Support Ticket: "Dark Elf lvl 50 Quest not working"
Game - Other
Date Posted:8/1/11 8:39pm
NPC Kima does not provide my DE with necessary message ; i,e, telling him he is missing Endia's letter, hence quest can not proceed. Is this a bug, or merely the fact that this quest is inoperative on this server? A related point: I created a dragon knight and an illusionist. No quests whatsoever are available to them. In the future will this be rectified? If not new players should be warned to forgo creating these characters. Thank you for your kind attention to this.

  • Many of the quests do not work, but remember that the custom features on this server make those quests unnecessary. The custom items you can obtain are much better than any quest item, and there are other buffs and commands that make the quest items obsolete.

    Posted at 9/23/11 10:37am