Classes:Royal Knight Mage Elf DragonKnight Illusionist Damageable:Yes
Safe Enchant:0Type:Blunt
Damage Bonus:0Hit Bonus:0
Critical Rating:0Magical Critical Rating:0
Strength Bonus:0Intelligence Bonus:0
Constitution Bonus:0Wisdom Bonus:0
Dexterity Bonus:0Charisma Bonus:0
Health Bonus:0Mana Bonus:0
Health Regen Bonus:0Mana Regen Bonus:0
Magic Defense Bonus:0Spell Power Bonus:0

Npc NameMinMaxChance (%)Tier
Emerald Guard 1 1 50% All
Emerald Archer 1 1 1% All
Jello Shot 1 1 5% All

Auction Listings

Really? 2 GCC? These drop often in the Leprechaun Hunt instance. Even newbs should be able to get the in easy mode. Some people have been leaving them on the ground in Valhalla shop area (-shop).