Support Ticket: "Abuse of power (re: 842)"
Game - Other
Date Posted:12/31/12 6:19pm
1. How is using a nostromo hacking.
2. You are not Zajako are you? Skeleton so what right do you have to reply to this matter.
3. we where told by Zajako that we can use a nostromo as long as we are at the computer and have the screenshots to prove it.
4. if we were hacking Zajako would have file data to prove we are hacking if he observed it.
5. we are more then willing to share our nostromo profile with with anybody that thinks we are hacking and they can test it themselves and see it is not a hack

Now this sounds like Sparta spouting bullshit because 2 on 1 they failed to kill a Knight in skaro because he is using a nostromo to its full ability so they call hacks.

I call Bullshit you have no real proof, show us the data files proving us hacker, if we are really hacking and you observed us hacking like you say you will have the files to prove it. I call out Skeleton for abusing his power as a Monitor to benefit himself and his pledge this is textbook Abuse of Power.