Clan The North
Leader: Obby
Level: 1
Experince: 102397
Skill Points: 801
Reputation: 418

Members of Clan The North
1 MarkerMan 108 Reaper
2 Allrightthen 89 Reaper
3 Obby 78 Royal
4 Francine 77 Reaper
5 Franklin 54 Mage
6 Quintev 31 Elf

Skills Learned By The North
Clan Acumen Increases Clan Mp Regen by 10 MP per click.
Clan Growth Increases the number of allowed clan members by 1
Clan Lifeblood Increases clan members Health Regen by 10 per click
Clan Love [2014] Blessings of Love aquired by the clan boosts all members luck slightly and enables the -love command.
Clan Vitality Increases clan members Health Points value by 50
SiN-QQ Allows clan members to gang up on Immortal Zajako with all their QQing.