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These are the stats for the new Patriotic Undies when enchanted high enough:

Patriotic Boxers:
+5 = +200 Max HP, +4 STR, +4 CHA
+6 = +300 Max HP, +6 STR, +6 CHA
+7 = +400 Max HP, +8 STR, +8 CHA, +1 Doll Slot
+8 = +500 Max HP, +10 STR, +10 CHA, +1 Doll Slot
+9 = +600 Max HP, +12 STR, +12 CHA, +2 Doll Slot

Patriotic Panties:
+5 = +200 Max HP, +4 INT, +4 CHA
+6 = +300 Max HP, +6 INT, +6 CHA
+7 = +400 Max HP, +8 INT, +8 CHA, +1 Doll Slot
+8 = +500 Max HP, +10 INT, +10 CHA, +1 Doll Slot
+9 = +600 Max HP, +12 INT, +12 CHA, +2 Doll Slot

They are enchant-able with shirt enchantment scrolls. Good Luck Have Fun!

Tired of constantly having 199/200 items in your inventory? Are you always having to cut your hunt short to trek back to town and unload your baggage? Is your storage dwarf feeling bloated? Adamantite Nuggets taking up the space of your precious loots?

Well, fret no more! With the next restart comes the addition of more pouches! Visit the Vanity Mistress Callidora in beautiful, downtown, -shop. After the next restart the following pouches will be available for purchase;

Low-Grade Pouch - Holds 25 Items - 50GC
Mid-Grade Pouch - Holds 50 Items - 200GC
High-Grade Pouch - Holds 75 Items - 450GC
TopGrade Pouch - Holds 100 Items - 800GC

Legendary Antharas weapon event has started. These are the weapons that the Grand Prize Winner of the Spring/Summer donation event will get to choose from. The details of the Spring/Summer donation event will be posted later this month, but all donations starting from February 1st until the 31st of August count toward the drawing.

You can obtain these weapons by talking to Ives in Valhalla (-shop command in game) for 20 GC each. You can also obtain Dragon Enchant Scrolls which can be used to quickly level up and enchant the weapons.

Event Period

From May 21st through August 31st

Event Details

  • Event versions of the Legendary Antharas Weapons are obtainable from Ives in -shop

  • Event Weapons can be enchanted via Dragon Weapon Enchantment Scrolls

  • DWES apply to the currently equipped dragon weapon and have a chance to add +1 Level and/or +1 enchant or can fail and add nothing.

  • When event ends these dragon weapons will be greatly reduced and strength and no longer provide the dragon buff items until next event period, without the use of Antharas Essence potions.

Weapon Details

  • All weapons when equipped in "Event+" status (during event or with essence potion) will provide an item to cast Antharas' Blessing
  • This buff adds +1000 Max HP and prevents Earth Bind from landing on you

Antharas' Spine Thrower - Crossbow

  • This weapon is a 1 handed Earth Arrow shooting machine!
  • Soul of Dragon buff can proc at level 30 which polymorphs your character into the ultimate bow morph
    • This bow morph increases damage the farther away you are from the target.

Antharas' Tail Spike - Polearm

  • An AOE killing machine!
  • In zones that permit AOE this weapon does damage to multiple enemies and packs a good punch!
  • The level 30 proc is very high damage for a pole arm

Antharas' Twin Slicers - Edo

  • With +27 Str and +24 Dex at level 30 this weapon can slice through most challenges with a breeze
  • A blend of Debuffs and damage procs make this weapon a good balance
  • At level 20 it can proc Root which casts Earth Jail on the target

Antharas' Quill - Dagger

  • The Crazy Debuff Machine that is the Quill can land all sorts of debuffs
  • Can Silence at Level 30
  • Can Paralyze at Level 15
  • Cand Blind at level 10
  • Can High Grade Poison at level 5

Antharas' Claw Axe - Blunt

  • High damage, low crit rate brutal weapon.
  • At level 30 it tops out with 200/200/+153 making it a very deadly weapon!
  • It also adds 1275 Max HP at level 30 (not including the extra 1000 from Antharas Blessing!)

Antharas' Wand - Staff

  • When equipped in Event+ mode, it will provide you with a spell item for Destruction. A souped up version of eruption that looks awesome!
  • Due to its very high stats and having an extra spell, it does not come with other procs.

 Dragon Weapon Enchantment Scroll - Item

  • Applys to currently equipped dragon weapon
  • Has a chance to add +1 Soul Level to the equipped dragon weapon
  • Has a chance to add +1 Enchantment Level to the equipped dragon weapon
  • On fail it simply does nothing.
  • Max enchant level is +20
  • Max Soul Level is 30

Known Issues

  • T5 Mage buff isn't effecting Destruction spell properly this will be fixed soon
  • The Twin Slicers (edo) at Level 30 doesn't have high enough damage added to it making it too similar to the Quill a 1 handed weapon. It will have more damage added to it to ensure it compensates for the fact that it is 2 handed and prevents the use of a shield.

I've decided to strengthen mages either by re-coding the way debuffs are resisted or by tweaking the damage formula to increase the spell damages a bit while still maintaining the new way multipliers work. I may do both eventually, but I wanted to know from the players which they would prefer I focus on.

  • My MAIN is a Mage, I vote for Debuffs being more useful
  • My ALT is a Mage, I vote for Debuffs being more useful
  • I'm NOT a Mage, I vote for Debuffs being more useful
  • My MAIN is a Mage, I vote for higher damage
  • My ALT is a Mage, I vote for higher damage
  • I'm NOT a Mage, I vote for higher damage
  • I don't care either way


Votes are public.

Changes To Easter Event

  • Fixed Crafting for new Easter items
  • Easter Bunny Queen now teleports to you if it gets stuck on a rock
  • New set bonus for the main 5 bunny set items
  • Chance to get Bunny King Ring was increased from 20% to 50% from the Queen

Changes for testing

  • Added support for spawning training dummies based on any monster
  • Adjusted the HP values of monsters in the Legendary Valakas Raid

Other Changes

  • Pagan's Temple no longer requires a party to enter

The Easter Bunny Queen finally got tired of hearing the Bunny King complain about being beat over and over again and has came out of hiding to teach everyone a lesson!

Event Details
Bunny type monsters are spawned across Talking Island. These monsters drop materials used to craft bunny items that can be upgraded into Loyalty bunny items. You can craft these items and upgrade them by talking to Frintezza's Seamstress in SKT or Aden

New Boss
Easter Bunny Queen - The Queen of all Easter Bunnies, angry and ready to summon her babies to swarm you while she attacks you! This boss is not for lower level players and will require a decent size group of players to attack

New Items
A new 2017 Bunny Set with major stat enhances. Most set pieces are up +3 to all stats compared to the 2016 Set. Add that boost up for each piece and it gets to be quite a large number of stats above the previous year.

Loyalty Ring of the Bunny Queen [2017] - New Ring that can be equipped with the previous bunny king rings at the same time! It can drop from the Bunny Queen or be crafted. This ring also adds a 10% reduction to incoming pvp damage.

Bunny Undies of Loyalty [2017] - New Tshirt slot bunny item that decreases incoming damage for pvp by 20%

Golden Egg of Loyalty [2017] - New Jewel for socketing into brooches. This jewel adds stats and boosts luck. It also increases Magic and Physical damage by 5%

Easter Loyalty Seal - 2017 - These are obtainable from Ives for 1 GC each. They are used to upgrade Bunny equipment into Loyalty Bunny Equipment.

It is also worth noting that the set bonus for these new bunny items is huge! Click on any of the above items to see the stat increases!

Egg Hunt
The egg hunt in -shop is re-enabled allowing you to search for eggs for great prizes! See the Bunny in game for more details!

Other Changes
Savior Beads were fixed and now allow deaths to happen if the delay between beads doesn't finish.

Savior Stones should now be viable as they do not have a delay like savior beads do.

Magic damage was boosted by a flat 10% to compensate for the loss of damage due to the change from exponential damage boosts to a more linear hybrid increase. More information will be posted about that when time permits.

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