Accessory Type: Amulet | Ring | Earrings | Belt | Guarder | Shield | Brooch | Jewel | Pouch
Class Type: Knight | Royal | Elf | Mage | Dark Elf | Illusionist | Dragonknight  Grade: No Grade | C | B | A | S | S80 | X
 Item NameTypeOptions
Ancient Ruby Lv1JewelView
Ancient Ruby Lv2JewelView
Ancient Ruby Lv3JewelView
Ancient Ruby Lv4JewelView
Ancient Ruby Lv5JewelView
Ancient Sapphire Lv1JewelView
Ancient Sapphire Lv2JewelView
Ancient Sapphire Lv3JewelView
Ancient Sapphire Lv4JewelView
Ancient Sapphire Lv5JewelView
Ancient Topaz Lv1JewelView
Ancient Topaz Lv2JewelView
Ancient Topaz Lv3JewelView
Ancient Topaz Lv4JewelView
Ancient Topaz Lv5JewelView
Ancient Opal Lv1JewelView
Ancient Opal Lv2JewelView
Ancient Opal Lv3JewelView
Ancient Opal Lv4JewelView
Ancient Opal Lv5JewelView
Ancient Obsidian Lv1JewelView
Ancient Obsidian Lv2JewelView
Ancient Obsidian Lv3JewelView
Ancient Obsidian Lv4JewelView
Ancient Obsidian Lv5JewelView
Ancient Diamond Lv1JewelView
Ancient Diamond Lv2JewelView
Ancient Diamond Lv3JewelView
Ancient Diamond Lv4JewelView
Ancient Diamond Lv5JewelView
Ancient Emerald Lv1JewelView
Ancient Emerald Lv2JewelView
Ancient Emerald Lv3JewelView
Ancient Emerald Lv4JewelView
Ancient Emerald Lv5JewelView
Ancient Aquamarine Lv1JewelView
Ancient Aquamarine Lv2JewelView
Ancient Aquamarine Lv3JewelView
Ancient Aquamarine Lv4JewelView
Ancient Aquamarine Lv5JewelView
Ancient Pearl Lv1JewelView
Ancient Pearl Lv2JewelView
Ancient Pearl Lv3JewelView
Ancient Pearl Lv4JewelView
Ancient Pearl Lv5JewelView
Ancient Glass EyeJewelView
Ancient Garnet Lv1JewelView
Ancient Garnet Lv2JewelView
Ancient Garnet Lv3JewelView
Ancient Garnet Lv4JewelView
Ancient Garnet Lv5JewelView
Ancient Onyx Lv1JewelView
Ancient Onyx Lv2JewelView
Ancient Onyx Lv3JewelView
Ancient Onyx Lv4JewelView
Ancient Onyx Lv5JewelView
Ancient Amethyst Lv1JewelView
Ancient Amethyst Lv2JewelView
Ancient Amethyst Lv3JewelView
Ancient Amethyst Lv4JewelView
Ancient Amethyst Lv5JewelView
Ancient Cat's Eye Lv1JewelView
Ancient Cat's Eye Lv2JewelView
Ancient Cat's Eye Lv3JewelView
Ancient Cat's Eye Lv4JewelView
Ancient Cat's Eye Lv5JewelView
Ancient Sphalerite Lv1JewelView
Ancient Sphalerite Lv2JewelView
Ancient Sphalerite Lv3JewelView
Ancient Sphalerite Lv4JewelView
Ancient Sphalerite Lv5JewelView
Ancient Vital Stone Lv1JewelView
Ancient Vital Stone Lv2JewelView
Ancient Vital Stone Lv3JewelView
Ancient Vital Stone Lv4JewelView
Ancient Vital Stone Lv5JewelView
Ancient Tanzanite Lv1JewelView
Ancient Tanzanite Lv2JewelView
Ancient Tanzanite Lv3JewelView
Ancient Tanzanite Lv4JewelView
Ancient Tanzanite Lv5JewelView
Ancient Green Kyanite Lv1JewelView
Ancient Green Kyanite Lv2JewelView
Ancient Green Kyanite Lv3JewelView
Ancient Green Kyanite Lv4JewelView
Ancient Green Kyanite Lv5JewelView
Ancient Apatite Lv1JewelView
Ancient Apatite Lv2JewelView
Ancient Apatite Lv3JewelView
Ancient Apatite Lv4JewelView
Ancient Apatite Lv5JewelView
Ancient Vanadinite Lv1JewelView
Ancient Vanadinite Lv2JewelView
Ancient Vanadinite Lv3JewelView
Ancient Vanadinite Lv4JewelView
Ancient Vanadinite Lv5JewelView
Ancient Red Jasper Lv1JewelView
Ancient Red Jasper Lv2JewelView
Ancient Red Jasper Lv3JewelView
Ancient Red Jasper Lv4JewelView
Ancient Red Jasper Lv5JewelView
Golden Egg of Loyalty [2017]JewelView
Gore's Animus - XJewelView
Golden Egg of Loyalty [2018]JewelView
Death's Head - XJewelView
Golden Egg of Loyalty - 2019JewelView