Support Ticket: "Auction House on new site"
Website - Suggestion
Date Posted:8/23/11 9:36am
This seems minor to me, and I was hoping that as the AH was updated and worked on, it might appear... so figured I would send in a suggestion.

On the old AH, when you sorted the items by "Just In", you could scroll to the bottom and be able to click on next page. On the new AH, when you sort by what has been added recently, you have no option to go to the next page. This makes it hard to see the most new items that have been added, and frustrating to really keep an eye on newly added things to compare price trends, etc. Can a "next page" link be added?

Also, is it in the plans to add the amounts on the new AH? For example, at first glance it looks like someone is selling a single white stone, when in fact, they are selling several. It is not very user friendly from the main listing to see how many of an item someone has for sale.

As usual, thanks Zaj! I hadn't submitted report before now since it was so minor and it might be something that you are planning to add soon.


  • Hey, thanks for posting these, they were meant to be added in before it was finished, I just forgot to code them. I'm glad you posted this these features are all now integrated into the auction house.

    Posted by GameMaster at 8/23/11 5:26pm