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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Make your own beers with style and fun! Read more about the event here: Shamrock Weapons Event

2019 Valentine's Day Event!

The Elemental Shirts of the Gods event returns! The God’s and Goddesses have sent their messenger to SKT with a message of their love. They want to bless you with their powers through enchanted shirts which can grant you their abilities. However all are not worthy, they require you to pass the tests and earn their powers. They have sent wands down to the planet scattered all throughout the lands unfortunately monsters have picked these up. So you must hunt monsters above level 60 to earn wands. These wands can summon their minions and if you’re lucky fragments of their spirits. Collect their shirts, tags from their minions, and much more and enhance and upgrade your shirts.

Event Details

Kill normal monsters above level 60 to obtain Elemental Love Wands and Greater Elemental Love Wands.

Use these wands to summon minions from each of the gods. These minions very in level and type. There are 3 types of minions for each of the 4 elemental goddesses. Lesser Minions, Greater Minions and Spirit Fragments.

Lesser Minions: When these appear, they spawn in groups of 1-5 and are random in level and reward

Greater Minions: When these appear, they spawn in groups of 1-3 and have an established level and reward

Spirit Fragments: These are fragments of each of the Gods and Goddesses. They are very powerful and have a large amount of health and healing regen. They should be fought with multiple friends.

Shirts can drop from monsters or from their Blessing of Love boxes. They can be upgraded from lesser to normal and from normal to greater as well.

Blessing scrolls which double your damage against the elemental event mobs while halving damage done to you from these mobs. These scrolls give a 2 minute buff.

New Items

Shirt Shopping Bag - This item randomly gives you an item used for enchanting or upgrading your elemental shirts. Click the link to see what items you may obtain from this box.

Shirt Limit Break Device - This item has a 75% chance to increase the limit for level ups for elemental shirts of the gods. This will allow your X grade shirts to reach up to level 40 and XR shirts up to level 50.

XR Shirt Upgrade Stone - This stone upgrades a level 40 +10(or higher) X grade elemental shirt of the gods into an XR Tunic of the same element. The upgrade however comes with a cost, your new shirt will lose all levels (making it level 0) and you will lose between 0 and 5 enchantments.

New Elemental Tunics

Using the new XR Upgrade Stones you can now create the XR Tunics. These have the benifet of allowing enchantment bonuses up to +20, as well as being limit broken up to level 50! These shirts also gain PEN and RES with each level, making them a very great source of power growth for new and old players alike!

New Tunic XR Shirt Enchant Bonuses

Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented un-equipping armor or weapons due to class or anything else.

Finally 2019 - New Year, New New Year's Item!

New Year's Cubic - 2019 - New Item that can be used once per day during the year of 2019. Click the link to see the possible items you can get each day!

Limit Break Easements:

  • Laiden now trades your extra Termifract Ore for Sky Tickets
  • Liaden also will trade a new ore for a LOT of sky tickets
  • Rusted Limit Break Devices will drop much more often
  • Faulty Limit Break Devices will begin to drop from monsters in the Under Wilds and Giant’s Grave territories.
  • Blessed Limit Break Devices will drop from monsters in the Giant’s Grave territory.
  • Ancient Ore is able to be obtained from hunting Giant’s Grave territory
  • Ancient Gear Oil is able to be obtained from hunting Giant’s Grave territory

Resistance Tunnels Changes:

  • All monsters had PEN and RES reduced by 500 each making them easier to kill.
  • Doubled Rusted Limit Break Device Drop rate for each monsters.
  • Greatly Increased spawn counts for each monster
  • Re-Arranged spawns for the monsters

Under Wilds Changes:

  • All monsters had PEN and RES reduced by 500 each making them easier to kill.
  • More than Doubled Rusted Limit Break Device Drop rate for each monsters. Making it so the drop rate is double the resistance tunnels for most, more than that for rest of them.

Giant's Grave Area Added:

  • 4 new monsters have been added to this hunting zone just past the Under Wilds in the underworld.
  • New Boss Daedalus is located at the very deepest part of the Giant’s Grave
  • Highest drop chances of getting Ancient Oil, Ancient Ore and all Limit Break Device Types.
  • Monsters here drop a new Ultralythium Ore that can be exchanged for 800 Sky Tickets EACH
  • You can finally kill the monsters to start farming for the quest to open the next area deeper into the Underworld. This will prepare you for when this new zone launches.

Bug Fixes (some pending restart)

  • Fafurion’s Staff will be able to cure Burn Spells Properly

  • When a Dragon Event Weapon is +20 it will no longer prevent leveling up for limit break levels.

As announced in the main NovemberThon post, this month all donations are counting as tickets for each dollar to enter you in a drawing for some amazing prizes!

Specific Prize Details

Ultimate Mega Destructo Weapon (UMDW) - This is a new term refering to a limited edition one of a kind weapon. This weapon will be designed to be top of it’s class, XR grade based on the class of the winner(s). The name and icon of the resulting weapon will be decided with cooperation of the winner(s).

NovThon’s Crown of Loyalty - 2018 - This is a limited edition (will never be put into the shops either) crown that goes in the mask slot (not the helm). It will be awarded to all players who donate at least 1 dollar during the NovemberThon event this month.

Prize Categories

Grand Prize/Top Donator - There will be 2 winners in this category, one will be the top donator the other will be randomly drawn from the tickets. It will not be distinguished which is which.

  • One UMDW weapon as specified above
  • 5 Limit Break Devices
  • 5 Protection Enchant Weapons Scrolls
  • Choice of 1 Top X Grade “Horsemen” Base Armor Pieces(no accessories)

1st Prize - There will be 1 winner in this category, randomly drawn from the tickets

  • 5 Limit Break Devices
  • 5 Protection Enchant Weapons Scrolls
  • Choice of 1 Top X Grade “Horsemen” Base Armor Pieces(no accessories)

2nd Prize - There will be 1 winner in this category, randomly drawn from the tickets

  • 3 Limit Break Devices
  • 3 Protection Enchant Weapons Scrolls
  • Choice of 1 Top X Grade “Horsemen” Base Armor Pieces(no accessories)

3rd Prize - There will be 5 winners in this category, randomly drawn from the tickets

  • 1 Limit Break Devices
  • 1 Protection Enchant Weapons Scrolls

Things to note

  • All donations during the month of November also count for the 2018 Fall/Winer donation event which will have it’s prizes announced in the near future.

  • The winners will be drawn during the first week of December

November is here! This year I’m doing things a bit differently. I’m not saving all the high rate bonuses and sales for black Friday, cyber Monday, etc. I’m not spending the entire month building a new mini game just for the seasonal event. I’m releasing everything I’ve got as soon as possible! Lets raise the funds so that content can be finished and/or added, things can be balanced (like pvp) and polish up some of the things that deserve attention.

Here are the planned events:

NovemberThon Donation Event

This is a donation event that stacks with the current Fall/Winter Donation event. Tickets are gained only during the month of November and the prizes will be drawn the first week of December. See the post for the prizes for this event. They will be in the XR and Horsemen ranges.

Increased Gift Coin Rate for Donations

The rate all month long will be 20 gift coins per dollar donated! This can be increased up to 100% by donating larger amounts at the same time! The rate is increased at $500, $1000, $2000 and $3000. Use the donation calculator to find out exactly how many gc you get for the donation you make!

Flip 2 Win is Back!

The favorited mini game where you flip cards to win prizes is back! This game allows you to see the potential prize pool for -YOUR- prize board before you flip the cards and attempt to win the biggest prizes! But play it safe because the cost for each flip continues to go up each card you flip!

Valakas' Wheel of Flames is Back!

Do you flip to win? or Slay the dragon valakas for your chance at epic loot! You decide as the Valakas game is back too!

Weekly Spawn Events

For every $1000 dollars donated each week, 2 waves will be spawned each week at a weekly spawn event to take place on Saturdays. One of those waves will be in a low-tier area to allow lower levels access to the event, while the other wave will be high level/top end bosses and monsters. If enough is donated, this event can last a good portion of the day!


I’ll likely have to update this post with more complete information, but I wanted to get this info out asap. The mini games will likely launch this weekend if they are not launched sooner, as some processes need to be ran to clean the system from previous events and prepare the inventory with fresh prizes that have been added since the mini game last ran.

Client Patch Details

This patch is a large 126.1 MB patch to address the issues with some players not having the latest up to date files due to bugs or issues with the updater. You can obtain this patch simply by exiting the game and opening it again, clicking yes to the Chinese prompt for updates. If it doesn’t prompt you, you can click “Recover” on the server list. This cumulative patch contains all of the custom text files, icons, maps, images, etc required for this server, up until 10-20-2018.

Client Patch Tips

  • Always ensure there are no copies of Lineage or L1.5 running when performing updates

  • Always Accept the Chinese popup when opening the client, as this is prompting to download the updates!

  • If you are noticing something wrong with your files being up to date, exit the game and then click the Recover button on the server select menu to allow re-downloading the old updates.

  • Some anti-virus/ anti-spyware programs will delete or block the file eat.exe, this file is required to install the update files and you will not be able to update to the latest files if it is blocked.

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Discord: l15server
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