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New Items

Doppelganger Doll - Doll focused on Magic and Dex. Available from Damita the Doll Collector in -shop

Ettin Doll - Doll Focused on Strength, Constitution and Damage Reduction. Available from Damita the Doll Collector in -shop

Lindvior Weapon Changes

  • Weapons give Lindvior Blessing Buff item instead of Lindvior’s Breath

  • Caster’s Spell Lightning Blast now correctly casts the spell

  • Cross bow now has +5 base critical added and +5 Magic Multiplier

Item Changes

  • Sparkling Brooch now is enchantable with X grade enchants

Other Changes

  • Secretions of Gore now are aggressive again so that they will be easier to kill

  • Gore should summon secretions less often

  • Giant, Mermaid and Spartoi dolls have been reduced in price

White Elephant Gift System

  • -gifts to teleport to Great Christmas Tree in Valhalla Trading Zone
  • Obtain Gift item from Ives in -shop
  • When used it spawns Giant Present under great christmas tree for everyone to help kill
  • all hits deal 1 damage
  • When it dies it explodes with Adena, Funny Presents, Weird Presents and Cool Presents for everyone to pick up

Item Changes

  • Sparkling Brooch now has stats for it’s level ups

  • Cyclops doll now adds 5 STR and 500 HP

  • Cheerleader Dolls now add 100 to vitality reward chance. This stacks with blue fire egg dolls and limit applied to cheerleader to only allow 1 cheerleader out at a time.

  • Drake Doll now adds 5% more exp per doll instead of 2%

  • Antharas Weapons now have +1 jewel slot as intended

Bug Fixes

  • Happy buff no longer applies essence buffs, so it should not remove poly or cause issues with essences anylonger

  • Dragon Essence buffs are now stored properly when logging out

  • A timer has been put in place to prevent item deletions form happening within 10 seconds of teleporting. This should prevent any bugs that causes items to disappear from inventory due to bad packets from the client.

  • Moneybombs and White Elephant presents should no longer spawn items in places where players cannot obtain them

Other Changes

  • Soul shot boxes purchased from -warp 1 now have 10k shots in them instead of 1k and the price went up to reflect the increased quantity.

  • Changes were made to prevent non boss monsters from showing up in clan logs

Legendary Lindvior Weapon Event has started. These are the weapons that the Grand Prize Winner of the Fall/Winter donation event will get to choose from. The details of the Fall/Winter donation event will be posted later this month, but all donations starting from September 1st until the 28th of February count toward the drawing.

You can obtain these weapons by talking to Ives in Valhalla (-shop command in game) for 40 GC each. You can also obtain Dragon Enchant Scrolls which can be used to quickly level up and enchant the weapons.

Event Period

  • From December 21st through March 1st

Event Details

  • Event versions of the Legendary Lindvior Weapons are obtainable from Ives in -shop

  • Event Weapons can be enchanted via Dragon Weapon Enchantment Scrolls

  • DWES apply to the currently equipped dragon weapon and have a chance to add +1 Level and/or +1 enchant or can fail and add nothing.

  • When event ends these dragon weapons will be greatly reduced and strength and no longer provide the dragon buff items until next event period, without the use of Lindvior Essence potions.

Weapon Details

  • All weapons when equipped in “Event+” status (during event or with essence potion) will provide an item to cast Lindvior’s Blessing

  • This buff adds Crit Damage and Crit Rate and also prevents slow from being cast on you.

Lindvior’s Lightbringer - Crossbow

  • Spine Shot - Damage Proc
  • Lightbringer Bolts - Magic arrows
  • Arrow Rain - Damage Proc
  • Soul of Dragon - buff which polymorphs your character into the ultimate bow morph
    • This bow morph increases damage the farther away you are from the target.

Lindvior’s Leverage - Sword

  • Leeching Winds - HP and MP Steal with every hit
  • Blade Flury - Damage Proc
  • Lindvior’s Phantom - High Damage Proc
  • Lightning Speeds - Buff that causes soul damage to deal twice as much damage

Lindvior’s Caster - Wand

  • Provides Lightning Blast spell that can be cast by a spell item. High Damage small range aoe spell.

Lindvior’s Lament - Two Handed Sword

  • Leeching Winds - HP and MP Steal with every hit
  • Air Burst - Damage Proc
  • Lightning Rod - High Chance Damage Proc
  • Air Spikes - Buff that causes 10% of incoming damage to be reflected back on the attacker

Lindvior’s WingSpur - Dagger

  • Un-Released

 Dragon Weapon Enchantment Scroll - Item

  • Applys to currently equipped dragon weapon
  • Has a chance to add +1 Soul Level to the equipped dragon weapon
  • Has a chance to add +1 Enchantment Level to the equipped dragon weapon
  • On fail it simply does nothing.
  • Max enchant level is +20
  • Max Soul Level is 30

Thanksgiving Gift Coin Wheel

The Thanksgiving Gift Coin Wheel is back with some awesome new changes!

  • Hourly free spins are being delivered to all online players
  • Free spins cap out at 5, so make sure you use your free spins so you can keep getting more!
  • New hot system that was released earlier this fall improved upon
  • Double Hot added for gift coin spins
  • Inventory reset should trigger more often, but not too often

Good Luck! Have Fun!

Event Details:
New Bread Box monsters are spawning all over Mainland Aden, which contain all sorts of new bread weapons! These weapons must be used in order to kill the Cake Batter Monsters or the new Hyper Bread Monster! In order to strengthen these bread weapons, you’ll want to farm fruit baskets from the Cake Batter Spawned all across Mainland Aden and take them to Valhalla(-shop) to the Baker to exchange for all sorts of items. Bread Weapons will be deleted from the server at the end of the event period as bread is biodegradable.

New Bread Weapons
Eight Grain Mallet (Blunt)

Kifli Bow (Bow)

Begal Claws (Claws)

Dual Baguettes (Edos)

Bun Gun (Cross Bow)

Brioche Wand (Wand)

Bannette Blade (Sword)

Croissant Crusher (Two Handed Blunt)

Challah Staff (Two Handed Staff)

Sour Dough Slammer (Two Handed Sword)

Ciabatta Cutter (Chainsword)

New Items
Bread Enchantment Scroll - Enchants Bread Items. On Success +1 enchant, On Fail bread item will explode into bread food items.

Blessed Bread Enchantment Scroll - Enchants Bread Items. On Success +1, +2 or +3 enchant, On Fail bread item will explode into bread food items.

Summon Hyper Bread Monster - Spawns a Hyper Bread Monster (boss) that can only be killed with bread weapons

Pumpkin Pie - 2017 - Causes you to feel “Bready” and gives a chance to not consume Evasion scrolls when being hit with spells

Turkey Dinner 2017 - Causes you to feel “Bready” and have Damage Up for Magic and Physical

Croissant - Causes you to feel “Bready”

Cannoli - Causes you to feel “Bready” and Lucky

No-Bake Cookie - Causes you to feel “Bready” as well as a SuperBrave Effect

Bread Box - Gives food enchants or items

Blessed Bread Box - Gives food enchants or items in quantities of 5

Apple Basket - Can be turned in to Bread Baker Benjamin in Valhala for different food items

Banana Basket - Can be turned in to Bread Baker Benjamin in Valhala for Summon Hyper Bread Monster scrolls.

Orange Basket - Can be turned in to Bread Baker Benjamin in Valhala for Bread Enchant Scrolls

Bread Box - Can be damaged by any weapon type and mostly drops bread weapons.

Cake Batter - Can only be damaged by bread weapons and drops bread enchants and event quest baskets.

Hyper Bread Monster - The result of adding too much sugar to your bread when making it… The hyper bread monster can only be damaged by bread weapons and deals it’s damage by percentages of your health reduced by the enchant level of your bread weapon. It drops all sorts of goodies. You can summon it with a Summon Hyper Bread Monster scroll.(You really should enchant your bread weapon high before facing this monster!)

Other Changes
Clan Logs treatment of bosses no longer relies on the flag used to prevent debuffs on monsters. This means it will no longer log all those pesky minions and instance/event monsters.

TOI’s soul shot shop now has boxes that give 10k shots instead of 1k. The price has increased by 10x to reflect this.

Antharas Weapons now will have +1 Jewel slot as they should have

High Solarian monsters should no longer lose their location sync (meaning you shouldn’t have to use -self)

Happy buff no longer breaks your poly after 30 seconds. It also no longer applies essences for 30 seconds.

A huge new API system on the back end has been added for the upcoming L1.5 Brooch Manager Mobile App! More details on this here: New L1.5 Companion App

New Hunting Zone: The Alien Mothership
Alien Mothership is a new hunting zone with easier monsters on the North and West portion and challenging monsters on the South and East portions.

It also has a new mechanic of Security Devices. Some of which were hacked to be on our side by failed experiments who were captured and used by the aliens.

Some of the towers will provide a buff that increases your physical damage by 3x for 60 seconds within being in range of them. However this comes at a cost. Every step you walk deals damage to you. Also melee swings and arrow shots will also damage you as well.

While other Towers will divide your damage by 3 for 60 seconds after being in range of them. You are able to destroy these towers and prevent them from hindering your progress as well.

The drops for the monsters here have been greatly increased, be sure to check them out!

How to get there?
You can find the alien crop circles in Tikal (which can be reached through a crack in time)
You can trade Gift Coins with Ives for an Alien Communicator Device which will teleport you to the Alien Mothership directly.

The only safe way to leave the alien mothership is via the npc named Morley located at the entrance in the North corner of the mothership. Alternatively you can also die and restart to town.

New Event System: The Alien Transmat Cube
This new system involves obtaining a stolen Alien Transmat Cube from Michelson who can be found wandering Valhalla (-shop).

How To Use the Transmat Cube
The Transmat Cube is used to turn transmat ores into other types of items. There are 2 ways to use the Transmat Cube.

1: Double click on the Transmat cube
        This has the chance to convert 3 Rough Transmat Ores into a higher Quality Ore

2: Double click a Transmat Ore and then click on the Transmat Cube
        This will take between 1 - 3 of the specific ore type based on the enchant level of your cube (See section How to Enchant Transmat Cube)











Enchanting Your Transmat Cube
Enchanting your Transmat Cube does 2 things. First, it increases the chance to get better items when you use transmat ore on your cube. Second, it reduces the number of transmate ores required to transmat from an Ore into an item.

At +15 the number of required Ore to transmat into an item goes from 3 to 2
At +20 the number of required Ore to transmat into an item goes from 2 to 1

Enchant difficulty for the Transmat Cube does not increase with enchant level. However if you fail an enchant it will go down an enchant level instead of going up.

Enchantments on the Transmat Cube are effected by Greater Shillen T-shirt’s boosting effect.

There are 2 different items for enchanting your transmat cube they are as follows:

Transmat Enhancement Fragment - has a small chance to increase the enchant level of your Transmat Cube when used on it.

Blessed Transmat Enhancement Fragment - has a larger chance to increase the enchant level of your Transmat Cube when used on it. Otherwise it is no different from the non blessed fragment.

Other Changes
Gore Boss and Secretions will now stay in sync with the client, meaning you don’t have to type -self to keep their location correct

De-leveling / Tiering / Reapering while having un-used stat points no longer requires you to level up again to use them

Tikal and Thebes Crack messages for -cot command are now correct for thebes and tikal

Server Info
Voice: (TeamSpeak)
Discord: l15server
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