Clan The Resistance
Leader: Resist
Level: 1
Experince: 14291
Skill Points: 129
Reputation: 322

Members of Clan The Resistance
1 Resist 101 Reaper

Skills Learned By The Resistance
Castle Occupancy Boosts abilities of clan members for owning a castle.
Clan Growth Increases the number of allowed clan members by 1
Clan Lifeblood Increases clan members Health Regen by 10 per click
Clan Love [2014] Blessings of Love aquired by the clan boosts all members luck slightly and enables the -love command.
Clan Vitality Increases clan members Health Points value by 50
Gainak's Might Increases the Strength and Constitution of occupying clan members.
Honorable Nobility Allows the ability to offer an alliance to one other clan.
SiN-QQ Allows clan members to gang up on Immortal Zajako with all their QQing.