Support Ticket: "Can't disarm cocky prick"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:11/28/11 9:54pm
I armed my cocky prick, then I used a b-soul ench scroll on my eps. It failed, the eps de-leveled, said "your blah blah blah glowed blue then evaporated away". got 100 ng crystals. Still have eps, but now I can't unequip the cocky prick. I can arm another sword, including the eps, but both will say armed. Also, the prick is the one that shows up on the big char pic with all your items. tried re-starting client, -fix, remove curse. Nothing seems to work

  • Confirmed this in-game. Please fix ASAP Zaj. Seems to be localized to this account though. It's the first time I hear of it.

    Posted at 11/28/11 10:15pm
  • this seems to be fixed now as I'm not seeing the cocky prick being equipped.

    Posted by GameMaster at 11/30/11 2:36pm