Support Ticket: "House"
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Date Posted:9/26/16 7:12pm
How do i sell my pledge house so my clan can siege castles?

  • You shouldn't need to sell it to siege, it should allow you to have a castle and a house. Did it give you a message when trying to declare?

    Posted by GameMaster at 9/27/16 1:13pm
  • It didn't give me any messages at all.

    Posted at 9/27/16 5:54pm
  • okay I'll remove the clan house from your clan

    Posted by GameMaster at 9/29/16 3:23pm
  • question that might solve the mystery, when i use clanstats command in the game it says im clan level 5 already but on the web site it says im only clan level 1. if the web site is right then thats why i cant declare.

    Posted at 9/29/16 4:44pm
  • With one is the correct one, the web site or the in game clan stats display? I have tried to use the mark of valor level up my clan to level 2, but it tells me I must be clan level 1 to use it.

    Posted at 10/1/16 1:06am
  • The website is always correct. But in game its talking about your guild level I'm sure.

    You are upgraded to a clan so you are able to siege. I'll upgrade you to clan level 2 as well.

    Posted by GameMaster at 10/1/16 2:17pm
  • I just upgraded your clan to level 2 for you now.

    Posted by GameMaster at 10/2/16 10:56am