Support Ticket: "NPCs in Eleven Forest still do not work"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:1/7/12 5:57pm
After the Christmas event up-date I noticed that the NPCs in Eleven Forest would not make things such as fruit, manes, webs, wafers, etc. I mentioned this a few weeks ago to Zajako in a whisper and he told me he had not been aware of this issue. He further told me that with the next up-date this issue should be resolved, and if not to inform him that the bug remained. A few minutes ago there was the faction up-date; however, I noticed that the NPCs STILL do not do their work. Hence this ticket. Some players have an elf and without support from their forest friends they are not properly functioning.

  • Escalated to Zaj.

    Posted at 1/9/12 3:31am
  • This is fixed now.

    Posted by GameMaster at 1/11/12 12:29pm
  • Thank you.

    Posted at 1/11/12 3:21pm