Support Ticket: "settings on a Mac"
Game - Other
Date Posted:8/26/11 10:55am
Odd occurrence. When I log into my main character (first one made), my game settings are fine, but my inventory is messed up. If I drop an item to the ground from inventory and then pick it up, my inventory goes back to the previous state (when I left the character). Now, when I log into or switch to a secondary character (any), my game settings are gone (window transparency, chat, etc) and I have to reset them all, every time. Also, my inventory is messed up and the above fix does NOT work. I'm passing this along in hopes that it will provide a clue as to why this is happening and how it could be fixed (wish I was a coder dude, so I could help) - thanks Zaj

  • This is a problem with the Mac Client. There is someone working on a fix for it, but until then there's not much Zaj can do about this. Please try to play though it as best you can.

    Posted at 9/25/11 8:39pm