via discord.

New Donation Packages

To help you get a jump start in the new mini games, I’ve added 2 new packages to the Donation Packages system. Both provide the Gift Coins and usual bonuses for donations, however they also include large bonuses in plays for the mini games via new items that automatically redeem to the mini games upon delivery of the package. These are labeled as Board Game Dice, Flip2Win Free Plays, Gift Coin Wheel Free Plays, Lindvior Wheel Token, Valakas Wheel Token, Fafurion Wheel Token and Antharas Wheel Token. They will show up in each respective mini game as free plays or normal plays and the mini game its for will not require gift coins for those plays until these run out.

NovemberThon Arcade Token Bundle
NovemberThon Arcade Token Bundle - Provides play tokens and passes for most of the L1.5 Arcade games located here. Includes a bonus 250 plays for each mini game for a donation of $100 in addition to the gift coins and usual bonuses.

NovemberThon Arcade Token Mega Bundle
NovemberThon Arcade Token Mega Bundle - Provides play tokens and passes for most of the L1.5 Arcade games located here. Includes a bonus 1500 plays for each mini game for a donation of $500 in addition to the gift coins and usual bonuses.

Free plays are again active

For characters that are in game during this event, you will gain free plays for the mini games randomly! This requires a character level 50 or above that is logged in to the game. Every hour it will give out a random free play to all characters meeting these requirements for one of the mini games selected at random.

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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Server Info
Discord: l15server
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SXP Event: 2x
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Current Chip Buffs
5Y Chip: Intelligence +3
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10Y Ear: Strength +10
10Y Ring: Crit Dmg +100%
New Features!
Mysterious Codex
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L1.5 Arcade!!

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