Support Ticket: "in game settings"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:7/3/11 10:08am
When I log out and back in again, none of my hot keys are saved or game settings (inventory, window transparency, etc) - how can I fix this? MightDex

  • I'm playing on Snow Leopard, 10.6.8. We had this problem in Lineage and one of the players wrote a fix. I can end you the file if you would like to examine, unless you have another fix. This is very annoying, as you have to reset your inventory each time you log in and re-do hot keys. Please let me know. thanks.

    Posted at 7/4/11 2:14pm
  • Yes, if you can send me this fix that would be great. Also I highly recommend you change your display name under My Account/ Options

    Posted by GameMaster at 7/4/11 3:04pm
  • This is related to the mac bug which is currently unfixable for me as its a client issue. It will be fixed with the custom client. I'm closing this for now.

    Posted by GameMaster at 9/18/11 10:37pm