Support Ticket: "Rebalancing Lost Sect Skaro 3F/4F"
Game - Suggestion
Date Posted:11/29/11 11:40am
Balance of Lost Sect Skaro 3/4f Monsters

3 Monsters: Skaro Sect Captain, Elite Assassin, and General on 3 and 4f of Lost Sect Skaro needs rebalancing.

They require at least 2-3 very high-level& well geared player (meaning at least full boss gear top 1% of the user on server like Cerenis, Skeleton, Muimui, Fear, Lycurgus to kill). It requires party play of at least 3 of these top-tier users to hunt 3f and 4f monsters but their exp/sxp/drop is not that great so i s currently abandoned by users. It requires 90-95 Int to sleep generals on 3/4f and assassins tele-ing to chase you makes it very hard to run or stay in group. It takes alot of effort to get 3 of those users into a party and hunt and for all the effort and items thats used to hunt there (such as x-potions, s80 soul shots, doll coins) it gives almost no reward. Since it requires 3 high-end users to party play i think each player in this party should be able to get more sxp/exp/drop than if these 3 players were hunting at temple (aka pyramid). Generals take around 10X longer to kill (with 3 people) than monsters in temple such as scrab beetles/hardened scrab beetles/ghost warrior.

I believe adding 3 types of exp potion (1%/3%/10%) as a drop from 3 types of monster at varying rate (1% being highest and 10% being lowest drop chance) along with three types of batteries (10, 100, 1000 sxp) in similar manner as exp potion mentioned above would make up for lack of exp&sxp from LSS 3f/4f. *note: general should have higher drops on all items than assasins or captain as they are severely harder to kill than the other two monsters). [1% exp pot/soul batts should be around 8-10% drop, and 10% exp/1000 sxp batt being around 5-7%)
I'd also recommend adding soul enchant scroll weapon & armor at higher rate than temple. (temple priestess gives scroll at 0.05%, I'd recommned around 2%-2.5% from generals). (these rates are based on the fact that it takes 3 top tier user to party and would have to share drops)