Support Ticket: "sekto 3f"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:7/8/11 6:02pm
hi! i went to hunt with a buddy at lvl 3 of sekto area and it seems all mops take xp from us. I can`t tell how much xp persoannly because I don`t get enough information on lvl % with -stats at lvl 109. But i know i went from 31% to 30% only typing -stats!

  • Can you tell me which mobs specifically have this problem? I'm looking at the mobs themselves and they all have positive exp gain.

    Posted by GameMaster at 7/12/11 3:12pm
  • i just went 3-4f with another reaper and he really lost 1% from going hunt 3-4f in new area. is hard to tell which mobs because we dont see the exact xp they give. i was 13% for at least minutes and never got 1% and teh other reaper did lose 1% after 20min.

    Posted at 7/14/11 3:02pm
  • This should be fixed with the next restart.

    Posted by GameMaster at 8/1/11 3:49pm