Support Ticket: "Tallum Glaive (A) can not be equipped"
Game - Bug
Date Posted:2/17/12 5:28pm
Today I noticed that my character Obscure ( level 73 Dark Elf ) can not equip his +7 Tallum Glaive ( normal) . He can equip his other weapons, including another class A two handed weapon, a +7 Dragon Grinder. When the icon for the Glaive is double-clicked it is not equipped, regardless of various morphs, and notwithstanding at least four re-starts to attempt to equip the weapon. Another issue: since I acquired this weapon I have noticed that its area of effect seems ALWAYS to be on, even if I disactivate it. In other words the Glaive will hit mops within 6 to 8 cells always. What can be done so I can equip the Glaive? Is it normal for the Glaive to always have such a wide area of effect ( it is not a wide-blow Glaive ) ? Thank you for your help.

  • After quitting the client and restarting 12 hours later I found that the glaive could be equipped.

    Posted at 2/18/12 5:24am