Support Ticket: "Warrior Cloak"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:8/13/11 4:56am
Warrior cloak has the worst possible wanna be cool yet uncool buff in the game. Its called "perma haste". It seems cool in general however everytime u die in pvp, or get canceled, or have to switch to ANY other cloak including COI u loose your haste. I dont personally get why anyone would WANT perma-haste on thier cloak unless they are fighting the clam. That almost makes the cloak worthless to a pvp'er.

  • Name one mop other than the clam that constantly slows you and prove me wrong. It seems like an asset but its more of a MAJOR pain in the ass. Anyone who is stupid enough to think this is a good thing obviously doesnt ever switch cloaks and is just used to doorway fights only. Please zaj, balance the cloak so it doesnt have this attribute and take away something reasonable. Like make it more negative int/wis or something like the cloak should be. Or just take away the perma haste cause the name "WARRIOR cloak" is a contradiction when warriors dont want to have to worry about re-hasting everytime they arm a coi. Thanks bro

    Posted at 8/13/11 5:00am
  • I rmoved the auto haste from the cloak for you.

    Posted by GameMaster at 8/14/11 6:46pm