Support Ticket: "AH Dragonslayer Scam 100m"
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Date Posted:8/19/11 2:26am

On 8/18/11 6:30 PM PST [Karma] was buying a +7 DragonSlayer with Vampiric Rage for 350M. He was globaling this for a few hours by then.

I looked on AH to make one but there were none available.

Suddenly [LOVPEY] started buying +7 DragonSlayer with Vampiric Rage 350M and out of nowhere there was a DragonSlayer on AH for 100m.

I bought the DragonSlayer for 100m and tried to add vampiric rage to it only to find it wasn't a DragonSlayer [A] but a DragonSlayer [NG]

I suspected either LOVPEY or Karma were behind the scam and went to trade it to see if they were willing to put up the money for it.

LOVPEY immediately told me. Let me ask pledgemates, oh this is DragonSlayer, not DragonSlayer [A] like he knew it was coming. LOVPEY logged off afterwards.

I then contacted Karma and told him I'd trade him it for 300m. He accepted the trade which showed me he probably didn't put it on the AH.

I gave him the adena back and asked him to help me contact Zaj about this.

Please ban the IP of the person that put DragonSlayer on AH for 100m around 6:00PM - 6:30PM PST. Karma had been globaling he'd been buying a +7DS w/ Vamp Rage for hours by then and the person that put this on AH was obviously trying to pull a scam.

I'm pretty sure it was LOVPEY so if you would, please check if their IPs match. If he had a DragonSlayer on AH, there would be no reason he'd be buying a +7 DragonSlayer [A] with Vampiric Rage for 350m unless he was scamming someone.

Also please reverse this transaction for DragonSlayer [NG] so I can have my 100m back. I had to borrow Adena from friends to purchase it and I ended up having to paypal 40 GC just so I could pay them back.

Thank you,

  • Its not a scam to sell a NG item on the auction house. So I won't ban or reverse the transaction. Thats not fair or right. You made the mistake of buying the wrong dragon slayer. I will however change the name of the no grade dragon slayer to "Crappy Dragon Slayer" so this doesn't happen again. If in game you bought it and they told you it was the A grade one, that would be a scam. However to sell it in the auction house, where you can click the item see the stats, etc, etc, its not at all a scam. I'm sorry that this happened to you, but all I can really do about it is try to prevent future happenings of this.

    Posted by GameMaster at 8/19/11 2:11pm