Accessory Type: Amulet | Ring | Earrings | Belt | Guarder | Shield | Brooch | Jewel | Pouch
Class Type: Knight | Royal | Elf | Mage | Dark Elf | Illusionist | Dragonknight  Grade: No Grade | C | B | A | S | S80 | X
 Item NameTypeACMROptions
Hidden Valley AmuletAmulet00View
Old Amulet of CharismaAmulet00View
Old Amulet of DexterityAmulet00View
Old Amulet of StrengthAmulet00View
Old Amulet of InteligenceAmulet00View
Old Amulet of WisdomAmulet00View
Old Amulet of ConstitutionAmulet00View
Necklace of Doppelganger BossAmulet00View
Silver Serpent AmuletAmulet00View
Necklace of LaiaAmulet00View
Amulet of Magic Spirit KingAmulet00View
Amulet of CharismaAmulet00View
Ring of Arcane KingAmulet00View
Amulet of DexterityAmulet00View
Amulet of Black WizardAmulet00View
Amulet of Beast SummonerAmulet00View
Amulet of Singing Island Amulet00View
Amulet of Iris [S]Amulet015View
Amulet of YaheeAmulet00View
Amulet of VigorAmulet00View
Amulet of Orc WarriorAmulet00View
Amulet of StrengthAmulet00View
Seal of HarmonyAmulet00View
Amulet of IntelligenceAmulet00View
Amulet of WisdomAmulet00View
Amulet of ConstitutionAmulet00View
Skeleton AmuletAmulet-20View
Silver Serpent AmuletAmulet00View
High Collie ChokerAmulet00View
High Racoon ChokerAmulet00View
Amulet of BeagleAmulet00View
Amulet of Snow ManAmulet00View
Amulet of Kahel 1Amulet00View
Amulet of Kahel 2Amulet00View
Amulet of Kahel 3Amulet00View
Amulet of Kahel 4Amulet00View
Amulet of Kahel 5Amulet00View
Amulet of Kahel 6Amulet00View
Amulet of Kahel 7Amulet00View
Amulet of Kahel 8Amulet00View
Unknown 20376Amulet00View
Unknown 20377Amulet00View
Unknown 20378Amulet00View
Unknown 20379Amulet00View
Amulet of SufferingAmulet00View
Amulet of AnguishAmulet00View
Amulet of HopeAmulet00View
Amulet of LuckAmulet00View
Amulet of PassionAmulet00View
Amulet of TruthAmulet00View
Amulet of MiracleAmulet00View
Amulet of AffectionAmulet00View
Heibear NecklaceAmulet00View
Lucky Cat ScarfAmulet00View
Amulet of ErisAmulet00View
Shiny Ancient NecklaceAmulet00View
Amulet of Red CurseAmulet00View
Amulet of Blue CurseAmulet00View
Amulet of Green CurseAmulet00View
Necklace of LightAmulet-10View
Amulet of GloryAmulet00View
Old Amulet of Charisma (Blessed)Amulet00View
Old Amulet of Dexterity (Blessed)Amulet00View
Old Amulet of Strength (Blessed)Amulet00View
Old Amulet of Intelligence (Blessed)Amulet00View
Old Amulet of Wisdom (Blessed)Amulet00View
Old Amulet of Constitution (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Charisma (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Dexterity (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Strength (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Intelligence (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Wisdom (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Constitution (Blessed)Amulet00View
Repaired NecklaceAmulet00View
Black Ore Necklace [B]Amulet06View
GM NecklaceAmulet-2525View
Sealed Phoenix Necklace [A]Amulet010View
Phoenix Necklace [A] (Blessed)Amulet-110View
Sealed Majestic Necklace [A]Amulet012View
Majestic Necklace [A] (Blessed)Amulet-112View
Tateossian Necklace [S]Amulet-114View
Necklace of Valakas - S80Amulet00View
Amulet of Flames (Blessed)Amulet010View
Sealed Tateossian Necklace [S]Amulet-114View
Amulet of the Living Dead [A]Amulet00View
Amulet of Speed [X] (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Might [X] (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Fortitude [X] (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Knowing [X] (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Understanding [X] (Blessed)Amulet00View
Amulet of Beauty [X] (Blessed)Amulet00View
L1.5 3rd Anniversary Necklace [2012] (Blessed)Amulet010View
Necklace of Valakas - X (Blessed)Amulet-10View
Necklace of LoyaltyAmulet-120View
Grootslang's Corrupted Heart - X (Blessed)Amulet-10View
Necklace of Valakas - XR (Blessed)Amulet-10View
Ten Year Amulet - 2019Amulet-114View