Support Ticket: "My speed is really high"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:12/19/11 12:31am
Skeleton has said that my speed on my chars is really high and idk why. here are my comp specs
OS:windows xp home edition SP3
CPU:AMD dual core 1.6ghz

  • Did you uninstall all other copies of Lineage and do a clean installation for 1.5? If not, please try reinstalling the game when you have a chance.

    Those specs seem rather low, so I'm wondering if maybe there's a bottleneck somewhere that's causing the problem. The weird thing is that you'd expect the movement to be slower and not faster.

    Posted at 12/19/11 12:38am
  • Im running lin off a flash drive, and yes I did do a clean installation

    Posted at 12/19/11 9:15pm
  • Im running lin off a flash drive, and yes I did do a clean installation

    Posted at 12/20/11 12:17am
  • THis is your one warning, if you don't fix the bug, which is obviously with your client, likely due to a modified program. Then you will be banned. You cannot play here if you are exploiting this bug if it is as you say. Or using cheat programs if you are lying. If i hear another report of this happening with your account, then you are banned.

    Posted by GameMaster at 12/20/11 1:11pm
  • I am just wondering if it can be because of the thing I had to put into the lin directory to play on win7 because I switch computers alot depending where I am at I play on all the windows versions above and including xp

    Posted at 12/24/11 11:34pm
  • No. Nothing on the installation files causes this. The only possibility is that it's something else on your machine or game files.

    Please follow the connection guide and do a complete reinstall. Don't use a flash drive or a 3rd party connector. You mentioned this was only happening on one computer, so try to avoid playing on it if the problem continues.

    I understand that it might be a problem for you, but remember that you are gaining an unfair advantage over other players.

    Posted at 12/25/11 2:17pm