Support Ticket: "Ninja Dolls"
Game - Suggestion
Date Posted:9/18/11 1:44pm
Ninja Dolls, adding 2.5% adena each, are pretty useless. Considering what you have to give up to use one (other good dolls) they're not worth owning. A significant buff to their effect could make them useful to the point that people actually use them. Adena rates on this server are low, low enough that you could have each doll give 25-50% bonus adena and still only make them worth using in very high adena places (such as Boss Island). It wouldn't change much else, hunting real bosses would still yield FAR more money than anything else.

  • Escalating this to Zaj for review.

    Posted at 9/19/11 4:10pm
  • I have updated the ninja dolls. After restart the regular ninja doll will add 10% more adena, the proc increase was changed from 5% more adena to 20% more adena on proc, however the proc rate was reduced.

    The Power Ninja doll at max level will have 15% adena gain, and the same 20% adena proc with lower rate of landing

    Posted by GameMaster at 2/20/13 11:42am