Classes:Royal Knight Elf Dark Elf Damageable:No
Safe Enchant:6Type:Spear
Damage Bonus:10Hit Bonus:10
Critical Rating:10Magical Critical Rating:0
Strength Bonus:1Intelligence Bonus:0
Constitution Bonus:0Wisdom Bonus:0
Dexterity Bonus:1Charisma Bonus:0
Health Bonus:0Mana Bonus:0
Health Regen Bonus:0Mana Regen Bonus:0
Magic Defense Bonus:0Spell Power Bonus:0


Minimum Level:61  

Crafting/Questing Information

Npc NameMinMaxRarityTier
Evil Soccer Ball 1 1   All
Slaughter Bathin 1 1   All
Dark Water Dragon 1 1   All
Ocean Flame Ashakiel 1 1   All
Thriving Dead Captain 1 1   All
Thriving Dead Solider 1 1   All
Kiwi Parrot 1 1   All

Auction Listings
1 20,000,000 Adena Buy It Now
1 95,000,000 Adena Buy It Now

When I first got this glaive I went hunting on IOP. All went well until I attacked corals which were very close to Castellias. In so doing I died immediately. This was repeated two more times. The brilliant thought that area of effect was on this weapon came to me. In fact, it was. I turned off the AOE and went back to hunt. There was no change. The Castellias attacked me nonetheless. So, either this glaive does have a wide-reaching effect ( this regular blessed glaive ) or AOE can not be cancelled ( and hence is a bug ). Anyone experience similar effects with this weapon?