Clan KismetLegends
Leader: Stealthy
Level: 2
Experince: 397337
Skill Points: 1074
Reputation: 115

Members of Clan KismetLegends
1 ElfChampion 108 Elf
2 Ceether 107 Dark Elf
3 TheMagician 93 Mage
4 Aeacos 86 Knight
5 Stealthy 80 Royal
6 Megaknight 67 Knight
7 JaceBeleren 66 Reaper
8 HotChick 60 Knight
9 Meganub 59 Mage
10 ChandraNalar 51 Mage
11 NissaRevane 50 Elf

Skills Learned By KismetLegends
Clan Acumen Increases Clan Mp Regen by 10 MP per click.
Clan Aegis Increases clan members Damage Reduction by 10
Clan Dexterity Increases DEX by 1 for all clan members.
Clan Empowerment Increases INT by 1 for all clan members.
Clan Growth Increases the number of allowed clan members by 1
Clan Lifeblood Increases clan members Health Regen by 10 per click
Clan Love [2014] Blessings of Love aquired by the clan boosts all members luck slightly and enables the -love command.
Clan Magic Protection Increases Clan Members Magic Resistance by 10
Clan Might Increases Clan Member STR by 1
Clan Vitality Increases clan members Health Points value by 50
SiN-QQ Allows clan members to gang up on Immortal Zajako with all their QQing.