Support Ticket: "2nd test"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:8/29/11 6:55pm
long report rejected

  • I need to be brief it seems otherwise I time out . Twice in the last two days my Character has died in safety zones in the city of Aden at the hands of fellow players using magic. This I would like to believe is a bug that needs fixing. Details are in the 2 e-mails. Or can submit more info if needed.

    Posted at 8/29/11 7:04pm
  • Players who indirectly killed Obscure were Cerenis and Pebbles. Obscure was not attacking anyone or anything. No safety in safety zones?

    Posted at 8/29/11 7:06pm
  • I do not recall the name of spell used. I will not hunt until I know the resolution of this issue.

    Posted at 8/29/11 7:08pm
  • This is a duplicate of your more recent ticket, so I will be setting this to Closed. Safety Zone mislabeling is something that is being looked into. Thanks.

    Posted at 9/19/11 12:29am