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UI Changes

New Codex of Time Button in the UI. When you click it it will open the codex lite unless you have applied a codex of time to your character. See more details about the codex changes below! Also you will note that the "?" icon that was broken is no longer there!!

There is a new icon in the bottom right of the screen that will open up the Gift Coin Traders list. This list will be spiced up to look way better in the near future, but it allows you to open up the trade lists and spend your GC from anywhere, rather than having to goto -shop. This replaces the GiftMaster's Link item and is free for all to use. If you have a GiftMaster's Link, you can double click it to get your GC back for it as well as a bonus 10GC to thank you for supporting the server and helping beta test this feature!

A new instance timer that shows how many hours/minutes you have remaining in an instance has been added. This timer will move out of the way of your buffs so it always looks good!

Codex Changes
First and foremost, the codex of time is no longer something you keep in your inventory. Simply double click the codex of time to apply it to your character. From that point on and forever, this character will have access to the full codex of time by pressing the codex button in the lower left part of the screen. (the scroll icon, if you don't see it, run updates and repair)

Second, if you don't have the codex of time, you'll still have access to the lite version when you click on the codex button. But that's not all! It is now possible for the gm to enable codex of time events! This will allow even those who have not used a codex of time on their character to get to test out the full version!!

Finally in the near future, there will be a new type of codex released that will be codex pages. These codex pages allow those who don't own the full codex of time to use the codex for a certain number of times! These will make the codex more affordable for those who can't or won't invest the full price of the full codex.

Also related to codexs is the change in price for refreshing single instances. The event for these are over they are now different gc costs each. So make sure you read how much it says when you click the difficulty button to do it after it says completed!

Underworld Daily Instance Changes
The 3 new daily instances have had the way they deliver the HDES charges changed. They now directly apply the charges(levels) to your HDES, so make sure its in your inventory or equipped if its the Third Phase. They also have the values changed as to how many charges are given to you for completing it based on difficulty.
Easy has been increased to 2 charges
Normal has been decreased to 4 charges
Hard has been decreased to 8 charges
Extreme has been decreased to 12 charges
Again these are applied directly to your HDES instead of as stones that you can manually apply. If you do not have a HDES in your inventory to apply them to, it will not give you any charges.

Other Changes
All Instance pass prices have been shifted and scaled and match the codex refreshing for the group via UsePass.

Clan Recommendation system is nearly ready to be released, this patch includes a lot of fixes for stuff that isn't quite ready to be revealed!

Codex of Time Changes

Many things about the codex have been changed, most notably the interface is much nicer with buttons that make browsing it more appealing.

Event Instances have been moved to Page 2 with the Underworld Instances

When you click on a difficulty button for a instance you've already completed it will ask you if you want to trade X gift coins to refresh that instance. This will let you reset only one instance instead of using the pass to reset the whole group at once. Doing this will let you farm a single instance rather than doing them 3 at a time.

The Lite Codex now allows you to use passes or spend GC to refresh an instance group

Tribute Island Changes (AKA Forgotten Island)
The Max HP of all non boss monsters has been greatly reduced

You can now escape and use -warp commands from anywhere on the island, no longer requiring you to use the boat to travel away from the island.

New Events
Dimensional chests reward rate when completing an instance has been increased to maximum chance.

To celebrate the new single instance refresh system. Single Instance Refresh Prices are on sale, currently all single instance resets are 5GC each. After the event ends, the prices will be different for each event.

Double the Pandora Pass Event! Every pandora pass you would get when donating, you'll get an extra pandora pass!

Codex of Time Sale Event! Due to the changes to the codex of time, the price will be lowered to 200GC again for a limited time.

Tier 5 and Tiers Explained
First I'll start by explaining the bonuses of the tiers and expanding it to show T5 as well

Damage Bonus

T1: No Change
T2: 50% more damage
T3: 75% more damage
T4: 85% more damage
T5: Double Damage

HP & MP Level Up Caps

T1: No Change
T2: 50% higher than class' cap
T3: 200% higher than class' cap
T4: 200% higher than class' cap
T5: 250% higher than class' cap

Level Up HP Bonus gains

T1: No Change
T2: No Change
T3: No Change
T4: No Change
T5: 5 bonus hp per level

Level Up MP Bonus gains

T1: No Change
T2: No Change
T3: No Change
T4: No Change
T5: 1 bonus mp per level

Effective Level for Equipping items NEW FOR ALL TIERS

T1: No Change
T2: +5 Levels
T3: +10 Levels
T4: +15 Levels
T5: +30 Levels

T5 Quest Details
The first part of the T5 quest released in December, I'll start with that and explain including that.
To Go T5 you simply require to be T4 Reaper, Level 100+ and have 2 items. The "Charged Destiny" and "Soul Key".
Getting these 2 items is no easy feat, though over time new features will be added to make this a bit easier, including new instances and quests.

Obtaining the Charged Destiny
To obtain the charged destiny you must start out by talking to the Dwarven Emmisary located at the entrance to the underworld, south of WindaWood castle. He will give you a HighDensity Energy Stone and allow you to do 3 quests daily that involve the underworld floors and harvesting energy from the star like patterns leaking energy. Doing these quests daily give you stones that can be used like enchant scrolls. Double click the stone then click your HDES to give it levels. The first quest reward will give 5 levels, the 2nd quest gives 10 levels and the third quest gives 25 levels. This totals 40 levels you can get on your HDES each day just by doing the dailies. Monsters can also drop low level stones in the underworld but these are rare.
In the next week 3 new daily instances will be added for gaining even more levels for your HDES. By doing these you will eventually get your HDES to a high enough level to obtain a Charged Destiny. In Silveria there is an npc named Nidrah who deals in power, specifically the levels of your HDES. He requires your HDES reach the 3rd Tier before he will use charges from it to purchase items. The item you want from him is the Charged Destiny, which costs 3000 levels from your HDES.

Obtaining the Soul Key
The soul key will be obtained from the coming Ivory Tower Raid. Until this raid is placed into the game, you can instead receive a Soul Key for free by notifying Zajako you have your Charged Destiny in hand and are ready for T5.

Choose your Destiny!!!!
To become T5 it means you need to have more than one soul. When you have your Charged Destiny and Soul Key you will take them to Hermuncus located in Valhalla. He is a giant Head located in the upper corner, you can't really miss him! The process of absorbing all of the energy requires splitting your soul into 2 and you choosing a subclass.

Subclass System
Once T5 you now have 2 classes, your main class (the one you chose when you created your character) and your subclass (the one you picked when you became T5). You can switch between your Main Class and Subclass by talking to Hermuncus and telling him you want to switch your class. All base stats and most things are shared between Main and Sub classes, however your Level, Spells, HP, MP and Exp are all unique for each class. Both classes are Tier5 though.
Each time you switch classes it will cause the game to force close allowing you to login with your new class. This ensures things are not buggy.

Party Exp Changes
All known bugs with the party exp system are now fixed, this makes party hunting actually reasonable.
On top of that the boost of 10% more exp has been increased to 25% more exp per person in party. This makes it so that the division of exp is not as bad as it would be if it were a straight out even split.

Instance Changes
Instances now have modifiers for the monsters that effect the EXP and SXP per monster given based on the difficulty level. This ensures that its worth hunting the instance on the harder levels if you are able to. Or rewards bringing along a friend or 7 when you tackle the extreme difficulty levels!
Easy = 25% less exp & sxp
Normal = No Change
Hard = 50% more exp & sxp
Extreme = 100% more exp & sxp

Also instances with random mob spawns (currently only V4 Release Party) will have more spawns on the harder difficulty levels increasing the potential exp/sxp gains!

Here is the list of reported errors that have been fixed with today's restart:

Event Instance Pass does not clear the new instance when you use it from your inventory, but it does when you use it via a codex

Account already exists bug happening after dying and clicking restart and exiting the game.

Custom AOE spells don't work

Chain stunning from monsters most notably in valakas' lair

Eye of ra ring [x] can't enchant new safe enchant of 3 applied

Links for npcs require you to scoot closer to the npc

Clan Chat Permissions not being given to normal members

Clan Storage Permissions not being given to members causing it to say you must have a title to store items to the clan warehouse.

Can't Store Vitality coins to warehouse

Items in the inventory all look blessed if ID'd

A note about event instance pass bugs
I'll be going through the list of event instance passes used since the previous restart and awarding V4 Release Party Passes to those who did have this new instance reset due to the bug with using the passes from your inventory. These will be delivered in the next day or two when time permits.

Other News
Innate Potions have been added to the npc Callidora located in -shop You can trade 1 GC for 5 Innate Healing or 5 Innate Mana potions. Innate potions can be dragged into the auto potion slots to automatically heal you when your hp or mp falls below 60%. This will also work if you are using the new auto combat feature, as well as in pvp combat.

After several weeks of testing the new client on the test server, I feel it is ready for release. There will be an In-Game release party to celebrate as well!

The new client has many new features, here is a list of some of the ones that stand out:

  • Action Window with buttons for common "/" commands and settings toggles.
  • A new spell window that organizes the spells differently.
  • A new bookmarks menu with better organization and color codes
  • New friends/block window
  • Auto-Potions Window that will use potions when your Hp or Mp drops below 60%
  • New Auto Attack feature that allows you to right click a target then left click to attack them after they are selected
  • New auto follow system that will auto follow a character that you right click on if you left click after
  • New PVP toggle that allows you to attack players and npcs without holding down the control button.
  • Dead monsters will become transparent preventing you from targeting them, making it easier to kill groups of mobs single target
  • A new Shop system that lets you pick a shop polymorph to attract players to purchase from you
  • An instance timer that lets you know how much time you have left in the instance before you are kicked out
  • A status screen that tells you details from this play session including:
    • Exp gained
    • Adena Gained
    • Monsters Killed
    • Items Gained with a list of them
  • A new browser window that will have features added to it in the near future
  • An updated equipment window that shows your brooch and guarder slots
  • Support for many new monster sprites
  • Support for many new epic maps and instances

The release date will be Saturday, May 22nd at 1PM EST. The server will be down for approximately 1 hour to do some backups and other small maintenance. Once the server is back online you will not be able to connect to it with the current client. You will be required to have the v4 client installed to connect from that point on.

You can be sure you are ready to connect by connecting to the test server after installing the new client. The test server's database is based on the database from around 1-2 months ago, this means if you have changed your password since then, you will need to login with your old password.

If you are having problems connecting to the test server or the live server after release you can check this guide to assist in trouble shooting your connection problem:

Here are the download links for the new installers:

To install the game, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the game with the link above
  2. Extract by double clicking it or using your favorite zip file program
  3. Install .NET Framework 4.5.2 if you don't already have it installed there is a folder inside the extracted content that has an installer for it.
  4. Double click setup_v4.exe and follow the prompts to install it. Many steps in this installer may take a long amount of time to process as it uses a high compression rate.
  5. Double click the L1.5 Updater shortcut on the desktop to let the game update. (click I accept then when its finished just click close)
  6. Double Click the L1.5 v4 shortcut on the desktop to open the connector and you can use this to then connect to the game. If you are doing this before May 22nd you can click the TestServer to login and test that you are ready for the release.

Thanks to ThePapi! there is also a video showing you how to install the game:

Shop Changes
Yates is reducing the prices for all of the instances passes and codex of time for the next week or so! Take advantage of this to do dailies many more times!! Here are the new temporary prices during the sale:

  • Codex of Time: 200GC (Save 50GC)
  • Ivory Tower Instance Pass 7GC (Save 3GC each)
  • Thebes Instance Pass 5GC (Save 2GC each)
  • Event Instance Pass 15GC (same price, but now you can go in these instances solo!!!, so really half off!)

Ives has had his selection of event items reduced by some, easter items will be removed soon too.

Underworld Quest Changes
The summoned quest monsters have had their hp reduced by large amounts.
EXP and SXP has been added as rewards for killing the quest monsters.
As a reminder, the timer for the next wave of monsters also goes much faster when all monsters around the quest spawner are dead, so the quest goes much faster if everything is killed.

Pandora Event
New temporary event items are being added for pandora pass chances when playing Pandora's Jewelry Game. Check it out soon, you'll know the event items by the Rainbow Glow they have!

Other Changes
Dimensional Chest reward rate from completing instances has been reduced, Instance Keys and Mysterious Keys have been increased.

Ivory Tower and Thebes Instance passes have been added as possibilities of prizes when opening the instance chests.

Bunny items have been removed from the dragon breeding ground mobs.

Adena gained from the eggs have been decreased as well.

Talking Island has returned to its normal state

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