Support Ticket: "bunny hat"
Game - Suggestion
Date Posted:3/27/12 7:23pm
I was thinking that since a number of bunny hats dropped, it might be a good idea to make the doll/fur npc in aden be able to break them down into furs to use. I don't know how many, maybe half required to make them? This would help a little since the amount of furs needed to craft bunny gear, compared to the drop rate of furs is epic. I did the math, it will take 140 game hours of pure fur grinding to even come close to making set. That's 5 hrs a day, every day of the event if the event lasts 4 weeks! if you don't think its a good idea, maybe raise the fur drop rate slightly to make it more feasable to craft.

  • The drop rate of Fur Strips was raised slightly, and the amount required was lowered to give more players a chance to craft these items.

    However, these items are not meant to be easy to obtain. They are very powerful, and are accordingly difficult to craft. If everyone on the server could make the full set easily, it would ruin the unique aspect of these items.

    Posted at 3/28/12 8:01am