Classes:Royal Knight Weight:50000
Armor Class:-1Type:Helm
Safe Enchant:4Material:Mithril
Grade:NoGradeDamage Reduction:0
Bow Hit Bonus:0Weight Reduction:0
Strength Bonus:0Intelligence Bonus:0
Constitution Bonus:0Wisdom Bonus:0
Dexterity Bonus:0Charisma Bonus:0
Health Bonus:0Mana Bonus:0
Health Regen Bonus:0Mana Regen Bonus:0
Magic Defense Bonus:0Spell Power Bonus:0
Fire Defense:0Earth Defense:0
Water Defense:0Wind Defense:0

This is a helm created especially so that the wearer can use healing spells. With this helm, spells can be cast at half the normal MP amount. Safely enchants to +4.

Npc NameMinMaxRarityTier
Skeletal Pirate 1 1   All
Scorpion 1 1   All
Scorpion 1 1   All
Scorpion 1 1   All
Ken Rauhel 1 1   All
Scorpion 1 1   All
Skeletal Pirate Head 1 1   All
White Ants Troop 1 1   All
Mountain Fortress Ants Troop 1 1   All
Giant Charging Ant 1 1   All
Giant Mountain Fortress Ant 1 1   All

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