Support Ticket: "The Seal spell from Arena for Reapers"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:1/29/12 3:14am
Yea, this spell is completely overpowered and broken. If left in game the way it is it will make pvp completely retarded. It will come down to a seal war. As of now, the spell when casted on you completely renders you useless. Your parad/slept/blind/ all sorts of spells all at once, and it last a long long time, making it possible for someone to end you over and over *if you have beads on* without you being able to do anything, even venz. Also once its casted on you, and you tele all npcs will disappear from your game. I dont know if this spell was meant to even be used in pvp, but it is definately way to OP and shouldnt be allowed.

  • It was specifically made for pvp. It casts poison, decay potion, silence, slow, blind, sleep, and paralyze, but each debuff has a separate chance to fail. It costs 5 White Stones, so its power is offset by being prohibitively expensive to use it repeatedly. It is also very expensive to purchase from arena. I believe as of right now that it's balanced.

    Posted at 1/29/12 4:28am
  • Its not balanced at all, I have already talked to zajako about it. If this spell is left in the game PVP will become retarded. It will just be a battle of collecting white stones and landing seal. It renders you useless and is pretty much an instant kill. It hardly failed at all while fighting Korean, you dont pvp at all Skeleton, and you dont know much about PVP either. If you want the server to have good balanced pvp this spell needs to go, end of story. Plus on top of it all, its bugged to shit. It makes all ur npcs disappear, and it was lasting like 3 minutes. Lycurgus got hit with it and was killed like 13 times in a row cuz he had his beads on, without being able to do anything. Like I said, seal needs to go, or this server pvp is once again more retarded.

    Posted at 1/30/12 9:10am
  • And from what I was told, the spell was specifically made for bosses, not for pvp.

    Posted at 1/30/12 9:11am
  • How can it have been made for bosses, if bosses aren't affected by debuffs? It didn't fail because KOREAN has very high Int.

    If the spell is causing bugs, then I agree the bugs should be fixed. Otherwise, there's no reason why you can't get the spell and do the same thing to KOREAN that he did to you.

    I told the whole server a long time ago how powerful Seal is, but nobody believed me. Except KOREAN, apparently.

    Honestly, I think if you want to take the time to collect White Stones, then you have every right to be able to use Seal.

    Posted at 1/30/12 11:05am
  • Seal isn't made for bosses, its made for pvp. Also it is broken right now skele. The Para debuff on it lasts for way to long, if it lands, its auto death. Also beads when revived, should remove debuffs.

    I'm looking into fixing both of these issues right now.

    Posted by GameMaster at 1/30/12 12:28pm
  • Figured out the bug, it deals with the sleep spell and players not losing sleep when damaged. I have adjusted the spell a bit accordingly.

    Posted by GameMaster at 1/30/12 12:40pm