Support Ticket: "GC lost from bidding after owner removes item"
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Date Posted:11/21/11 5:56pm
I bid a +6 Strength T-shirt [Water5] using 3GC. I just realized that the owner had removed this item from the auction however, my GC hasn't been reimbursed back to my warehouse.

This is the second time I've encountered this, but this time I do not have the link. I have also bid on the Lv 21 Zeus blade at 3 GC currently and I assume that if the owner removes it I'll not get my GC back.

I think there is a bug in the system.

*Just an opinion*
I hope that the auction system should change to: Whenever someone puts an item up for auction, they cannot remove it after someone has bid on it (just like how auctions work originally).

This will stop people from putting super low bid price and putting in stuff just for fun.

  • Ahh, I just got my GC back.

    Posted at 11/22/11 2:31am
  • someone out bidden the Zeus blade and I've yet to get my GC back, I'll wait for now.

    Posted at 11/22/11 7:15am
  • Did the GC get returned to you yet?

    Posted at 11/23/11 11:54am
  • The 3 GC from strength Tshirt, yes. 3 GC for bidding Zeus blade, no.

    Posted at 11/23/11 12:42pm
  • yep, I've not gotten back my 3 GC

    Posted at 11/24/11 2:05am
  • I escalated this to Zaj to he can look into it.

    Posted at 11/24/11 10:39pm
  • Hi Zaj, it's been a few days now and I haven't receive my GC. Thanks

    Posted at 11/28/11 1:46am
  • I just delivered the 3 gc to character Sirius. The bug for this is also fixed now.

    Posted by GameMaster at 12/1/11 2:17pm