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Everyone's favorite mini game is back! The anniversary gift coin wheel! This wheel is more exciting than ever with tons of new items and new jewels/fragments.

Spin Types
There are 3 spin types, a 1GC spin, 5GC spin and 10GC spin. Spinning for higher gc amounts has some benefits over spinning for lower. With lower value spins you have a chance to get an item called 2nd Chance Box, which when opened in game has some rewards that are mostly shots, but has a small chance to get some protection scrolls. With the higher valued spins you get what are called spin chances. When the wheel is trying for some of the bigger prizes, it will roll for your chance this number of times, giving you the best roll. In simple terms, this means it increases your chances of getting the rarer prizes with each spin! The last change depending on which spin value is a multiplier. It will cause some more common items to give you more than the amount typically given for that prize. See the chart and examples below to better understand this.

Multiplier Examples:
A Spin wins "Tier-Ease T5"
1GC Spin: 1 Tier-Ease T5 awarded
5GC Spin: 3 Tier-Ease T5 awarded
10GC Spin: 5 Tier-Ease T5 awarded

A spin wins Fafurion Cloak X
1GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded
5GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded
10GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded

As you can see by these examples, multipliers only apply to some items that are won. Many of the valuable items are not effected by them. However the chance of getting the rare items are increased with the higher valued spins.

Possible Prizes
There are many possible prizes ranging from EPIC gear to helpful mats! Below is a image containing the initial prize chart, however these prizes are subject to change as the wheel evolves and new prizes are added and some limited prizes are won.

2nd Chance Box
As stated above with the 1gc and 5gc spins there is a chance to get the 2nd chance box instead of the normal prizes from the wheel. These 2nd chance boxes appear in your inventory when you win them as do the normal prizes. When you double click them you will obtain some items listed in the image below.

Spin my head right round, right round (take me to the wheel!!!)

The winners have been picked and now they are posted!! Click the link below to both see the winners and claim your prize.

If you are one of these winners make sure you are logged in on the site with the same account that your winning character is on. Then click the claim button next to your character's name.

Fill out the form and select your prizes if you had a choice of prizes. To forfeit your mailed prize, simply leave your address blank.

For all Promotion Code prizes, your prize will be emailed out at a later date. This prize will be a code that will give you a limited edition item in game.

To see the winners and/or claim your prize, go here:
2016 Spring/Summer Donation Event Winners

The short and to the point explanation

There was a bug that was causing all stats above 127 to not be fully utilized as intended. This was hard to spot but after testing things and looking closely at the code I was able to find and fix this bug. This will effect everyone who had any stats past 127.

Second there was a bug with Critical Damage. Well specifically a few pieces of gear that were using whole numbers as multipliers instead of decimal. The bug for this is fixed so that weapons are no longer criting for 10-30 times the damage, instead they are working as they were intended to.

Finally, to make it easier for testing and ensuring everything is working well, I've made some changes to the -stats command. -stats no longer requires -debug to show stat info, but no longer shows the exp info, you can now use the -exp command to see that.

INT now continues to provide SP for every INT, no limits! This means you can continue getting more and more INT to deal more and more damage.

INT now applies its full weight on all damage. There was a bug that caused INT to be treated as 127 even if over 127. It is fixed now.

INT now applies its full weight on all debuffs. There was a bug that caused INT to be treated as 127 even if over 127. It is fixed now.

STR now continues to provide damage boosts past 127 as this bug is now fixed. It is now supported to add damage up to 500 STR.

DEX now continues to provide damage boosts past 127 as this bug is now fixed. It is now supported to add damage up to 500 DEX.

CON now adds more HPMAX on login if you have more than 127 CON

CON now adds more HP Regen if you have more than 127 CON

WIS now adds more MP Regen if you have more than 127 WIS

WIS now continues to resist debuffs past 127 WIS

CHA now adds more luck if you have more than 127 CHA

DEX now adds more ER after 127 dex

-stats now shows ER and Elemental Defenses stats

Pets and summons are now capped at 6 out (not including dolls)

A bug with a message saying you are not high enough level when you are is now fixed.

Ultimate Defense, T5 Knight spell now protects from 50% damage (was 10%) and reflects 50%(5k cap) for monsters and 20%(3k cap) for players.

Formulas for the most popular spells have been adjusted to match the changes to INT and SP so they do not cause the damage to be too high.

All of these changes apply to to monsters as well as players.

Sky Castle Changes

During Sky castle siege the crown will no longer spawn until you kill both the Assassin and Legendary Zajako.

Assassin spawn was moved to be more "conveniently" located

When taking the crown, all players inside of the sky castle will be teleported to the new safety zone version of inside of the castle where no mobs spawn. In a future restart the npc for crafting items will be moved here from the island outside and an npc will be placed on the island to teleport to inside of the castle during player owned time periods.

When siege starts again, the players are evicted and the inside is no longer a safety zone.

In the near future the Sky Castle Dungeon and/or Sky Gardens will be released and will only be able to be traveled to during player owned time periods.

Instance Changes

Codex of Time now has Christmas Presents instance on it

Codex of Time now has the beta version of a new instance called Summer Beach Bash. The drops are working for this instance and there are plans to expand the drop list this summer.

Ending notes...

  • PVP should be much more fun and balanced.
  • Growing Stronger should not be something you ever can stop doing.
  • Growth of even one STR, DEX or INT should now be noticeable and worth while.
  • If you haven't played in a while and you thought you were maxed out and nothing seemed worth the grind to do, try coming back and see if you like the changes, I think you will!!
  • Lastly, I will be watching for imbalances and tweaking things over the next week, so if things feel too weak, don't worry I'll get it right!!

Last year we were at an expo and there wasn't enough notice given for those who wanted to travel. To correct that mistake I'm posting the 2 planned events remaining in this year that L1.5 will attend with a booth dedicated to the game. Closer to the event date when I am made aware of the locations within the event where they will have me set up, I'll try to post a map for those who may be attended. Use this board post as a place to discuss whether or not you can make it!

August 6th, 2016 - Game Masters: The Exhibition

L1.5 will have a booth to this exhibit located at COSI in Columbus, OH, only on August 6th. All are welcome to come visit you can go here to get ticket information:

October 29th & 30th 2016 - GDEX: Gaming Expo

L1.5 will have a booth at this expo which is also located at COSI in Columbus, OH. We will be there on both days as well as the additional developer day that isn't on the normal ticket.

Reasons to go?

  • Limited Edition "Expo Only" Promo Code Cards Handed Out for really cool items!
  • Free L1.5 Mouse Pad while supplies last
  • Check out other games and things going on at the expos and events
  • Meet other players who happen to want to come as well
  • Meet Zajako in person!
  • For a good time?!?

Event Period

For the month of July and up to the first week of August.

Event Details

  • Event versions of the Legendary Valakas Weapons are obtainable either as a drop from Valakas or from Ives in -shop

  • Event Weapons can be enchanted via Dragon Weapon Enchantment Scrolls

  • DWES apply to the currently equipped dragon weapon and have a chance to add +1 Level and/or +1 enchant or can fail and add nothing.

  • Valakas' spawn rate has been changed from 1-2 hours instead of 24-48 hours

  • When event ends these dragon weapons will be greatly reduced and strength and no longer provide the dragon buff items until next event period.

New Items

Valakas' Bone Sword - 1 Handed Sword

  • Has Vamp and Mana steal as well as a chance to high damage proc at max level.
  • Provides the Blessing of Valakas Self Buff Spell.

Valakas' Claw Staff - Staff

  • Provides the Blessing of Valakas Self Buff Spell.
  • Provides the Unleash Hell AOE Spell.

Valakas' Fang Knife - Dagger

  • Very High Hp Steal and Critical Damage Proc Chances
  • Provides the Blessing of Valakas Self Buff Spell.

Valakas' Tail Blade - 2 Handed Sword

  • Buffs Rage and Fury and has some AOE procs
  • Provides the Blessing of Valakas Self Buff Spell.

Valakas' Wing Bow - Bow

  • Obtains both Fire Arrow and Inferno Arrows
  • Soul of Dragon buff can proc which polymorphs your character into the ultimate bow morph
    • This bow morph increases damage the farther away you are from the target.
  • Provides the Blessing of Valakas Self Buff Spell.

Dragon Weapon Enchantment Scroll - Item

  • Applys to currently equipped dragon weapon
  • Has a chance to add +1 Soul Level to the equipped dragon weapon
  • Has a chance to add +1 Enchantment Level to the equipped dragon weapon
  • On fail it simply does nothing.
  • Max enchant level is +20
  • Max Soul Level is 30

Other Changes

  • Former Anniversary Event started.
  • Sky Castle switched to 3 hours rest period instead of 6.

Happy 4th of July all, to celebrate we are releasing a new limited edition themed item, check out Ives in -shop for more details!

Server Info
Voice: (TeamSpeak)
Discord: l15server
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Male ElfNissaRevane
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Female DragonknightMiMadre
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Male DarkElfJamme70
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