Support Ticket: "Class A Shields for Dragon Knight"
Game - Question
Date Posted:1/21/12 5:00pm
As I noted in a recent ticket at present the only class A shield a dragon knight can wear is the extremely rare Thriving Captain Shield. No other class has this restriction. In response to my ticket lamenting this handicap Skeleton wrote that he escalated this issue to Zajako to see whether this is a bug or if this is intentional. I believe that at least one other class A shield should be afforded the dragon knight so as not to penalize this class. My question is, will a change be made that will allow additional class A shields to be used by dragon knights or will the matter remain the same, or is it still too early for a definite decision? Thank You.

  • I already escalated your previous ticket to Zajako. Please wait for his reply in that ticket.

    Posted at 1/21/12 9:48pm
  • OK, thank you.

    Posted at 1/22/12 2:40pm