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The Thanksgiving GC Wheel is back and better than ever! New features show the possible prizes and the prizes that have recently been won on the right side of the wheel. This will help you get excited for the possibilities and possibly help you realize when you've won a major prize. Also included in the wheel's inventory this year are Lindvior X grade items from the new Epic Lindvior boss as well as Ultra's, Fluids, and many other Elixir types!

Spin Types
There are 3 spin types, a 1GC spin, 5GC spin and 10GC spin. Spinning for higher gc amounts has some benefits over spinning for lower. With lower value spins you have a chance to get an item called 2nd Chance Box, which when opened in game has some rewards that are mostly shots, but has a small chance to get some protection scrolls. With the higher valued spins you get what are called spin chances. When the wheel is trying for some of the bigger prizes, it will roll for your chance this number of times, giving you the best roll. In simple terms, this means it increases your chances of getting the rarer prizes with each spin! The last change depending on which spin value is a multiplier. It will cause some more common items to give you more than the amount typically given for that prize. See the chart and examples below to better understand this.

Multiplier Examples:
A Spin wins "Tier-Ease T5"
1GC Spin: 1 Tier-Ease T5 awarded
5GC Spin: 3 Tier-Ease T5 awarded
10GC Spin: 5 Tier-Ease T5 awarded

A spin wins Fafurion Cloak X
1GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded
5GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded
10GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded

As you can see by these examples, multipliers only apply to some items that are won. Many of the valuable items are not effected by them. However the chance of getting the rare items are increased with the higher valued spins.

Possible Prizes
Possible prizes are now listed on the right side menu of the wheel. You can also click on the Recent Wins tab to see the recently won prizes that also announce in global chat.

Take me to the wheel!!!!

Thanksgiving Items
Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner 2015 has been put into the game. It gives 15% physical damage increase, 10% magical damage increase and 30% incoming damage decrease. They are available from Ives for gift coins.

Turkey Call has returned from last year, you can use it to summon one of 4 event monsters that drop foods for thanksgiving meals. You can obtain Turkey Calls from playing Pandora's Jewelry Box game, obtaining from Ives and/or trading with other players. When you use the turkey call in game it may spawn one of 4 animals that you can quickly kill. These animals are all weak and can be killed by players of any level. The magical turkeys that can spawn have a bit more hp than the other ones, however they still should go down quickly. They can drop food items that give temporary buffs, jewels, jewel chests, sealed lvl 5 jewels and several other items.

Monsters that can spawn from the turkey call are as follows:

Thanksgiving Duck
Thanksgiving Chicken
Thanksgiving Ham
Magical Turkey

The Dragons have awoken!
New Dragon spawning system is ready to be put in place. Here are the details as to what has changed about it.

  • Dragons no longer spawn when the server starts.
  • Spawns are now between 24 hours and 72 hours, previously it was between 48 to 60 hours.
  • All 4 dragons now have both a normal spawn and epic spawn
  • Announcements for dragons spawning are now done via a Red Popup message instead of a global message.
  • Minions also spawn noraml and epic for all 4 dragons.

Stability Changes
Tweak to database pool size to cause less lags

Dragging items to the trash bin no longer should be buggy and make deleting groups of items faster and as intended.

Archiving of many logging tables has GREATLY sped up the response time of nearly every action in the game making everything feeling much smoother!

The air is getting chilly the leaves have long since fallen, yet no donation event was announced? This must mean that it was extended for an additional month!

The donation event will simply create a digital ticket for each dollar you donate during the months of September, October, November and December. The drawing will be held the first week of January. So the more you donate, the higher chances you have to win! You will still receive gift coins and Pandora passes as normal. Here is the prize list:

Grand Prize (1 Winner):
1 Lindvior's Lightbringer - X
Your choice of 1 from the following items:
Blessed Lindvior's Earring - X, Cloak of the Winds - X, Gloves of the Winds - X
Your choice of 2 Pieces of X-Grade Armor from the following sets:
Arch Wizard, Fear, Legend, Mother Tree, Forest, Ultra Plate
Your choice of X-Grade Amulet from the following:
Beauty, Fortitude, Knowing, Might, Speed, Understanding
Your choice of Ultra Elixir
3 Protection Enchant Weapon [X]
3 Protection Enchant Armor [X]
1 Ultra Event Token [25%][31 Days]
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code

First Prize (1 Winner):
1 Glove of the Winds - X
Your choice of 2 Pieces of X-Grade Armor from the following sets:
Arch Wizard, Fear, Legend, Mother Tree, Forest, Ultra Plate
Your choice of Ultra Elixir
2 Protection Enchant Weapon [X]
2 Protection Enchant Armor [X]
1 Ultra Event Token [20%][31 Days]
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code

Second Prize (2 Winner):
Your choice of 1 Piece of X-Grade Armor from the following sets:
Arch Wizard, Fear, Legend, Mother Tree, Forest, Ultra Plate
1 Protection Enchant Weapon [X]
1 Protection Enchant Armor [X]
1 Giant's Enchant Weapon [X]
1 Giant's Enchant Armor [X]
1 Ultra Event Token [15%][31 Days]
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code

Third Prize (2 Winners):
Your choice of 1 Piece of X-Grade Armor from the following sets:
Arch Wizard, Fear, Legend, Mother Tree, Forest, Ultra Plate
1 Ultra Event Token [15%][31 Days]
1 Protection Enchant Weapon [X]
1 Protection Enchant Armor [X]
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code

Fourth Prize (20 Winners):
3 Aden Hero's Chest
1 Ultra Event Token [10%][1Month]
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code

Fifth Prize (20 Winners):
1 Aden Hero's Chest
1 Limited Edition Item Promotion Code

Starter Town Changes
Gereng now spawns in the Inn in hidden valley allowing new players to learn spells from him.

-starter and -noob will teleport players to the starter zone similar to how -betanoob has

-newplayer will bring up the message that appears when you start a new character

New Zone Boost Controller system will now give crack morphs instead of lightning cdk

Buff Changes
Happy buffs will now be saved when logging out however if you are logging out to save your happy buff please login on another character to still obtain your vitality coins! Also if too many people log out to avoid happy buffs this decision may be changed.

Sky castle rune buffs will now be saved when you log out as well!

Clan Changes
Deleted Sky Castle Clan log entries

Hid clan sp and exp gains from showing in the current clan log, this will be brought back when filters and sorting is enabled

Changed it so when clan sp and xp are gained it no longer spams clan chat instead it shows the green message on the main window.

Bug Fixes
Omega Juice should now correctly give the brave buff for the full hour rather than requiring you to use -brave or a brave potion after using it. This also applies to all gm buffs that should apply brave as well.

Issue that sometimes causes issues logging back in when a crash or logout happens is now fixed.

Auto attack causing you to walk inside of a monster -SHOULD- be fixed

Sky castle monsters should no longer log to the clan logs like bosses

Doors should properly spawn

Tweaks to map data for some maps that are yet to be released.

Fixed a bug that caused message board posts with a title that is too long to break an sql connection

Fixed a bug that caused server exceptions when some monsters were deleted while already dead

Changed Database Connection Pool Type from BoneCP to HikariCP which is supposed to be much faster! (faster database pooling means less lag for some things)

Updated the server to a newer version of Java

This restart is focused on changes to help make the game a smoother start for new players.

Please try to create a new character and test the zone and let me know any issues or suggestions to make it better with a reply to this topic on the boards (Click here to get to the boards)

Starter Town Changes
When dying you start in the starter town zone instead of skt

The shop that sells potions has been re-arranged to make it easier to find items

Magic damage from all monsters with spells has been greatly reduced

New characters will start with 3 Starter Jewel Boxes that give a random Lv1 jewel

Bosses in starter town have more hp, but no longer regenerate their hp

Spawn counts for the starter town have been reduced by nearly half

Simply being in the starter town map regenerates hp and mp each tick

New characters will start in the new starter town which was formerly known as -betanoob

Many monsters have decreased stats

Adena drops added to all starter town mobs

Drop rates all greatly increased for most monsters (more will be updated with next restart)

New Zone Boost Controller system will now give crack morphs and gm buffs to players in starter town every 10 minutes

Solvent Changes
Advanced Jewelry Solvent is renamed to Jewelry Solvent

The price of Jewelry Solvent is reduced to 300k+ tax

New Potent Jewelry Solvent is released which gives double the dusts of Jewelry Solvent. It costs 1mil + taxes

Donation Changes
When donating instead of the donation buff being triggered right away, it instead delivers a happy buff package to your character to allow you to trigger the donation buff when you are ready to grind. This will prevent people from waiting to donate until they are ready to hunt, allowing them to donate when they need the gc then enjoy the happy buff when they are ready to hunt.

Bug Fixes
Legnedary Zaj Guarder now correctly adds 15% magic damage.

L1.5 will be exhibiting at OGDE this year!! We will be giving out promo cards for one of 6 new items unique to real life events! They are expecting 2500 people at this expo which is exciting news for our server as it is potential to grow!

For existing players coming to the expo, we will be having a sort of meet up where we can hang out for a bit. Details on this meetup time & place will come closer to the expo date. If you guys would like to come, you should buy your tickets quickly before they sell out!

Here is a list of the new expo only promo items:

All of these items except for the starter box are trade-able, so if you are not able to make it to the expo fear not, you may still be able to obtain some of these items from other players who went to the expo.

For more detals about acomedations and other things specific to the expo please view the expo's website at

Server Info
Voice: (TeamSpeak)
Current Events
EXP Event: 3x
SXP Event: 3x
DXP Event: 3x
VIT Event: 10x
Adena Event: 2x
Drop Event: 1.25x
Weight Event: 5x
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Free Death Event!
Current Chip Buff
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Male ElfADA
Female Mage*Hidden*
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Male ReaperObe
Male Elf*Hidden*
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Female Royal*Hidden*
Male Knight*Hidden*
Male ReaperDracula
Male ElfSoX
Female Reaper*Hidden*
Male DarkElf*Hidden*
Male DarkElf*Hidden*
Male Knight*Hidden*
Male RoyalRoyalFlush
Male ElfMystikal
Male Elf*Hidden*
Male Mage*Hidden*
Male Mage*Hidden*
Male Knight*Hidden*
Male ReaperKeblrelf
Male MageCrackhed
Male Elf*Hidden*
Male Knight*Hidden*
Male Mage*Hidden*
Male Royal*Hidden*
Male Royal*Hidden*
Male KnightTEMPGUY
Male Illusionist*Hidden*
Male ElfPureLight
Male IllusionistBurn
Female DragonknightAriaStark
Male KnightQoo123456789
Male RoyalWeeeee
Female Dragonknight*Hidden*
Male DarkElf*Hidden*
Male IllusionistKORBIN
Male RoyalJuJi
Female Knight*Hidden*
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