Support Ticket: "Class B soul shots not given"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:1/22/12 2:50pm
Recently on three trips to the alchemist Nettles on IOP I have noticed that notwithstanding he is provided with the appropriate amount of soul ores and class B crystals in my character's inventory class B soul shots do not appear. No grade soul shots will however appear if asked for. This happens with my level 68 and 73 characters. This "bug" did not exist 4 or 5 days ago. I rank this issue as trivial, but it does concern wasted crystals and adena. I would appreciate if this bug was studied and fixed. If further information is needed I will provide such. Thank you.

  • Is this still happening?

    Posted at 1/27/12 9:00pm
  • As soon as I read your response I checked to see if Nettles would give class B soul shots to my level 69 character ( who uses class B weapons ). And, yes, he was provided with the class B soul shots. So the answer is that the bug (or whatever) is fixed as of this writing. Again, thank you for your response.

    Posted at 1/28/12 3:10am