Support Ticket: "HELL"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:9/10/11 5:55pm
im tired of seeing and enemy, killing them and going to hell for 50 minutes, and im red so they dont go pink, then i go back he still there hits me i kill him 55 minutes in hell... something needs to be done about this.... this is very annoying and making me play excessive ammounts of just waiting. please fix, im all down for hell... but this is really a bug and annoying i cant even pvp on this server without going to hell, and we are same level reapers

  • we discussed this in game. I don't plan to remove hell. If you don't want to go there, get law first then pvp your enemies. Use the clan war system to declare wars and you won't go chao for killing enemies if you get them to war you back.

    Posted by GameMaster at 9/18/11 10:53pm