Support Ticket: "5 Scrolls of Enchant Armor Missing"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:1/13/12 7:26am
Today, circa 7 AM EST, my character turned in 25 vitality coins and clicked on the vitality box and received the message, "you received scrolls of enchant armor (5)". However these scrolls did not appear in his carrying inventory. Since they did not appear I have no way of knowing whether the scrolls were normal or blessed. This is the first time I have "lost" something in inventory. Scaler is the character in question. The issue of course is minor; however, having 5 armor enchant scrolls is always of benefit. Would it be possible for these scrolls (blessed, normal, or cursed) to be added to Scaler's carrying inventory? I tried re-starting, hoping the scrolls would then appear but they did not.

  • Were you carrying any enchant scrolls at the time that could've stacked with the ones from the box?

    Posted at 1/13/12 9:54am
  • Yes. I was carrying 2 blessed scrolls of enchant armor , 32 blessed scrolls of enchant weapon, 31 normal scrolls of enchant weapon, AND a number of cursed scrolls of enchant armor, the number of which I do not remember, so it is possible that the enchant armor scrolls I received from the vitality box were stacked in fact with previous scroll(s). When I wrote the above message I assumed the scrolls I received were either normal or blessed. I forgot to take into account cursed scrolls and made no note on the number I was carrying. Scaler is now carrying 6 c-zels, so it is very possible that there was no error or bug. I thus do not want to insist on an error or want other scrolls. I am grateful for your response. For me the issue is now closed.

    Posted at 1/13/12 3:53pm