Clan Holy Knights
Leader: Aspiration
Level: 1
Experince: 255869
Skill Points: 980
Reputation: 501

Members of Clan Holy Knights
1 Sharon 103 Reaper
2 Aspiration 87 Royal
3 Ahna 86 Knight
4 DrDre 72 Reaper
5 Templar 60 Mage

Skills Learned By Holy Knights
Clan Aegis Increases clan members Damage Reduction by 10
Clan Empowerment Increases INT by 1 for all clan members.
Clan Growth Increases the number of allowed clan members by 1
Clan Magic Protection Increases Clan Members Magic Resistance by 10
Honorable Nobility Allows the ability to offer an alliance to one other clan.
SiN-QQ Allows clan members to gang up on Immortal Zajako with all their QQing.