Classes:Royal Knight DragonKnight Illusionist Damageable:No
Safe Enchant:0Type:Tohandblunt
Damage Bonus:0Hit Bonus:-2
Critical Rating:0Magical Critical Rating:0
Strength Bonus:0Intelligence Bonus:0
Constitution Bonus:0Wisdom Bonus:0
Dexterity Bonus:0Charisma Bonus:0
Health Bonus:0Mana Bonus:0
Health Regen Bonus:0Mana Regen Bonus:0
Magic Defense Bonus:0Spell Power Bonus:0

Strong axe made of black mithril. Can be broken when enchanted.

Cerenis Set Items
Cerenis Set Benefits
Armor Class:-2Magic Resistance:0
HP Bonus:0MP Bonus:300
HP Regen:0MP Regen:25
Strength Bonus:0Dexterity Bonus:0
Inteligence Bonus:3Wisdom Bonus:3
Constitution Bonus:0Charisma Bonus:0
Special Polymorph:Yes

Npc NameMinMaxRarityTier
Abyss Ghoul 1 1   All
Abyss Water Spirit 1 1   All
Abyss Earth Spirit 1 1   All
Abyss Wind Spirit 1 1   All
Abyss Fire Spirit 1 1   All
Abyss Master 1 1   All
Cursed Great Spirit of Water 1 1   All

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