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Hey guys, as many of you know L1.5 will be at a Game Expo in Columbus, Ohio the week of October 29 & 30th.

What some may not realize is we are having a separate meet up event on Saturday the 29th from 6PM to 8PM

It is walking distance from the expo hall and is located here:
The Columbus Idea Foundry
421 W State St, Columbus, OH 43215

Laptops with L1.5 installed are encouraged so that we can play together while we hangout. I'll also be buying some pizzas or similar type food for us while we hang out.

If you're going please either reply here or email me so I can kinda keep a headcount of what to expect.

The MeetUp event is 100% free, you are not required to be going to the expo to join us. However if you want to see the booth for L1.5 at the expo, you'll want to go to that as well.

The details for the expo and location to purchase tickets can be found here: We will be there both Saturday and Sunday with a Real Life Gift Coin Wheel that gives out special unique promo codes and Virtual Reality L1.5 Demos to play.

Hope to see you guys there!

Fund Raising Event 1
This is the first of potentially many fund raiser events. Where you guys get to help fund the development of new content!

The cutoff for this event is this Saturday, October 8th. To unlock each tier it is required that the total donations this week meet or exceed the amount listed in the tier.

There are 3 tiers to this event, each is a dollar amount raised to fund development of new event content.

If all 3 tiers are met early, additional bonus tiers will be added!

1 Epic Spawn Event (Amount: $1000)

Estimated Delivery Date (1-2 weeks based on voted date)
This amount will unlock a custom spawn event which will have the date voted for on Saturday/Sunday/Monday and the votes on the date will be tallied on Monday evening to decide when the spawn event will be. The spawn event will be approximately 1-3 hours depending on how fast you guys kill everything and how many people show up.
There will be at least a few Guaranteed Epic/Legendary drops! As well as hundreds of bosses of varying difficulties.

2 Aliens Vs Ninjas Daily Instance (Amount: $2000)

Estimated Delivery Date: October 12th!
This will be a new daily event instance that will allow you to hunt both aliens and japanese warriors with some great items available as a drop. Possibly a new epic boss to hunt while doing so.

3 Aliens Vs Ninjas Open Hunting Zone (Amount: $3000)

Estimated Delivery Date: October 18th!
This will unlock a new hunting zone that will not cost any time passes or gc to get to. Tons of new monsters, new ninja armor set (possibly up to 3 different ninja sets to upgrade the low tier to). Possibly new ninja or alien weapons. The levels/tiers of the monsters will vary based on the area you hunt in. Everything from low tier monsters for newer players to really challenging high tier monsters that will require a group effort to clear. This will also most likely unlock the mask equipment slot as well, giving you a completely new way to customize your character!

Bonus Goal #1 New Mask Slot with 5 new masks (Amount: $3500)

Estimated Delivery Date: October 20th!
5 Level 1 Masks Released with Mask slot. Alien, Demon, Frankenstein, Reaper and Pumpkin King masks.

Bonus Goal #2 Upgrades for Masks to level 2 mask of each (Amount: $4000)

Estimated Delivery Date: October 20th!
5 Level 2 Masks Released with Mask slot. Alien, Demon, Frankenstein, Reaper and Pumpkin King masks.

Bonus Goal #3 Pumpkin Reward Chest for all (Amount: $4500)

Estimated Delivery Date: October 20th!
All characters Level 60 or higher will receive a Pumpkin Reward Chest containing some new event items on halloween Day.

Fall Donation Event
One last note. The fall donation event always starts September 1st even though it usually isn't announced until the middle of October. I bring this up so that you know all donations for this fund-raising event will count toward the donation event even though it has not yet been announced.

I'll Periodically announce the current amount funded in game, so stay tuned and good luck! I want to release this content, so with help from you guys I can spend the time needed to release this new stuff in a fun and non donation required way!

Teaser Images:
Ninja Equipment:
Alien Weapons:

All goals and bonus goals were met! Look forward to releasing these new events!

The good ole halloween event has been activated once more. Costume benefits are soaring and the floodgates that were holding the evils of halloween and nightmare lands have been released!

A new set of Costume items have also been released! They can be obtained for gift coins by talking to Ives in Valhalla (-shop)

The Samurai Set is made up of 5 new pieces that are boosted during the halloween season and from nightmare essence when the season is over. Here are the details of the set items:

Samurai Kabuto (Helmet)

Samurai Do (Chest)

Samurai Suneate (Boots)

Samurai Tekko (Gloves)

Samurai Kabuto (Belt)

There is a set bonus that has a lot of stats and health bonus as well as a Samurai Polymorph.

New Costume Weapon
Samurai Katana

New Costume Item
Samurai Costume 2016 - Contains each of the Samurai parts for the Samurai Set as well as a few extra goodies. It does not however contain the Samurai Katana.

New Items:
Metamorphosis Potion - A potion that allows players who are T5 to change their subclass to another class. This will reset the level and expo progress for the sub class. The main class will be left alone. Again this will set your subclass to level 1!!!

Greater Metamorphosis Potion - A potion that allows players who are T5 to change their subclass to another class. This will preserve the subclass' level and exp. Allowing you to continue leveling from where you left off.

Both items can be found in the Vanity Merchant's inventory located in Valhalla (-shop).

Item Changes
Blue Fire Egg dolls now last 8 hours instead of 30 minutes and are more effective.

VitalStone jewels had a bug fixed with them and are now much more effective.

Other Adjustments
You can no longer join a clan during siege periods (sky siege doesn't prevent it though).

You can now seal the new lvl 5 jewels at pandora.

Sky Gardens monsters now give rune buffs similar to the Sky castle area monsters.

The archer morph given by the dragon bows now supports triple arrow.

Bug Fixes
The new growth stat dolls are now fixed and now properly remove stats when they are put away or expire.

New Dolls

Blue Fire Egg Doll - This doll adds to the chances to obtain vitality item rewards as well as increases the quality chance for each vitality tick.

Giant Doll - This doll adds 0.08 Strength Growth or 0.08 Strength per level. At level 100 this is equal to 8 Strength per doll. This stacks with Jewels that do similar features.

Spartoi Doll - This doll adds 0.08 Dexterity Growth or 0.08 Dexterity per level. At level 100 this is equal to 8 Dexterity per doll. This stacks with Jewels that do similar features.

Mermaid Doll - This doll adds 0.08 Intelligence Growth or 0.08 Intelligence per level. At level 100 this is equal to 8 Intelligence per doll. This stacks with Jewels that do similar features.

The dolls are available through the doll collector in -shop. They may be released later through other crafting or drop methods.

Bug Fixes
Tanzanite Jewel is correctly applying its benefits and no longer causing players to be unable to be damaged.

Other changes may be squeezed in before the restart tomorrow.

Everyone's favorite mini game is back! The anniversary gift coin wheel! This wheel is more exciting than ever with tons of new items and new jewels/fragments.

Spin Types
There are 3 spin types, a 1GC spin, 5GC spin and 10GC spin. Spinning for higher gc amounts has some benefits over spinning for lower. With lower value spins you have a chance to get an item called 2nd Chance Box, which when opened in game has some rewards that are mostly shots, but has a small chance to get some protection scrolls. With the higher valued spins you get what are called spin chances. When the wheel is trying for some of the bigger prizes, it will roll for your chance this number of times, giving you the best roll. In simple terms, this means it increases your chances of getting the rarer prizes with each spin! The last change depending on which spin value is a multiplier. It will cause some more common items to give you more than the amount typically given for that prize. See the chart and examples below to better understand this.

Multiplier Examples:
A Spin wins "Tier-Ease T5"
1GC Spin: 1 Tier-Ease T5 awarded
5GC Spin: 3 Tier-Ease T5 awarded
10GC Spin: 5 Tier-Ease T5 awarded

A spin wins Fafurion Cloak X
1GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded
5GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded
10GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded

As you can see by these examples, multipliers only apply to some items that are won. Many of the valuable items are not effected by them. However the chance of getting the rare items are increased with the higher valued spins.

Possible Prizes
There are many possible prizes ranging from EPIC gear to helpful mats! Below is a image containing the initial prize chart, however these prizes are subject to change as the wheel evolves and new prizes are added and some limited prizes are won.

2nd Chance Box
As stated above with the 1gc and 5gc spins there is a chance to get the 2nd chance box instead of the normal prizes from the wheel. These 2nd chance boxes appear in your inventory when you win them as do the normal prizes. When you double click them you will obtain some items listed in the image below.

Spin my head right round, right round (take me to the wheel!!!)

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