Support Ticket: "AH Bug stikes again"
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Date Posted:11/26/11 5:01pm

I still have not had any resolution from my last bug I created a support ticket for back on Oct 12. This is the same bug but on a different Item. I placed a bid on an auction Item This time a Power doll for 400GC on Nov 25th and the person has since canceled the auction that had 6 days left on it. The 400 GC was deducted from my warehouse and was not returned upon cancellation. I do not know if the person putting the auction on is getting the gc then canceling the auction, or if it is sitting in limbo somewhere. I would like to get resolution to this matter and get my original adena back from the first bug as well as my GC from this one. I hope you get this fixed soon as I will no longer be bidding on auction items.

  • I have fixed this by disallowing canceling auctions without a reserve price. I also placed your 400 gc on Istkiira.

    Thank you for your patience on this issue, i'll restore your other missing adena when i reply to your other ticket.

    Posted by GameMaster at 11/30/11 2:01pm