Support Ticket: "Spell book Ice Lance disappears from Inventory"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:11/20/11 8:45am
While hunting DVD 5th floor after killing a succubus the spell book Ice Lance appeared on ground ( I had over 180 items on me). I deleted some items and picked up the spell book . I continued to hunt DVD 5th until I recklessly died to 3 succubi. Upon re-starting I noticed that the spell book was no where in my inventory. This happened today to my character Obscure about 8 AM EST. Is the spell Ice Lance in the game on this server? If so why did it disappear? Obscure is fully lawful and has NEVER lost an item upon death since he has been so. Did a bug occur? By the way, I have never seen players asking to buy or sell Ice Lance, so there is some doubt in my mind that the spell is operative. I checked the guide but could not find info on the state of the spell on this server. The icon for the spell appeared on the ground; it was picked up and then disappeared. Please explain if this is a bug. If it is not, then my character lost an item for the first time upon a death in all the time he has been fully lawful.

  • The item may have disappeared before you picked it up due to the floor-clearing function that the server automatically generates every once in a while. Did you see the spellbook in your inventory? Did you delete items at any other time where you may have accidentally deleted the book? This may also have been caused by a lag rollback. If you are hunting during a time that the server is lagging, sometimes when you log out your latest session may not save properly and the game will revert it to the most recent save. I have never heard of a fully lawful player dropping an item, so I doubt that is what happened. Also, this does not belong in the "major" category. I am changing the status accordingly. Please reply with any further information.

    Posted at 11/21/11 12:53am
  • Thank you for your reply. The spell book did NOT disappear from the floor. I deleted some items in order to be able to pick it up. When I double-clicked the book icon to collect it it no longer appeared on the floor. At that point I assumed it was in my inventory; however, I did not check my inventory at that time to confirm this. I remember thinking how rare was the item I picked up. It was only after I re-started that I noticed that Ice Lance was not in my inventory. I may have deleted other minor items after the spell was picked up and before I died, but I know Ice Lance was not deleted. Perhaps this issue was caused by lag. A final comment: when I played NPC Lineage I seem to remember a similar incident; that is, Ice Lance was collected but did not appear in inventory. I seem to remember that NPC Soft had decided to delete that spell from the magic spell list but never got around to eliminating the drops. Is this possible? Is this issue a carry over from a NPC bug? Is Ice Lance operative on this server? I never have seen it used or asked for or put up for sale. Thank You.

    Posted at 11/21/11 5:18am
  • About 5 minutes ago ( 7 AM EST ) my character Temporary was hunting the 4th floor of DVD and killed a succubus , wherein upon the icon of the spell book Ice Lance appeared. The character picked it up; However it did NOT appear in his inventory. I decided to repeat the events of yesterday, but unlike yesterday I immediately checked to see if the spell was in inventory. No death was involved, nor was there a re-start, and there was no lag. Thus it seems to me that this issue was transferred from NPC Soft , i., e., the spell was removed from the game, but not the drop from the mob. A repeat of what happened yesterday would seem to confirm my feeling that Ice Lance is not in the game. I agree that this issue is minor and like many others a carry over from the old Lineage.

    Posted at 11/21/11 7:22am
  • I think we resolved this yesterday and found that the name of the the book on the floor is different than in inventory. Let me know if this is not the case. Closing the ticket for now.

    Posted at 11/22/11 12:30pm