Support Ticket: "Missing Cursed Yellow stockings"
Game - Other
Date Posted:12/19/11 8:20pm
Last nite when I logged off at around 11:30pm est, I had 4 cursed yellow stockings. When I signed on today, they were gone. As I havent opened anything yet from the event, I know I had them. Was there a re-start or something last night that could have made them disappear? I know they are only cursed yellows, but its the point.

  • There wasn't a restart the other night, I'm not seeing anything in the logs as far as them dissappearing either. Not sure what could have happened. I have replaced them as i did not find them in the item deletion logs or anything. Good Luck, Have Fun

    Posted by GameMaster at 12/20/11 1:22pm
  • Wierd Huh? Thank you!

    Posted at 12/20/11 6:25pm