Support Ticket: "2 hand weapon should have better dmg"
Game - Suggestion
Date Posted:1/25/12 11:04am
For 2 hand weapon, users have no chance to gear shield, which means less str , int or dmg reduction. Therefore, I suggest 2 hand weapon should have better power. For instant, soul eater is a good sword, and the stats on the sword is recentable. However, when it come to particle hit on mops or player it is very weak, even 25+ lvs. Some test or balance fix is needed for it. Thanks Zaj

  • 2-handed weapons have very good damage compared to 1-handed weapons. They also give more stats to compensate for the lack of a shield. I think they are very balanced.

    Posted at 1/27/12 9:02pm
  • well, but can you explain how come the one hand weapon at the same lv, same str does more dmg then a 2 handed weapon. Although the stas number is higher but for actual dmg isn't the way it should be.

    Posted at 1/28/12 12:46pm
  • Which weapon was doing more damage? Were Soul Shots used? Please provide screenshots.

    Posted at 1/28/12 1:25pm